I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 29

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 29

Kian POV:

I have been waiting for Cannon’s report the whole day.

The morning started with training and a few hours later I had expected to hear from him but all I got was a text saying he needed to meet a few people and would call me later. The day has been dragging and I have been avoiding my father for days now.

Don’t want to meet him and tell him about my mate yet. I know when he finds out he will be furious, can ‘t blame him. I made a mistake all those years ago, I could have handled it much better than I did.

Declan opens the mindlink. “ Your dad is waiting in your office”

“Just the person I don’t want to meet yet” I answer ” Well, he is your problem now! I head over to the borders and check the warriors ” he cut the mindlink and I seriously thought to ignore my father and go somewhere else. But I know he will not let me be.

Walking over to the castle I head over to my office, opening the door I see him sitting at my chair and looking through a map and I know it’s the information about Selena.

“Avoiding me son?”

” No just a lot to handle right now,” I lie to him.

“Found out anything more about your mate? How could she just disappear?” He asks

“We are doing everything to find her! When you are here, do you know anything about white wolves?” Trying to make him focus on something else than her and if he has any information on white wolves I would like to know.

“Hmm, why do you ask?”

“Just that one has been spotted and we are trying to find some more information” I lie to him

” They usually have special gifts but you should ask your mother about this. She use to gather information about white wolves, she found them interesting and always wanted to meet one” he says ” maybe I should talk to her but it has to be another day. I am waiting for a report” I would like for her to tell me all she knows after I get the call from Cannon.

“Then come by for dinner someday.”

“Yes, I will when I have time” right now I have to do everything I can to find her and bring her here. I will figure out the rest later on.

“Alright son I will head home, come by when you have time,” he says

“I will” he leaves the office and I sigh in relief. My dad was a great king when he ruled, the day he let me take over was a week before my mate d*ied and when I was lost in grief he stepped in again and helped me out until I was ready to go back.

I know he wants the best for me and my parents have been a great support through it all but there is no way I can tell him about my mess up with my second chance mate right now. I need to find a way to fix it first.

My phone starts ringing and I pick it up, finally, Cannon is calling. “It took you long,” I tell him the moment the phone connects.

“Well we run into some problem” he answers reluctantly.

“What problem?” I ask and sit back in my seat.

“Your mate! Let me tell you Something. You will have your hands full with that one” he says and chuckles

“Tell me what happened! ”

“We found her! We weren’t sure if it was her because she didn’t have any scent and that is weird”

“Go on!”

“We had found out she came with one of two companies so we split up and observed through the day, watching everyone coming and going. Then she steps out with two other females and a man from one of the buildings. We couldn’t pick up any scent from the females so we started following them. They split up and we kept our distance at first following her to the woods, where she suddenly shifted and made a run for it. We had a hard time following her and she easily took us out if we came too close”

He stops talking and I know there is something he don’t want to tell me.

“And then what?” I ask

“Well she didn’t hurt anyone of us just kept us away from catching her,” he says

“What are you not telling me?” I ask and hear him sigh and I know whatever it is he is not proud of it
“She took me out like It wasn’t even hard” I can’t help but burst out laughing at him.

“You mean a little girl took out the big bad wolf! I have seen a lot of men trying to even scratch you and you easily take them down and now you are telling me she could have you on your knees” I keep laughing when Declan walks in. He stops in the doorway with a surprised expression on his face. ” What is it?” He asks

“Apparently my little mate took down Cannon!” I answer him, he bursts out laughing and I hear on the phone how Cannon huffs. This has probably hurt his self-confidence a little.

“Well where is she now?” I ask

“That we don’t know, when I woke up again she was gone and the trace ends on a cliff”

“What!? She can’t just disappear again” I say and look up at the sealing.

“We have found out she is working in one of the companies, she is in the top of employes. Working with shares and handling big accounts. The address she has registered at her work goes to a post box. So she is obviously hiding where she lives”

I am shocked by what he is telling me, and in the meantime I am impressed. I know she didn’t finish school since I ordered her away but never in my imagination could I ever think she would have done so great by herself.

“What do you want us to do, she knows we are here and will probably hide if she doesn’t run”

“She is smart. Let’s play a different game with her. Wait by the phone I will call you back” I say and hang up the phone.

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