I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 161

I Will Never Be Yours By Melan Pamp

Chapter 161 

Kian POV: 

Looking down at my beautiful sleeping mate on the bed I take off my towel and soundlessly get down beside her, I don’t t want to wake her up, and at the same time I can’t resist getting her body close to mine. 

Lifting the quilt I get down beside her and place my arm on her body before placing my nose on her shoulder, her scent is as addicting since the first time I met her. 

I pushed her away from me and lost her for a long time, told myself it where for the best, and kept lying to myself for years until she came back into my life. She’s the best thing that happened to me besides our beautiful children she has gifted me, I’m blessed and couldn’t ask for anything more, my life is complete with them beside me! 

“I do not want to get up yet, let me sleep a bit longer!” she whines beside me and I chuckle at her, she has been sleeping for several hours since I came back from my patrol and I bottle–fed our twins before I left. I know her bre@st will start to hurt soon if she doesn’t feed them. 

“You have slept for hours and it won’t take long until you have to feed them or you will be laying in a poodle of bre@st milk!” I say to her neck and start placing kisses over her cheek before she turns on her back and looks up at me. 

“Where have you been then?” she says and looks me all over when she sees I’m newly showered and n@ked beside her, she bites her bottom lip and I know where her thoughts went. 

“I have been out patrolling!” I say and trace my nose down her cheek and close to her lips, knows what she wants when I get over her and climb between her legs before caging her in with my arms on each side of her head. 

“I know what you want but you won’t get it until the doctor has cleared you and it’s tomorrow!” I tell her and lean down to trace my lips over hers. 

“But it’s almost a week and I have stopped bleeding, I healed up right away!” she tries to convince me but I won’t budge on this, I will hear it from the doctor himself before I will give her what she wants. She grabs my thighs and I chuckle at her when she bucks her hips against me. 

“No love! You will get as much d*ic*k as you want once you get cleared by the doctor!” I say and capture her plump lips with mine in a heated kiss when our girl starts to scream. 

Breaking the kiss I give her lips a peck before quickly getting up from her. 

“I will get her for you!” I say and head over to the closet and put on some clothes before heading out of the room and over to the nursery, coming inside a nanny is watching over our children and I have a guard outside their door all the time. She has picked up our daughter and start to walk with her over to where I am and place her down in my arms. 

“He is still sleeping!” she says while I look down on our daughter, she is a copy of her beautiful mother, and for every day p@ssing she only gets more like her. She already has her blond hair and the same facial expression including the same nose, she has the same color on her eyes and I hardly see anything coming from me. 

Our son is a clear mix of both of us and he likes to sleep a lot more than our daughter, I already know she will be and headstrong woman just like her mother when she grows up! 

“Come let’s go over to your mother!” I say to our daughter when she looks at me and small bubbles come from her lips when she bumps with her fists in the air, she will probably want to fight like her mother and her closest men always have done. 

Chuckling to myself while walking out of the room and over to our chambers, I know we will have hour hands full with this one and there is a chance she will get even more headstrong than her mother since she also comes from me. 

“What are you laughing at!” I hear Selena say while I walk inside the room and head over with our daughter and place her in Selena’s arms, our daughter gets furious because she doesn’t get food quick enough and once she starts s*cking she takes large gulps of milk. 

“Only that I realized we will have our hands full with this one, I’m certain she will be more headstrong than her mother!” I say to her and chuckle while stroking our daughter’s head when I take a seat beside them on the bed. 

She sits in silence for a long moment before turning her head and looking at me. 

“I have been problematic haven’t I!” she says and keeps her eyes on me, leaning closer I place my hand under her jaw and catch her lips in a kiss. 

“I wouldn’t want you any other way!” I say when I hear our daughter almost ch*oke on the bre@stmilk. Looking down on her I love the sound and watching them eat. Selena is silent beside me and turning my head to look at her I see her eyes glance over, I know someone is mind linking her when I hear our son wake up. 

I get out of the bed and let her talk with whoever it is and walk over to get our son instead, he is often calm and can take a moment before he wants to eat. Walking inside the nursery I see the nanny changing his diaper and walk over to get some clean clothes for him while she gets him ready. 

“Here some clean clothes!” I say and walk over with them to her, she starts to dress him while I walk over and look if anything needs to be changed in his crib before she is done. 

“Here he is ready!” she says when I place the quilt back in his crib and head over to take him from her. 

Taking him from her I start to head back to the chambers and find Selena still feeding our daughter when she hears us come inside she lifts her head and looks at us. 

“Michael wanted to come over and talk!”

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