I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 157

I Will Never Be Yours By Melan Pamp

Chapter 157 

Selena POV: 

Turning around in the hallway I take a breath of relief when we find Cannon further down the hall whit his arms crossed over his chest, if we were going to run into anyone I believe he is the best. 

“Nothing Jessie wanted to take an early bath in the lake, and thought it was funny so portal us there!” I say and try to sound convincing when Jessie chuckles and turns to the side. 

“Well, I’m just going to put on some clothes, meet you in the kitchen after!” she says and quickly takes off down the hallway and to her and Declan’s room. 

Cannon takes long strides to where I stand in the hallway and stops when he is right in front of me. 

“No, you were doing something else and if I’m going to guess you two have been somewhere you shouldn’t be at all!” he says and looks sternly at me that might have happened, I’m not saying it did but if we pretend it did what are you going to say about it?” I question him when he opens his mouth and a door is opened and Emma comes walking out. 

“Oh, there you are! Perfect it’s time for lunch!” she says and walks over to where I stand with Cannon, seeing him close his mouth shut and only look sternly at me when Emma has reached where we are and grab my arm. 

“Now Cannon you take it easy, I told you I would tell you if they would ever get in trouble. Nothing happened so drop it and come to eat!” she says and starts dragging me with her over to the kitchen, I’m shocked at first before I start to chuckle at her. 

“You know!” I say when we arrive at the kitchen 

“Of course, I do!” she just states and drags me with her over to the stove where she starts to take out a form from the oven, it smells delicious and my stomach starts to rumble at the smell. 

“Smells delicious!” I say and walk over to the fridge to get my pickles, it’s still my cravings and I can’t get enough of them. Finding the can I take it over to the counter and take a seat before opening the lid and taking one out when Jessie comes walking inside the kitchen fully dressed. 

She heads right over to the counter and takes a seat beside me. 

“Oh, pickles! I got to have one!” she says and steel one from my can before I put them out of her reach from her, I don’t share my pickles with anyone! 

Hearing her M0@n out loud when she chews it slowly, I hear Emma chuckle and raise an eyebrow at her and wait for the rest to come while I sit back in my seat. 

“These taste too good!” she says and I believe her words. 

“That’s because you are pregnant!” Emma says and I burst out laughing so pickles pieces come flying out of my mouth, trying to hold it together when there are some quick steps inside the kitchen. 

“Are we expecting!” I hear Declan say with eagerness in his voice and turn my head to look where he stands beside Kian, looking back at Jessie she just sits there with her pickle sticking out of her mouth with a shocked expression on her face! 

She looks hilarious and I can’t stop laughing at her when Declan walks over to her and wrap his arms around her. Letting them have some space I take my can of pickles and walk over to stand beside Kian when he wraps his arms around me and places his hand on my stomach. 

“It looks like you will have to share your pickles from now on!” he says when I take another one and glance over my shoulder. 

“Or Declan can buy her own stack!” I say and start eating mine, hearing Kian chuckle behind me he places a kiss on my shoulder and a shiver runs down my body. With all his blood in my system every day to help our daughter I’m overly sensitive to his touch and sometimes I almost feel bad for him when I get this need for him, he hasn’t complained once during all this time and he has been amazing through all of this. 

“I guess I will order pickles by truck from now on!” Kian says and chuckles behind me. 

“Or just wait, she could start craving something else or nothing once it begins!” Emma says and it has Jessie to snap out of her shock. 

“Please tell me it’s just one child!” she says and now I burst out laughing again. 

“it’s just one!” Emma says and smiles at her. 

Seeing Declan turn her around on the chair and drag her up on her feet, I feel overly happy for them. 

“Then it will finally be over with your small adventures!” Cannon burst out when Emma punches him in his chest and he snaps his head to look at her, I feel Kian get tense behind me and now I have gotten us into trouble. 

“Yees! Thank you, Cannon!” Jessie snaps at him. 

“What adventures!” Kian says behind me and I hear in his voice we will not be able to talk ourselves out of this. I sigh loudly and look angry at Cannon when he shrugs his shoulders in defeat before Kian swirls me around and his angry gaze is on me. 

“Now you better tell me what you two have been up to!” he says and cross his arms over his chest, I can’t help but get all hot and bothered when he gets this dominant. I have to place my can down on the table before answering him, my hormones are running havoc in my body from how s*e*xy he looks. 

Clearing my throat before I give him my answer! 

“We have been by the rogue camp and blown off some steam from time to time!” and now he looks angry at me. 

“You have what? In your state!” he says and I have to take a deep breath when he doesn’t make it easier for me. 

“If they would have gotten into any problem I would have told you before Kian!” Emma says and tries to calm him down. 

“No, it doesn’t help!” he says and I roll my eyes at him. 

“If there had been any trouble we would have portaled right back!” I say and he shakes his head. 

“You’re telling me you have been over there.and not run into any trouble at all!” he says and looks sternly between me and Jessie 

“No! Just some rogues here and there nothing special!” I say and shrug my shoulders when Jessie swallows a chuckle. 

“Just some rogues you say! Will you ever calm down!” he says and I look at him for a long moment 

“Probably not!” I say in response when Declan speaks up. 

“You won’t be going anywhere without me from now on and that’s enough shifting and fighting for you!” he says and I hear Jessie starts to protest before she gets silent and I know she understands she can’t shift more until the child is born. 

“Da*n it!” she says and I smile at her when I remember what we talked about out by the cave. 

“Now that you know I have something I want to talk to you about!” I say and look back at Kian he doesn’t answer only keeps his gaze on me. 

“We have a theory they are searching for something by the cave because small groups keep coming there and we want to capture one to interrogate!” I say, seeing him sigh and drag a hand through his hair something he often does when he is upset 

“I will go there myself and capture everyone we find if you can promise me to stop this and stay at home instead! At least until our children are born!” he says and wraps his arms around me 

“I only want to make sure there isn’t anything important we are missing that can help our baby when she is born!” I tell him to his shoulder when he holds me tight. 

“We can leave right after dinner!” he says and place a kiss on my cheek before he captures my lips with his. 

“Then we will all go!” Emma says and she isn’t allowed to ever go anywhere with us, breaking the kiss I turn my head to look at her. 

“I want to try something!” she says and I raise an eyebrow at her, whatever does she want to try?

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