I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 164

I Will Never Be Yours By Melan Pamp

Chapter 164

Selena POV:

He is holding the book in his hands when he walks closer to the table, we where ready and everyone gets up on their feet.

“let’s talk inside my office!” Kian says and starts to head out of the kitchen, we follow after him when Kian opens the door to his office and we all walk inside.

I walk over and stand beside the office desk when Kian comes to stand beside me, he places his arm around my waist and I look up at him over my shoulder when I place my hand over his.

I’m nervous about what Michael has found!

Turning my head back I see Michael standing over our daughter who is laying in Emma’s arms and she seems happy about it.

“Whenever you want to begin!” Kian says and I know he is @sseager to know as I am. Michael looks up at us and takes a step over to the table where he places the book down.

“I suggest we take a seat!” he says. Emma and Cannon start to walk when she walks over and hands me our daughter back, pulling her close to me when she is in my arms I place my head against hers for a short moment.

“Come!” Kian says and starts to pull me over to the table where we take a seat, when everyone has taken a seat at the table Michael turns his head and looks at us.

“I have been away at the council until yesterday night, we have brought anyone in that can possibly help us with this curse!” he says and takes a break before he continues.

 “Because his mother completely cut herself off from everyone else the only ones we have been able and get some help from are her old friends before she turned to dark magic instead. It’s not unusual to keep a distance when you turn to the dark instead, we have a different view of what’s okay to do and not. The ones who practice dark magic often stretch the rules way too far and it will be a terrible outcome!” he says when I look down at our little girl, the way he put this out I already know it’s nothing good.

Everyone is silent until he is ready to start again.

the book you found has been helpful to some parts and we believe the curse he placed on her can be lifted from her, but this isn’t the whole book! He has been smart and divided them in more than one!” he says and I lift my eyes to look at him and over at Emma.

“We can go back there and look again and Michael can come with us!” Emma says and I’m willing to try anything I can to find the rest.

“Do you know what kind of curse he placed on her?” Kian asks and I turn to look back at Michael when he sits in silence before he looks down at our daughter.

“That question is hard to answer, I’m not sure if he intended to only curse her or if her gift drew the curse only to her and saved her brother from it,” he says and I look down at her, I know when it happened she where already protecting her brother by using my gift in some way but at the same time he said I would never be rid of him have to mean something also.

This doesn’t help when we have too many questions and not enough answers.

” Can you tell us what the curse is doing to her?” I ask him after a D’vi<iirii| into pages no/#

moment while looking down at her

“From what you explained and what we have seen he blocked her from her gift and that’s why we can’t see her future, it’s there but the curse is blocking it!” he answers and new questions just keep popping up.

“Then if he has blocked her future and her gift will she have a wolf and by that have a mate down the line, will anything break her curse?” I have to ask him all this even if I don’t want to hear the answers.

what comes to her future and her Wolf we have to wait and see if we haven’t found a way to break it before. The easiest way to break her curse would be to find the other book, besides that the curse could be broken by something or someone!” he says and now my mind is railing with my thoughts.

someone? You mean another witch with magic?” I say and turn to look at him again when I feel Kian wrap his arm around my shoulders.

“That’s possible but even a mate could be the one to set her free!” he says and that thought gives me a glimmer of hope.

but if she doesn’t get her wolf and will be blocked from her she wouldn’t feel her mate, how would she even know she had one?” I ask him and look between Emma and Michael.

Her whole future lies in the dark because of what he did and if we have to rely on a hope for a mate she wouldn’t feel any connection to when she meets to release her from her curse then it’s hardly a hope.

“I don’t have a good answer to it we will have to wait and see what happens when she shifts if we haven’t solved it before!” Michael says and I sigh when I lean my head back against Kian’s shoulder.

I had hoped we would get a better answer today than what he told us but there is some hope in this mess at least!

“Then what now?” Kian asks and I have the same thought.

“I suggest we go back and search the cave once more and bring your daughter with us, she’s the only one who has a connection to him!” Emma says and even if I don’t want to bring her with us out to the cave I know it’s the only way to be able and find anything.

Turning my head to look at Kian to see what he wants to do he looks down at our daughter before he lifts his head and looks at me, just by seeing him I know he wants the Same as me.

Alright! When do you want to go?” he asks and keep his eyes locked on mine, she will be protected with both of us.

Let’s go right now!’ Michael says and I turn my head to look at them when Emma rises from her chair.

Let’s go! she says.

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