I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 162

I Will Never Be Yours By Melan Pamp

Chapter 162 

Selena POV: 

Looking at Kian when he walks inside the room with our son in his arms I smile at how gorgeous he looks, wouldn’t I already be completely hooked on him just this sight of him with our child in his arms had made me fall for him completely. 

“Michael wanted to come over and talk!” I tell him when he walks inside the room and stops by the bed, our daughter is done eating and needs to be burped when we change children. 

I try to bre@stfeed them as much I can but sometimes we give them extra milk so I can have a longer rest between, offering our son the bre@st he is quick to take it and start eating. 

“Has he found any clue?” Kian ask and I’m not sure they have been able to solve it but when he said he wanted to come over and talk it gave me some hope for all this. 

“I don’t know I hope they got some news,” I say and see him burping our daughter, I don’t know if it’s my hormones that are running havoc in my body but I get weak in my knees by just looking at him and I’m sitting down on the bed and feel how weak they are. 

He gets a smirk on his lips and I can’t peel my eyes off him when he walks closers to the bed and hooks a finger under my jaw. 

“By the look of it, I would say you are not satisfied with two and want to make more or are you only after my body!” he says and looks intensely at me, I feel my cheeks heat up and there is no point in denying I want him n@ked on the bed or in the shower with me. Heck, I’m not picky anything would do at the moment. 

Biting myself on my lip to try and prevent myself from spilling my thoughts he traces his thumb on my bottom lip and pulls it out. 

“Keep those thoughts until you get cleared and I will fulfill them all!” he says and I breathe out while he leans down and pecks my lips. 

“What time is the doctor’s appointment tomorrow?” I ask when he starts to chuckle and peck my lips again before he rises and takes a step back. 

“I will ask him to be here in the morning!” he says and I get all tingling in my body at the thought of some alone time just the two of us. 

“When will Michael be over!” Kian says and starts to head for the door I guess he will change her diaper. 

“He will be here in one hour, he will mind link when he is ready to be portaled!” I say when he has reached the door and stops to open it. 

“I will make sure dinner is ready in a while!” he says before heading out of the door, looking down on our little son he is about to fall asleep while eating as usual. I don’t think there has been any time he has eaten without falling asleep, I know something to keep him awake and pull his sock off him before tickling him a bit under his foot. 

It does the trick and he starts to eat again and looks up at me. 

His little nose is just too cute and I see a lot of Kian in his facial expression, I bet he will be as handsome as him when he grows up. I’m not worried about his future in any way, it’s his sister I’m worried about. 

She saved them both and for what price? To never have a wolf or forever be cut from her gifts. 

Day and night I have been laying awake and worrying about what curse she will have to live with if Michael can’t find a way to lift it off her. 

Our son falls asleep and I can see how full he is by his facial expression, I try not to chuckle and carefully lift him to my shoulder and place a towel under if he will burp in his sleep. Hearing the door open again Kian comes walking inside with our daughter who is wide awake and bumping her arms in the air. 

“Did he fall asleep again?” he says and walks over to the bed when he lay our daughter down before taking a seat himself. 

“Yes, he did and I guess he will be sleeping until the next meal!” I say when our daughter starts to bump with her fists and move her legs. 

“They are so different, she is always active and alert while he sleeps instead. Wonder if it ever will change!” I say and look down at her, the doctor have her checked once a day he believes she will be needing some blood but he doesn’t know how often she will be needing it. While she is this small it can take some time before she needs to have some in her system. 

“We just have to wait and see, have you thought more about the names?” he says and I have a hard time deciding what we are going to name them they can’t be nameless forever. 

“I have thought about it a lot, I know you like Mateo and I think it suits him!” I say and look at Kian when he smiles at me in response. 

“Then Mateo it is! Name for her then!” he says and looks down on our daughter, I do the same and see her bump with her fists when Kian takes her little hand in his. 

Her name I had the hardest time figuring it out until one night when I was bre@stfeeding her it came to me and the more I think about it the more determined I get it’s the right one. 

“Destiny! If she doesn’t have a destiny I want her to make her own!” I say and look at Kian for his response.

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