I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 25

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 25

Selena POV:

I have been feeling anxious these last days since Elijah kissed me, it was stupid of me to let it happen. I know Kian would have felt it.

It wasn’t supposed to happen! All I did to make them believe I was dead is now out the window. O

I have been avoiding Elijah at work since, saying I have a lot of work that needs to be done.

Today I am working from home, the hospital is almost done and there is some delivery coming in today. I need to see that everything is right with the delivery.

I have been training with my warriors this morning my beta Jessie is the trainer usually but today I feel the need to go and get some energy out.

It felt better when I was done with the training and got some breakfast. Heading up to my office and try to get some work done. I’m so tired, every night since I saw my mate again he has been haunting my dreams. Waking up in the middle of the night. My dreams are always the same I see two eyes in the dark and I hear a growl before he walks out of the dark with his teeth on display and I try to back away when he keeps following me. I trip on something on the ground and he keeps walking and stops when he stands over me in his big black wolf and I see the beast in him when he looks at me. O

After that, I wake up and my heart beats fast in my chest. I don’t know what I think of the dream and the lack of sleep is getting to me.

“Selena! I am talking to you” I hear Emma speak to me and I turn my head to her. She is standing by the door to my office in the pack house.

“I have been talking to you for the last couple of minutes. Do you still have a hard time sleeping? You know I can make you a potion for your sleep.”

“I know but I need to be available if anything happens,” I say.

“Don’t worry nothing will happen” she tries to rea*sure me but I’m not convinced.

“What did you want?” I look at her and wait for her answer

“Well the delivery has arrived and some of the warriors are up there if you want to go and have a look,” she says

“Yes I better go there and check it out” I walk out of my office and head over to our warehouse, we have a big building out by the main road where they deliver what we have ordered. No one outside our pack can come in on our land. We have put up a barrier that no one can cross and from the outside, our land looks like a dark swamp.

It’s just an illusion but no one has ever come close to our pack. We have been blessed with all these gifted witches to help keep this pack hidden from the outside world.

Today we are a village hiding behind our barrier, completely hidden and safe.

When we got a delivery after the truck have left we get the things by our trucks and this far no one has ever seen more than this warehouse. There are always some warriors outside our barrier and checking the surroundings for anything unusual. Not even the closest packs know we exist and I would like to keep it that way.

Most of us know how it is to be left with nothing, and that makes this pack so special. We want the pack to work and everyone to feel loved and welcome. We help each other out and that makes us strong.

The hospital will be ready in two days and we wait for the last equipment. Sari and Emma will work at the hospital, we also have a doctor and a nurse in our pack. They found each other in the pack as second-chance mates. I couldn’t be happier! We have had a few who have found their mates in our pack and I am happy for them.

When I walk into the building it takes me more than an hour to go through the delivery but everything is right. We close the doors and decide to move them early in the morning before there is any traffic on the road.

When we walk outside the wind changes and I get a tiny whiff of something familiar. I freeze on the spot and try to inhale deeply to see if I can sense the smell again but as fast as it came it is gone again. It has me puzzled if I really smelled it.

“Did you pick up something?” Jacob walks up to me and asks.

“Yes it felt familiar somehow, but as fast as it came it was gone again and I couldn’t place it”

“What do you think it is?” he asks

“I want all the patrols on the inside of the barrier tonight and no one is allowed to go outside before I have checked the surroundings in the morning.” I give him the orders and look around us.

“What do you think it was?” He asks again, I hear he is worried.

“I don’t know but I don’t like the feeling so I just want to be on the safe side. No one is allowed out”

“Yes I will take it with them right away,” he says and walks away.

I decide to shift and take a look around the woods, if there is something out there I will find it.

Running for a long time and trying to pick up any trace on the way I have to give up at last. There isn’t a trace after the scent again and it has me questioning if I really smelled it. I have a strange feeling on my way back and not before we are inside the barrier can I relax.

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