I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 47

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 47

Selena POV:

He is holding me around my waist, pressing his body close to mine.

“Did you just growl at me?” he ask his face only inches away from mine.

I look up into his eyes and my angry energy matches his.

“I sure did! I have had enough of you growling” I spit at him

“You should be happy that’s the only thing I have done yet” He leans forward, his hot breath fanning my face. His hand comes up to my chin, I instantly smash it away.

“Let go of me,” I say and advert my eyes from his intense gaze. His hand comes up and grabs my hair forcing my head to tilt upwards, looking into his eyes they are pitch black. His wolf is close to the surface.

“Never!” He leans closer and takes a long sniff at my neck where my mark would lay. He kisses and s*cks on that spot making my whole-body shiver and my legs go out under me. My whole weight is in his arm when he holds me tight to his body.

Sparks rush out everywhere and my mind goes blank for a moment. I pant out and feel how my whole body answers to his touch, stirring the bond to life again and taking over all my rational thoughts.

Before he can do anything else the elevator reaches the entrance floor and he lets go of my neck, the doors open and he holds me tight around my waist when we walk out of the elevator. I don’t know if I could walk properly without his support. I’m still affected of the bond and my legs feel like jelly.

Heading over to the entrance I see Zoey in the corner of my eyes when she walks over to us I quickly mindlink her.

“It’s my mate, don’t come here or talk to me. Go home as quickly as you can” I end the mindlink and she turns around and walks the other way instead.

Kian looks suspicious at me, I just keep walking and ignoring his piercing eyes.

Outside the entrance are a black limousine and a black Mercedes behind. His gamma opened the door and Kian f0rce me forward with his arm around my waist. I step inside and take a seat closest to the window.

Kian gets in beside me and his gamma and Beta are opposite us in the limousine. The car starts to roll and I keep my eyes looking outside the window.

I don’t care where we are going, I will teleport myself back home as soon as I can.

“Drop the wall to your wolf” Kian demands like he has anything to say about that.

“Nope,” I say. It’s going to be fun and see how long he can keep his wolf at bay. O

I get ripped away from the window and end up in his knee. f0rced down by his arm.

“Why not?” he says with his face inches away from mine.

“I don’t want to”

I don’t even get a chance to finish my sentences before his lips come crashing down on mine. I try to fight him off me.

“Stop it”. He leans closer and whispers in my ear. “Are you sure you want me to stop?” he says before he traces open-mouth kisses down my cheek to my neck. I shiver over my whole body from his touch, my body wants him. The bond wants me to mark and mate with him, I don’t!

I f0rce my mind to clear up and push him away.

“Yes I am sure,” I say and try to sit up properly.

“That’s not what your body tells me” he whispers to my ear.

“It’s just the bond, not me” I try to get free from his grip so I can take a seat beside the window again. But he just keeps holding me closer.

“Then tell me, which pack do you live in?” looking out the window I see we have left the city and are driving on the road to where my pack is located.

“It’s none of your concern,” I say when he grips my chin and f0rces me back to look at him.

’’That’s where you are wrong. Everything about you is my concern! And if you are not going to tell me yourself then I will f0rce it out of you”

He crashes his lips to mine and devours my lips when I don’t open my mouth he bites my lip and when I gasp in pain he f0rces his tongue in my mouth. I have had it with his way of forcing his kisses on me, tired of him trying to make me obey him.

I bit down o his tongue drawing blood and making him hiss in pain from my a*sault. When he lessens his grip on me I quickly get back to my seat.

I hear his men in the car chuckle at what they are witnessing. He tries to grip for me again but I smack his hand away.

“One more try from you and I will make you sorry.! You have no f*uc*king right,” I bark out at him.

“Then just tell me what I want to know! And I will not f0rce you.”

My anger gets the best of me and I yell out to him. “You lost the right the f*uc*king day you f0rced me out of your kingdom!” I point my finger at him. He looks at me before he tries to grab me but I am furious.

“Stop the f*uc*king car,” I yell and I can’t control my emotions. Right now I feel how my eyes start to glow purple because of my anger. I can’t control my anger when I become this furious and I know if I don’t calm down I will burst into the car and nothing good will come out of it if I do! The last time I couldn’t control it I ended up destroying a house.

The car suddenly comes to a halt and I bolt out of it. Kian is right behind me. He grabs me with both his arms. Holding me tight to his chest.

“Calm down,” he says and I try to take a deep breath and get my emotions under control, don’t want to destroy everything around me. His scent fills up in my lungs and does something to my body, I feel his scent calming my emotions down. Taking the edge of it and drawing my gifts back inside. Relaxing my head against his chest I feel exhausted. I can’t keep going like this, it has to stop!

I’m just tired of this mess and I want to be free from him for good. There is only one thing left to do!

There is no turning back from this. Taking a large inhale I try to prepare myself for the pain I know is going to come before I say the words that are going to damage the bond.

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