I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 46

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 46

Selena POV:

Looking at the direction the sounds coming from I see Kian get up and with determined steps walk over to me. Elijah steps to the side when Kian looks straight at him.

I see in his eyes that he is furious.

He grabs my arm and f0rces me up on my feet, sparks shouting out on my arm under his touch. “Declan here will go through the contract with you, I need a private conversation with Selena to establish the terms,” he says before he starts pulling me out of the meeting room, his gamma, and another of his men I haven’t seen before following behind us.

I haven’t told him where my office is but he finds it right away. He opens the door and pushes me inside, closing the door behind us and I guess his men are staying just outside.

He pushes me to the wall and cages me in with his hands on each side of my head. He is tall and towers over me I have to look up to see into his eyes. He just stares at me, his eyes flicker and I can feel his anger radiating out of him.

I am just waiting for him to start talking.

“Tell me I am wrong,” he says

“What?” I have a feeling I know what he is meaning but I won’t answer him. I look down at the

ground, avoiding eye contact with him.

He leans closer and takes one of his hands and grips my chin hard, tilting my face up to meet his eyes. “If you want to save your loverboy you will never let him touch you again or I will rip him to pieces, “ he says with a threat in his voice and I know he wouldn’t hesitate to K*ll him.

I don’t answer him, my chin hurts from his hard touch and at the same time, the sparks from his touch feel so good on my skin. I use some of my strength to get out of his grip and make my way to my bathroom.

Just want to get away from him.

I don’t make it far before I get slammed into my bathroom wall and he presses his body against mine and tilts my head up with his hand. His lips come crashing down hard on mine and he kisses me like there is no tomorrow. Pushing his toung in my mouth and tasting every inch of me, steering the bond to life. His warm plump lips devour mine.

I can’t help it but answer his hungry kiss. His intoxic scent invades my senses and my legs become jelly.

I give into the bond when I feel his hands travel up my thighs, loving the feeling of the sparks where ever he is touching me. He grips my thighs, lifting me up. I wrap my legs around his waist when he pushes me to the wall and my body presses flat against his. Holding on to his shoulders and I M0@n into his mouth. I want more from him.

He takes one of his hands behind my head, griping my hair and deepening the kiss. My c*ore starts to throb and I feel my arousal spilling out on my p*an*tie*s, he bucks his hips, feeling his hard c*oc*k below me and a shiver runs down my spine. The bond is running havoc in my body and I can’t resist rubbing me at him.

There is a knock on my office door, jolting me out of my trance. Breaking free from his grip I push away from him and he let me down. Standing by the sink panting, trying to catch my breath.

Staring into his eyes, I see him collect himself and walk out to my office. I hear the door open and his men walk inside.

“It’s done,” his Beta says. I grab a cloth and soak it in water before I put it on my neck. Trying to calm down and get my emotions under control. This isn’t me, the bond is doing this, leaning forward and resting my elbows on the sink I feel a hand on my lower back and sparks shooting up.

“What do you want,” I say without looking up, I don’t want to meet his eyes before I have calmed down.

“You are coming with me today” My anger flare to life and I toss the cloth in the sink before I rise and turn to look at him.

“That will not happen,” I say and start to walk away from him just for him to grab my arm and jerk me to him so I am pressed against his body again. “ That wasn’t a question, You are coming with me” His eyes become pitch black and he is angry again. I couldn’t care less, I just want him to leave me alone.

“And I just told you! It will not happen”

His grip on my arm becomes harder and he leans his head down toward mine.

“If you want your loverboy to stay alive you will follow me. Or should I tell my men to go finish him off?” He stares into my eyes. I don’t answer him. He growls at me.

’’Cannon,” he says and his gamma walks inside my bathroom.

“You can have your fun with the boy, “ he says and the man smirks and turn around, and heads to my door. I know he means what he says and I can’t let it happen!

“Stop!” I shout at him while looking into kian s eyes.

“Don’t touch him! I will come with you” Kian growls at me and I feel anger radiating out of him. “ He means that much to you” he spits at me. I feel if I don’t calm Kian down he will tear this whole place to pieces.

“No he doesn’t! But he is innocent and has nothing to do with this”

I can’t tell Kian how he has helped me and he is one of my friends and mean a lot to me.

I feel how he starts to relax a bit and his grip on my arm lessens. I snatch my arm out of his grip and walk out of my bathroom.

Turning off my computer and closing the document I was working on. Heading out of my office and handing the document over to my secretary. Kian and his men are right behind me.

“I want you to send me these documents to my mail and the others you have from today,” I tell her.

She nods and I start to walk to the elevator, I steady my heart and focus on my body to relax. I know if Elijah sees me leaving with them he will ask me if everything is alright and I can’t give away anything. They will pick up on every different heartbeat. Preparing myself for the question.

Reaching the elevator Elijah walks by with one of my bosses. They stops and I knew he would ask.

“Everything alright?” Elijah asks when we walk by. “Yes it’s fine just going to lunch and talking over the account” I answer calmly.

“You know where to find me if there is any problem,” he says with a concerned expression on his face.

The elevator arrives and we walk inside.

“Thank you. I know” I say to him before the doors close.

I am instantly smashed against his hard chest and a low growl is heard from him. I growl back at him, tired of hearing him growl.

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