I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 19

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 19

Selena’s POV:

Seeing Emma and Zoey in the kitchen I say good morning to Zoey first. She is my head warrior and she helps train the pack every day.

“No Emma and as I recall I gave him to you yesterday!” I state and walk by her and take down a cup of coffee and start maiking a sandwich. I don’t have time to do anything else.

“I would love to have some time with him under the sheets but you know it doesn’t work that way!” She says and chuckles.

“Well, I don’t want him and will never be dreaming about him” I state and take a bite of my sandwich. “You never know!” She says and wiggles her eyebrows at me. I got this feeling she knows something.

I stop chewing and look stern at her.

“Spill the beans! What do you know?” She averts her eyes and starts stirring in the pot on the stove. Now I’m certain she knows more than she says.

“Now you tell me or I will get pissed,” I say and hope she takes it seriously.

She stops stirring and turns around to look at me. “I don’t know what to tell you! I have only seen glances and you are in his cell in the castle. That’s all I promise” I raise my eyebrow at her not trusting her in this since the last time.

“I’m not going anywhere near his kingdom and I will not let him catch me again!” I just state and eat up my sandwich. Putting my cup down in the sink. “Have you got a dress for the banquet on Friday?” Zoey asks and I have completely forgotten about it. Dragging a hand down my face I don’t have time for this. Hearing Emma laugh.

“Don’t worry Selena! I will get you one tomorrow” she says and I feel relief! If I could skip it I would but I have to be there with my colleagues. A lot of our customers will be there.

“Thank you!” I say and look at her before turning my head to Zoey

“I’m going to work! Just link me if there is anything. And Zoey has some of the guards taking an extra patrol around the woods” she gives me a nod and I walk out of the kitchen.

Heading to work it doesn’t take me long before I’m outside the entrance and head over to the elevator. I ‘m usually one of the first ones here and like my time to start the day before everyone else comes in for work. When I arrive at my floor I walk straight to my office and start my computer up when I get inside. I have some time to catch up to work when my door is opened up.

“I heard you were sick! Feeling better?” Elijah comes inside my office and I lift my head to look at him. He stands there with his beautiful smile and it’ s contagious. I smile back at him.

“Yes, I do!” I answer him and place some papers down I held in my hand. I’m lucky Jessie called and tell them I was sick when I didn’t come back.

“Do you need any help with catching up on work!” He says and I’m grateful for his kindness. I know he wouldn’t hesitate to help me if I ever needed it.

“Thank you but I will manage!” I answer him and I see he wants to ask me something more. I wait for him to tell me.

” I wanted to ask you if you would be my company at the banquet on Friday,” he says and I hear he is nervous, I smile at him.

“Of course,” I say and see him breathe out.

“Great! What color is your dress?” He says and I shrug my shoulders.

“I don’t know yet. I will buy one tomorrow” I say when my office phone starts to ring.

“I need to take this! I can let you know tomorrow what color my dress is”

“Alright!” He says and I pick up the phone and answer, I look at him when he walks out of my office and closed the door.

The whole day went by in a blur and I hardly get any time to take a break and eat. Sitting in front of my computer while I eat a salad and try to have the last done for the day when I get a mindlink from Zoey. It is one of my abilities, mindlink my pack, and anyone I want even how far away I am I can always mindlink.

“What’s the problem?” I mindlink.

“We got some activity north of our borders, several wolves have been spotted!” She says “Get everyone inside our borders and have some of our guards follow from a safe distance, I’m coming right away,” I say and end the link.

Getting up on my feet I quickly turn off the computer and pick up my bag before I start walking over to my door.

Open it up I take a step and hit a wall which is Elijah, dropping my bag on the floor and almost falling to the ground. When his arms come and catch me. His face and lips are only inches away and I look him deep into his grey eyes.

He slowly rise me up and keep eye contact with me. Clearing my throat and averting my eyes he let me go.

“Sorry I was in a hurry!” I tell him

“It’s fine! I just came here to give you this!” He says and picks up a bag from the floor.

Holding it in front of me he gives me his biggest smile and I slowly take the bag from him.

Opening it up I see a bright blue dress in it and it looks gorgeous.

“Why are you giving me this?” I ask him, don’t see why he would give me a dress.

His hand comes up to cup my cheek. “I saw it in the store and thought it would be perfect with your beautiful blue eyes”

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