I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 26

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 26

Kian POV:

We said goodbye to Cannon and five of my warriors yesterday, they left in two cars to go to the city where the photo was taken.

I trust cannon!

There isn’t anyone better and I know if anyone can find her it’s him.

My office phone starts ringing when I am in the middle of going through the packs around the city, if she is in one of those packs we will find her. Picking up the phone It’s Cannon who calls.

“We have arrived and the cars are here so we are going to the first pack. How many are there?” He asks

“Three packs that we know of and actually the new pack is one of them. I will send you the addresses and information you might need” I tell him.

“Okay! I will call you when I know anything more” he says and we hang up the phone.

Half the day goes by and I have a lot to do. We couldn’t find anything more on white wolfs and we have been going true her family tree. We came up with nothing from that too. My men went through the passengers on every bus and train from when she disappeared but not a trace. 0

There is something we are missing!

Declan walks into my office when Cannon calls again.

“Kian there is something strange here,” he says

“What is?” I don’t get what he is meaning.

“We found nothing at the first pack then we went to the new pack and there is nothing here! Just a swamp.” he says and I raise my eyebrow.

“Are you sure it’s the right place?” I have to ask him it sounds so strange.

“Yes I am sure, wait a minute I’ll send you my coordinates and a photo of where I stand.” my phone vibrates and I look at the photo and the location.

“Yes you are at the right place. It should be there!”

“As you can see it’s not” he states.

“Alright I will go and check the letters and talk to you later,” I tell him

“We will head over to the next pack in the meantime,” he says and we hang up the phone. I get up from my chair and head out of the office. Declan follow me out

“Where are you going and what’s the problem? ”

“The new pack wasn’t at the location. Cannon was there and it was only a swamp. I need to check the letters from the pack” I say while I keep walking. Declan follows behind.

“That was strange,” he says

“Yes something isn’t right”

It takes a couple of minutes to go to the office where we keep all registration of packs in our country. Walking inside we head over to the secretary and he helps us get the letters, and it’s a lot of letters. Over two hundred and not even half of them is open. It will take hours to go through them all. We head back with the letters to my office and start opening them.

It’s late in the evening when we are done with the letters, from everything we have been reading the pack is quite big. There is a problem though, the alpha has registered the address Cannon was at since there wasn’t anything there something doesn’t add up. The Alphas name is also a mystery, it only signed with S.carter.

“What do you think Kian? I feel something is not right” Declan says.

“Something is really of about this pack. All these letters that haven’t been opened by the register since he thought the Alpa had a screw loose, and just let it be. If the numbers are right we are talking about one of the biggest packs outside of this kingdom and none have seen or heard anything about it. If it’s not located there where could it be? Or doesn’t it exists? I have to call Cannon,” I say and try to reach him a couple of times but his phone doesn’t come through guessing he is where the service is bad. O

“Let’s call it tonight, he will call back tomorrow and we have a lot to do with the training in the morning,” Declan says

“Go ahead I will finish this up and then head to bed” he gets up and say goodnight then he leaves the office and I start to gather all the letters. Putting them in a box so it is easier to find them the next time.

Something is bothering me and I sit down with the computer.

Pulling up a map of the area the pack should be located at. All I see from the map are trees. It’s located in the woods but there isn’t a swamp on the map.

The picture is taken of the woods four years ago, but how it could be a swamp in these four years I don’t know. I try calling Cannon one last time before I decide to head up and take a shower before bed.

I can’t stop thinking about what we are missing, I need to ask Cannon to head over to the location again. He needs to have a look around. I am about to sleep when my phone is ringing and finally Cannon calls.

“I hadn’t any service when you called before, we have been through the last two packs now and there is nothing new and none of them have ever heard of another pack in this area. But there have been some pack members that have left the packs to follow a relative to a new pack but they have no idea to where they have gone” he says.

“All this is strange! We have gone through all the letters and they only say the location you were at. I looked up the area on the maps and before it was a large wood, not a swamp. I need you to go back tomorrow and swipe the area”

“Alright we will! tomorrow I a going to start in town and look for the photographer and see if there is any list of the guests at the event. I call you tomorrow when I have more information” O

“That’s good Cannon,” we hang up and I put the phone next to me.

I hope he finds something useful tomorrow. If he doesn’t I might have to go over there by myself, I know my wolf would pick up the smallest scent of our mate if she is there.

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