I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 154

I Will Never Be Yours By Melan Pamp

Chapter 154 

Selena POV: 

It’s hard to leave them behind but I have to get some help for our children, I hope they will make it without me there to help them. 

“Michael!” Emma screams out the moment we step out of the portal and reaches over to his door, he is right by our side and others come running when they help me inside the house and place me down on the couch. 

“She couldn’t stop him before he throw a curse on her!” I hear Emma say while I try to feel again what’s wrong, she feels weaker than before and a sob leaves my lips when Michael places his hands on my belly. I feel him draw the pieces of his black magic out of my body and clean my energy before he pushes it back inside me again. 

“Get the potion from the kitchen sink, I have two bottles ready!” Michael orders out and I hear some quick steps leaving his living room before the person comes rushing back quickly to where we are, Michael helps me sit up a bit before he places the bottle to my lips. Opening my mouth and swallowing the content in one go before he places the next one on my lips and once I swallow the content it feels like my blood is about to boil in my body, I know the potion Is there to help but it’s painful! 

Sweat starts to form on my forehead and I keep my mouth shut close from screaming the pain out when it swirls around in my body, reaching my womb when it feels like my body explodes and now I can’t hold it in. Falling back on the couch I scream out at the top of my lungs before black dots start to dance in front of my vision and even how hard I try to fight it I can’t and at one point I give up and let the darkness s*ck me down. 

I have no idea for how long I have been laying unconscious on the couch when I feel a w*et cloth placed on my forehead, I try to feel what’s going on in my body when it feels a bit lighter even if I know whatever it was it’s still there Michael couldn’t get it away! 

“How do you feel?” I hear Emma’s voice and slowly open my eyes to look up at the ceiling, the sun is still up but I have a feeling it’s already in the afternoon and I have been unconscious for several hours. I sigh and turn to look at her where she sits on a chair beside me with a concerned look on her face. 

“The babies?” I say and feel tears prick behind my eyelids when she takes my hand in hers. 

“They are both here! Your little girl saved them both but he hasn’t been able to take the curse away, they are doing everything they can to try and find out what he did. The potions he gave you have helped to strengthen them both!” she says when a sob leaves my lips, I couldn’t keep them safe from him. 

“Whatever it was that happened we will figure it out!” she says while I wipe away my tears. 

“Have you heard anything from the rest?” I say when I manage to talk again. 

“Yes, I talked to Cannon before and they won! The rogues fled once the rest of the warriors got there, the shock wave you sent out gave them the upper hand they needed!” she says and gives my hand a squeeze 

“How many d*ied?” I ask her when I sit up on the couch instead and let her hand go, placing my hand on my stomach I feel some movement inside my belly, I only want to know they are safe. 

“Some of the warriors didn’t make it and their mates d*ied shortly after them!” she says and hangs with her head. I know if it were one of our closest men she would be crying right now, but she doesn’t and I know they survived the fight. 

“How do you feel?” I hear Michael say from behind me and turn around to look at him where he stands with a cup of tea in his hand when he walks around the couch and hands it to me. 

“What’s wrong with the babies?” I ask him and see him exchange looks with Emma when she takes a seat beside me on the couch instead and places her arm on my shoulder. 

“I think you should portal Kian over here! I want him to be by your side when we talk about it!” she says and I hear pain in her voice when I turn my head and look at her. 

I sigh and place the cup down on the table in front of us, this isn’t any good news they will tell us and I want Kian to be beside me for this. 

Getting up from the couch I search for him and once I find where he is I open a portal in front of him, it doesn’t take many seconds before he comes running out of the portal and once he sees me he is quick over and wrap me up in a hug. 

“Selena!” he says and holds me tight when I break down in a sob in his strong arms, he stands there with me for a long moment and holds me before he starts to talk again. 

“How do you feel? Is everything alright?” he asks with worry in his voice, a lump is formed in my throat and I have a hard time swallowing. 

“He threw a curse on our children, they don’t know what it was and can’t fix it!” | say when he let go of his hold on me and looks down on me instead. 

“We will figure it out!” he says and place a kiss on my forehead. 

“We wanted you to be here for what we have to tell you!” Emma says behind us and I look up at him when he wipes away the tears from my cheeks. 

“Come let’s talk in the kitchen!” Michael says and I hear them walk away when Kian holds me close to him for a moment, wrapping my arms around his waist I let him hold me. 

“You are not alone in this and we will figure it out, love! I will not give up until we find out and can fix it!” he says before letting me go and place his arm around my waist instead and start pulling me with him out to the kitchen. 

Coming inside the kitchen Michael has fixed some tea and Emma is carrying the cups over to the table and placing them down when we walk over and takes a seat, my mind is a mess! 

All I can think about is what kind of curse he placed on me and what they will tell us, I haven’t asked him anything about what has happened since we left the pack and who is there and make sure it’s safe for the rest. 

Both Emma and Michael take their cups and walks over to the table when they take a seat, I lean my head against Kian’s shoulder when he places an arm around my shoulders and pull me closer. 

“We both have seen the same thing and there was nothing you could do to prevent it from happening!” Emma says and looks at us when I see Michael look between us.

“We have seen you go through the whole pregnancy, but once the children are born we see your son clearly but we don’t see your daughter!” he says and when the words leave his mouth my heart stops beating 

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