I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 27

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 27

Selena POV:

The next day when I woke up early, I instantly went out and run around our grounds and into the woods. I took my time to go make sure there wasn’t anything unusual. I didn’t pick up the scent again and eventually, I went back home.

The scouts were on high alert the whole night and they would keep a close watch throughout the day. Everyone was going to stay behind the barrier as a precaution.

Today I needed to go to work there is a lot happening at work and I need a head start so I was up real early to head over. Jessie and Zoey were also going to work today and we decided to go home together, they work at the front desk and I often have to work later than them. O

When I arrive at work I am the first one on our floor and I love the time alone. Starting up the computer I went through my mail, it took me quite some time and I was in the middle of it when my secretary walked in with a cup of coffee.

“There are a couple of phone calls today, I have the list here of all that wants to come in contact with you,” she says and places the coffee down on my desk and gives me the list. Looking at it I sigh and know this will take most of my day going through.” then we start from the bottom of the list! Call them and put it through to me when they are ready” I tell her

“Yes of course” she walks out of the office and soon the phone connects to me. The day flies by and I haven’t noticed what time it is when I end the last call for the day.

Hearing someone clearing their throat I look up from my desk and see Elijah standing at the door with a paper in his hand.

I can’t help but blush when I see him, he notices and his lips turn up in that beautiful smile of his. He walks over to me and leans down behind and whispers in my ear.

“I would love to see more of that blushing” His words sent my cheeks crimson red and would love to hide my face in my hands right now.

“Can I help you with something!” I try to sound hard but my words come out in a seductive whisper and not even I could take my words seriously.

“I know a lot of things you could help me with,” he says with a huskey voice and my words get stuck in my throat. I have no idea how to handle a situation like this. It’s all new to me.

“I’m sorry Elijah but I am supposed to meet my friends downstairs in a little while, did you want something before I go?” I need him to stop and go back to what it used to be. Nothing can ever happen between us again.

“I want you” he says and winks at me. f*uc*k! he actually had to say just that. I feel a shiver run down my spine and my head is spinning. I’m lucky my Secretary walks in and breaks this awkward moment.

“Is that all for today?” She asks me.

“Yes I think we are done, you can go home,” I say to her and she takes her to leave. I mindlink Jessie and Zoey to come up to my office and help me leave if Elijah won’t go. I’m afraid I don’t know how to get out of this situation.

“I came here to show you something,” He says and hands me a finance magazine.

“What’s this?” I ask him and when he opens it up my heart is about to pound out of my chest.

“What’s happening?” Jessie mindlinks me. She feels my panic through the pack bond.

“Get to my office and you will see for yourself ” I mindlink back.

I have a hard time to try and act normal. In the magazine, my face is shown in the background. There is no way anyone wouldn’t recognize me if they saw me. Even If I am in the background of the picture my ice blue dress and my long blond hair become the center of the picture.

How could this have happened I made sure to dodge every photographer that evening.

“You look so beautiful, I am thinking of calling the magazine and see if they got any more photos of you. I want to frame it” the panic I felt when he said that, it would mean anyone could find out where I was. I need to get a grip on the situation.

Jessie and Zoey come bursting through my office door ready to fight whoever is in here to hurt me

When they see me they calm down.

“Is there any problem?” Elijah says with a raised eyebrow at their suddenly bursting into the office. ” We were just worried something has happened since you didn’t meet us downstairs” Jessie is quick to save the situation.

“Everything is just fine. I was held up by looking at a photo of me and Elijah in the finance magazine” I say and point down to the magazine at my desk.

They both immediately understand what I try to tell them and they walk over to us. My hands are sweating and I am panicking at this.

“Elijah do you know how far this magazine reaches?” I have to ask.

“I know it’s sold all over the country but most people reading it works with finance. However, I have seen an ad on the internet about it so maybe more people are reading it now” When he said that all the colors on my face are drained.

This can’t be happening!

“Why did you ask?” He wonders

“Nothing I haven’t seen it before that’s just why I asked” I lie to him. I have read it many times before but I have no idea how big the magazine is. It would mean that anyone could see it and if they know me they would instantly recognize me in the photo.

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