I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 35

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 35

Kian POV:

The moment Cannon called and told me the plan had worked, she was on the plain and he had knocked her out with the drug I had a hard time containing my wolf. We both wanted to meet her again.

It took several hours before they got here.

When they landed at the first airport the private plane stood ready to bring them here.

When they finally arrived she was still unconscious, she looked so small and fragile when Cannon carried her. When I took her in my arms I felt how sparks rushed through my whole body. I bury my nose in her neck, inhaling her intoxic scent.

I could devour her on the spot.

Since we didn’t know how she would react when she woke up and the fact she is a white wolf I decided to put her in the cellar.

Cannon and Declan strongly protested against it, but I only planned on keeping her there until she would woke up.

When I walked into the cellar this morning I instantly felt the change, she was awake but I still couldn’t reach her wolf. Finding it strange!

When she finally looked up at me her ice blue eyes almost had me stumbling back. She is

breathtakingly beautiful, My little mate. And then

she angered me to the point I had to use my Alpha command over her and still, I didn’t get any real answer out of her again and now I stand here with a pa*s-out mate in my arms.

I put her back on the bed and turn around to face Cannon and Declan.

“You two stop laughing!” I bark at them

“That was hilarious,” Declan says and I just glare at him

“I told you your hands would be full with this one! But I like her she will be a great Queen” Cannon point out.

“Close the door,” I say and start walking up the stairs.

“And you thought she was a weak wolf” now booth burst out laughing.

I turn around and look at them.

“If you don’t stop it I will put your booth in the cell next to hers”

“Well I bet she will be more fun than you,” Declan says and push beside me walking up the stairs.

When I reach the top of the stairs he stands in my way.

“How long are you planning to keep her down there,” he says.

“Until she calms down and starts talking, give her a day or two and she will give up”

“Don’t bet on it” Cannon says behind me I just turn my head around and look at him.

“Well I am not letting her up until she calms down and talks, we have no idea what she can do” I go over to my office and try to have something done today but my mind keeps going back to my mate. I get why she is angry with me but if she just could give me a chance.

Half a day goes by and a guard report to me she refuses to eat, I tell him to let me know if she still refuses to eat anything when it’s dinner.

Declan and Cannon walk in when it’s dinner and tell me the guard came up and she still wouldn’t eat anything. My anger takes over and I get up and walk out of my office and down to the cellar.

Coming down the stairs I see her sitting on the bed with her back turned at us and she is facing the wall.

She hasn’t touched her food at all.

“Why won’t you eat” she doesn’t answer or move an inch.

“Turn around” I order her and it takes a moment before she stops fighting my alpha command and turns around.

She keeps her head down but I hear a low growl coming from her, It is strange I still can’t feel her wolf It’s like she is behind a barrier of some sort, ’’look at me when I speak to you “ she tries to resist my command but I f0rce my alpha command stronger on her. She let out a whimper before she gives in and look up at me.

Her beautiful blue eyes have me captivated for a while. I just can’t take my eyes off her.

“Eat” I order and she’s reluctant gets up from her bed and picks up the bowl from the tray. She takes the spoon and slowly picks up some food and takes it into her mouth. When I see her eating I drop the command.

She takes a breath and before we know it she throws the bowl at me I dodge it at the last second and food splashes all over the floor. My anger takes the best of me when I quickly walk over and open her door.

Stepping inside I take my hand behind her neck and f0rce her to look at me, holding her in a firm grip I press my body closer to her. She refuses to have eye contact with me.

“Look at me” I let my alpha commands wash over her again and she wiggles in my grip trying to break free. I see her starting to sweat. Slowly she raises her eyes and looks at me.

“Pull something like that again and wait to see what will happen,” I growl at her

“So, the big bad Alpha can’t handle a weak mate like me,” she mocks me.

“Let’s start by informing you when I find out what man touched you I will end his life the second,” I growl at her and see her avert her eyes.

“What did he do with you,” I say and place my command over her. I see her trying to avoid answering before she looks defiant in my eyes.

“He gave me my first kiss and I enjoyed it” she spits at me.

I lose all control over her statement.

Forcing her back to the wall and caging her in with my body, my hand never let go of her neck. Sparks rush everywhere, her plump pink lips too tempting not to taste.

I crash my lips against hers, feeling her warm breath against my lips. Forcing my toung in her mouth tasting her.

She bit down on my lip drawing blood but I don’t care, just kept devouring her until she gives in and let out a M0@n.

When I release her she is a panting mess trying to catch her breath. I let her go and walk out of her cell, close it and head up the stairs, Declan and

Cannon follow me and before I close the door I turn off the light.

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