I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 33

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 33

Selena POV:

Getting up to my room I start by pulling out some work clothes and underwear. That’s when I get a message on my phone. It’s from Elijah.

“Heard you were going to travel! It will be fun.”

“I hope you are right! Have never done this before.” I answer back

“It only means the owners trust in you! And I know you will do great” I get a warm feeling in my body from his words.

“Thank you, don’t know what I ever can do to repay you for everything you have done for me”

“I know I thing or two you could do,” I get as a reply and feel how my hands start to sweat.

Oh no! I seriously didn’t walk in that trap myself. I practically gave him that opportunity and now I have no idea what to answer him.

“Speechless? I would like to hear you M0@n instead,” Now my cheeks start to burn and at that right moment, Emma decides to walk into my room. “Hey what are you up to?” She walks over and snatches my phone from me.

“Stop it, Emma, don’t answer anything I will regret ” She just giggles and writes on my phone. I try to get it back from her but she dodges my attempt.

when She is done she hands me the phone and I tossed it on the bed like it had burned my hand’s men I read what she has answered him.

“f*uc*k Emma you can’t answer like that. How am I ever going to meet him at work again? I am f*uc*ked.. I need to quit work. I will have to find something else”

“Calm down it wasn’t that bad. It’s every man’s dream to hear their crush think of them when they are alone in bed!’

“Good dammit Emma It sounds even worse when you say it out loud! I seriously need to find myself another job” She laughs at me and I hear the phone beep again.

“I am not opening that one!” I say and raise my hands in the air.

“I can look at it for you,” she says and reaches for the phone, I pick it up and put it in my drawer.

“Find yourself a man you can have fun whit and stop making my life painful.”

“But it is too fun teasing you” I sigh and walk over to my closet again, getting my bag and starting packing it.

“I don’t have the best feeling about this trip,” she says and sits down on my bed.

I walk over and sit beside her.

“You know I will always make it. You don’t have to worry about me” I say to her

“But you know I always do! We all hate when you are away even when you only are at work” she looks at me with sadness in her eyes.

“I know you will all handle it when I am away even if something happens and I will be gone longer than planned. And I promise to let you know what happens” I try to rea*sure her.

She sighs and takes my hand in hers,

“1 just have a bad feeling about this”

“I will be back soon, don’t worry.” We chatted for a while and I finish packing. When she leaves I pull out my phone and look at the messages he has sent.

The first one said, “forget the thinking and come join me instead when you are back” and the second he wondered where I went.

I answered him that I was busy packing and needed to get ready for tomorrow morning. He understood and we ended our conversation after that. I had to stop getting any more messages before it goes out of hand.

I need to take a shower and catch some hours of sleep before I have to head over to the airport. Decide to check in with Jessie about what the status was with the king’s men.

“Anything new?” I mindlink her

“Well what we can see all his men boarded a plain just minutes ago and left”

“Just like that?” I have a hard time believing they would just give up.

“Yes it appears so”

“Alright let me know if anything changes” I cut the mindlink and head over to my bed. It’s strange why would they leave just after a day’s search.

I couldn’t get much sleep last night and I was tired the next day when I had to leave my bed and head over to the airport early in the morning. When I walk down the stairs to the kitchen no one is up and I eat some breakfast before it’s time to go.

Walking out of the house, Jacob is waiting by the car. He will drive me to the airport.

“Isn’t it weird they all left yesterday?” He asks me when I take a seat in the car.

“It doesn’t feel right but who knows maybe the king needed them back” I answer. Have been thinking the same thing as him, finding it strange. We chat the whole way to the airport.

“Well just look out for yourself and come right home if you suspect something,” he says when I open the door and am ready to head over to check-in.

“I will! don’t worry! Take care of the pack when I am gone. See you in a couple of days” I say to him and walk out of the car.

Heading to the airport with my bag and checking it in.

I could have made this trip a lot faster than going on an airplane, but here I am waiting in an airport and then sitting on an airplane for hours just so my bosses don’t start to question how I got there when they pay the bills on a business trip.

After I have checked in the bag I head over to my gate and take a seat. We will start border in a while.

I turn off my phone and put it in my bag, when they open the gate I am one of the first that needs to border the plane, my seat is the farthest away from the door on the plane. I walk inside I sit down and relax in my seat. I haven’t seen anything suspected.

When the plane is up in the air the flight attendant walks around and takes orders. The seat next to me is occupied by a young girl and she is human.

I order a bottle of water and the attendant brings me a bottle and opens it for me, I drink half of the bottle. After a little, while I start to feel sleepy. Real sleepy! I can’t keep my eyes open. I try to fight it.

My wolf is numb, I can’t reach her!

I just realize I have been drugged when I feel the seat next to me dip and someone big is sitting in the seat instead of the girl. I can’t open my eyes to see who it is, I don’t feel anything. Just before my head spins and I am about to p@ssout I hear a voice. “Don’t fight it”

And I couldn’t even if I wanted. My mind goes blank and I p@ssout.

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