I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 155

I Will Never Be Yours By Melan Pamp

Chapter 155 

Selena POV: 

What do they mean they don’t see her? I can’t understand what they try to tell us, my mind is a mess when I hear Kian speak up instead of me. 

“What do you mean you don’t see her, is she going to d*ie?” he says and tears start to prick behind my eyelids, I can’t lose her! 

“That’s one of the things! We don’t see her d*ie, but we don’t see her live either! I know this is hard to understand and we only know whatever he cursed you with she has taken it all. Your son will live and thrive but there isn’t anywhere we see her!” Michael says and I lean forward and place my head in my hands when I feel Kian rub my back. 

How could this be and what curse did he use 

“I don’t understand! How can she be alive and at the same time not!” I say after a moment and raise my head and look at them. To me a person is either dead or alive you can’t be anything in between! 

“We don’t know yet!” Emma says 

“We both saw him throw a curse at you before it happened and I tried to learn you how to block it out, but let me tell you with the way his curse is you could never have prevented this from happening. He knew something we do not know about and if we don’t find any notes from him about what kind of curse he used or anyone else knows we can’t remove it!” Michael says and I lean back and turn my head to look at Kian, he looks between them and is in deep thought. 

“What happens now?” Kian asks and I’m not even sure how to go anywhere from here, my mind is a mess right now! 

“I will go to the witch council and see what information I can find out, if we can’t find anything we have to wait until they are born and hopefully know more once we see her,” Michael says and I lean my head at Kians shoulder and try to wrap my head around all this. 

“I know she will be alive!” Emma says and I look at her. 

“How can you know it if none of you see her?” Kian asks before I get a chance to when I place my hand on my stomach. 

“Because we don’t see you bury anyone of them!” Emma says and it gives me some hope in this darkness in some strange way. 

“But you can’t say anything else about her?” I say and look between them. 

“No nothing!” Michael says and I feel how tears prick behind my eyelids and start to fall. 

“If I ever got the chance to K*ll that man again I wouldn’t hesitate to K*ll him a hundred times over!” I say and feel Kian’s arm around my shoulders instead. 

“We will figure it out!” he says and squeeze my shoulder, I have a hard time believing in his words right now. 

Wiping away my tears we have to keep moving forward, trying to find any clue there is what he did. 

Pushing my chair back I get up on my feet when Kian gets up and stops me from walking away. 

“Where are you going?” he asks and grabs my arm with his hand, I guess he feels through the bond I’m up to something. 

“I will head over to the rogue camp and try to find any clues to this! Either you come with me or I will go there by myself!” I say and he won’t get me to budge from this, I have to do everything there is to try and help our daughter. 

“I won’t stop you but we have to go by your pack first and let some of the others follow us over and you need to eat before we leave!” he says and we have a standoff, I want to go right away even if he is right about it. 

“Fine!” I say and hear Emma push her chair back before Kian drops his hold on my arm. 

“I’m following you back to the pack!” Emma says and takes a step away from the table, turning my head and looking at her before starting to walk around the table to where she is standing. 

“I will leave for the council early in the morning, I’ll contact you once I know more!” Michael says when Kian comes over to where we stand. 

We will be waiting!” Kian says when I open a portal behind us in his kitchen, 

Emma is the first one to start to walk through when Kian place his hand around my waist before we start to walk inside. Closing it once we are on the other side, turning my head I look around and see several bod*ies of our men laying on the ground, and outside the barrier is a pile of bod*ies. I sigh at the sight of them all when Kian pulls me close to him. 

“Don’t worry about it we have several of our men to handle the dead, focusing on what we can do instead!” he says and stops me from walking further when he turns me to look at him. 

“We will figure it out even if we can’t find any clue as to what he did, we will face whatever it is together!” he says when I tilt my head up and look at him. 

“I know!” I say when he leans down and gives my lips a peck. 

Now let’s get moving!” he says when we start to walk. 

“I didn’t see the leader of the rogues, he might still be at the camp!” I say when we walk closer to the pack house 

“We meet him on the way over here, we outnumbered them and he fled with the rest of the rogues who were alive. I couldn’t follow them, had to get to you right away and some of Owen’s men followed after them for quite a bit before they disappeared. By the look of it they fled the opposite direction and won’t be anywhere near the rogue camp but in case we need some men to follow!” he says when we have reached the pack house door, opening it the house smell of food and my stomach instantly start to rumble. 

“I want to head over there right away! Take some food quickly and get the men ready!” I say when we walk inside the hall, reaching the kitchen Emma is already in place when Jessie is standing and talking to Zoey. 

“Your back!” Jessie says and sounds relieved in her voice. 

“Yes, but it’s just I quick stop, has to head over to the rogue camp and try to find any clues!” I say and head over to the stove where Sari is cooking dinner. 

“I’m coming with you!” Jessie says right away and I’m not surprised. 

“Anyone that wants to follow is welcome but no one has to!” I say and turn my head to look at her when Declan and Cannon come walking inside the kitchen. 

“Where are we going?” Declan asks when Sari takes down some plates, I don’t wait for her to say it’s done and instantly takes a plate and places some food on it. I hear when Kian tells them where we going when I take a seat and start to eat the hot meal. 

When everyone is done eating and ready to go we head out of the kitchen to the lawn outside the pack house, outside stands an army of people both vampires and wolves ready to go. 

I hope we will find something useful when we get there! 

“Everyone ready!” I say and open a portal beside us, Kian grabs my hand and we are the first to walk through the portal. I’m not sure where to go more than the swamp he held me hostage, from there we can search the woods and find their camp. 

Coming out the other side we stand in a field behind the swamp and when everyone is through I close the portal after us, looking around and trying to figure out in what direction we should go when I hear some running coming to the left. Turning in that direction when Kian takes a step in front of me ready to fight what’s on its way. 

“It sounds like a large group!” Kian says and we all wait for them to show themselves.

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