I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 23

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 23

Kian POV:

“f*uc*king find her!” I roar to my men when I walk in the door to the castle. The rage I feel knowing she is with another man is about to spill over.

“Kian calm down, the pain you felt was so short it can only mean whatever it was over in a second. At tops it would mean a kiss nothing more” Declan tries to calm me down but it has the opposite effect.

“She is f*uc*king touching another man! When I find that f*uc*ker I will rip his throat out” I roar at them and punch the wall. My hand leaves a hole in the wall.

“To be fair you did this on your own” Cannon has the balls to tell me this now. I could punch him in the face for what he just said.

“Don’t you think I f*uc*king know that? But she is my mate and I am the only one who can touch her”

“How about we find her first and then you can try and get her to want you! I wish you luck with that!” Declan says and rolls his eyes.

“Even if it means I have to lock her up in my room I will do it” I growl out. I know it’s my fault when I chased her out of my kingdom but it doesn’t mean she can touch another man.

“How come you suddenly want her after all these years?” Declan wonder  

“I don’t know, when I saw her I was drawn to her. More than anything I have ever felt! I need her with me. I know I made a mistake all those years back” I feel defeated and sit down in my office chair, resting my head in my hands.

I know this isn’t going to be easy but I need to find her and when I do I will never let her go again.

I will not make the same mistake twice!

“We need to think rationally right now, how far can she have gotten in four days?” Declan says

“And she didn’t smell like a rogue, she hardly had any scent. Isn’t that a little weird?” Cannon asks “What are we missing?” I say out loud

“She hadn’t any scent from the closest packs but how far away can she come from?”

Cannon is right, I had a hard time picking up her scent and Cannon is my top warrior with the best smell and tracking experience I have ever met.

“Could her gift be that she can mask her scent?” Declan says. “That would explain a lot if it is true!” Cannon says and I agree, that would explain some of it.

“The reports of seeing a white wolf are from all over the country, where is she hiding? there have been no reports from any pack about a wolf trespassing or anything unusual. The Alpha who is hiding her can’t be close to our pack or he would have told us” I say and drag my hand through my hair.

“You are right, so where do we begin the search?” Cannon asks

“We have to look into the packs from here and five days away at least, and we have to find out more about white wolves and what gifts they can have, get her family in here I need to talk to them” I order out.

“I get on with the family right away,” Declan says and walks out of the office.

“I will start the search in the packs,” Cannon gets up and walk out the door.

I decided to go to the library, there has to be some information I can find over there. White wolves are rare but there would be something.

After a couple of hours and not much information, I toss the last book I was reading on the floor. Declan walks in and takes a seat in a chair.

“Have you found anything?” He asks

“There isn’t a lot to find, one white wolf from over two hundred years ago could heal, and one I read about could see a bit of the future. But that is pretty much what I have found so far”

” Maybe you should ask your father?” he says

“And tell him what? That my second chance mate is a white wolf and it’s all my fault she is gone? I don’t think it’s a good idea to tell him yet! After we find out where she is” I will inform him

“Alright! Her parents will be here first thing in the morning. Why don’t you try and get some rest and we will pick this up in the morning?”

“I will stay a little longer you can head to bed.”

Declan nods and walks out of the library, there is no way I could get any sleep tonight. I have a lot of books to go through, and I will search the Internet. There has to be some information somewhere and I will find it.

I go through every book I can in the library but don’ t find anything more useful. Heading over to the office I search the internet but come up empty- handed. My eyes are dry and I look at the clock and see it is almost morning.

I decide to go and have a shower and change my clothes before everyone wakes up.

Walking up to my room I wonder about everything. How could she survive the fall and how did she get away? My best tracker have been running along the river for four days but there was no trace or scent. If she can mark her scent it would explain some part, but there was no trace of her on land. I don’t think she would be swimming for four whole days without getting out of the water.

I take a quick shower and get dressed, I can’t tell her parents I am her mate and what I have done to her. I need to keep it a secret for now. Just hoping they will have some answers.

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