I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 48

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 48

Selena POV:

“I Selena Carter Alpha of white moon pack reje..”

I never get the chance to finish my sentence before he has my mouth covered with his lips, devouring me in a hard kiss. He leaves me panting for air when he lets go of me.

“I will never accept your rejection! Never!” he says.

Closing my eyes and just breathing for a moment, I knew he wouldn’t accept my rejection even if I hoped he would. I feel drained and not a bone in my body has any energy left to argue with him! We are not going to get anywhere with this. I brake free from his grip and start to walk backward, I can’t stay here.

I have nothing more to say, my mind feels empty. He tries to grab my hand but I jerk it away from him.

We both know what I am about to do but he doesn’t stop me, he just stands there and looks at me leaving him. I open a portal and I see he is about to say something but closes his mouth and let me leave.

I get in my portal and walk out in the back of the packhouse. Jessie and Emma are sitting on the porch when I come to stumble upon it, Emma gets up and embraces me in a hug.

I don’t have any energy to talk to them I feel exhausted right now. These weeks have taken a toll on me. They help me up to my room and Emma gives me a potion that makes me relax. Sleep instantly comes to me, and I welcome it.

I just want to escape my life for a moment, don’t want to feel anything.

When I wake up again it’s almost midnight and I think most of my pack is sleeping. Heading down, I want some fresh air and a walk would feel nice. Coming down the stairs Emma is standing in the kitchen, maiking some potions.

“Do you want to talk about it?” she asks me when I walk inside.

“Not right now I feel drained” I answer her.

She looks at me with concern in her eyes, she walks over to me, and places her hands on mine.

“Just tell me something. Did he hurt you? Did he f0rce himself on you because if he did I swear to god I will K*ll him myself” I take her in my arms and hold her tight. I am so grateful for having her in my life.

“I know you would and no I am fine. I will tell you everything in the morning.”

“Okay you know where I am If there is anything, I have another potion ready for you if you have trouble sleeping again,” she says to me.

“Thank you for everything,” I let go of her and head out of the house. The air is fresh and I don’t see anyone in my pack.

I know some people are guarding the borders and I think I will join them. I walk for a while before I see. Jacob and some other pack members that guard the borders. Walking over to them Jacob turns around.

“I thought you were asleep or I would have told you, some wolves are running around our barriers tonight. Two of them we recognize from last time but now there are five more and one of them is a big black wolf” When he says that I instantly know who the black wolf is.

I am not surprised, I guessed he would come here and try to find out where this pack is located and find me.

“Where are they?” I ask him

“Come I show you,” he says and we start to walk, after a little while, I see the wolves he is talking about in the tree line.

“Stay here I will take a closer look,” I tell him.

Jacob nods and I walk closer to the barrier, I see my mate’s head snap in my direction. His wolf is beautiful and I make sure my walls are up to my wolf. He sniffs in the air and starts to stride toward where I stand. I stay still and see what he is going to do.

When he is almost in front of me I see his eyes glance over and I know he is mind-linking someone. He stands there for a moment and I look right into his eyes, I know he can’t see me. I take my time and take him all in, every inch of his wolf.

The other wolves start to head back to the threes and he is the last one to leave the barrier. Before he disappears into the woods he turns around and looks right at me. I feel my heart taking an extra beat. I have a feeling he will be back soon.

I didn’t sleep more that night, I wasn’t tired so I took the time and worked instead. I had a lot done with the pack and my work before it was morning. Walking over to my bedroom I quickly changed clothes into a comfortable dress. It’s Saturday and I am just going to enjoy my day with the pack.

Getting down to the kitchen I grab some coffee and toast and head back to my office, I am going to finish the last part before I head out to check the borders.

Jessie walks into my office with a cup of coffee and takes a seat before me.

“I am almost done with all the pack orders and going through the new building plans. I’m going to head out to the borders after, do you want to accompany me?” I ask her

“Yes of course,” I quickly finish my work and we head out of the house, going around the borders we talk about all the plans we have for the pack.

There is a calmness at this moment and the air is fresh, I take a deep breath and halt in my track when I smell them.

Jessie stops and looks at me.

“What is it?” she asks

“He is here again,” I say and mindlink everyone to stay inside the barrier for time being.

Starting to walk in the direction where his scent comes from. I see him walking towards us with his beta and gamma by his sides and some of his other men behind him.

“Stay here,” I say to Jessie before I walk closer to the barrier.

Having the opportunity to take him all in when he can’t see me I am stunned by how gorgeous he is. He has some casual clothes on today, blue jeans and a black jacket making his masculinity is even more prominent and I can’t take my eyes off him.

I see him walking over to my barrier and quickly take a step back.

He stands there and looks right at me when he speaks.

“I know you are here!” He says.

At first, I am surprised he thinks I am here. But he doesn’t give up it’s like he has some sense I am here. I stand there in silence just waiting for him to give up but he doesn’t.

“I don’t think he will give up,” Jessie says to me. “I start to believe that is the case,” I answer her.

’’Just go and talk to him. He is your mate after all,” I just turn around and glare at her.

“I will remember that the day when you find your mate!” I mock her before I turn around to face him again.

When he speaks again I decide it’s no point in trying to hide from him anymore. I slowly start to move forward through the barrier until I see in his eyes he has spotted me. Keep going forward I stop right in front of him and have to tilt my head upwards to look him in his eyes.

He doesn’t say a word or try to reach me, he just keeps watching me.

“You found me! What does the Alpha king want today?” I ask him. He looks me deep in my eyes and starts to say something just before Zoey opens the mindlink and quickly tells us all to get inside the barrier. Several rogues I heading our way. I raise my hand to him and motion for him to wait.

Looking around I don’t see anyone but mindlink one of the witches in my pack who controls the barrier to open a gate. We need to get inside and I know Kian won’t give up. I have no other choice but to take them inside with me.

Turning around I see when the barrier is open.

“Everyone inside right now!” I bark out to them and I see them all standing there with surprise on their faces.

Four of my warriors come rushing out and stand guards when I take Kian’s hand in mine and start pulling him with me when none of them moves. The others follow behind and when we all are inside the barrier closes after us.

Jessie walks over to me when she stops in her track, looking Declan all over.

I see Declan takes a big sniff in the air before his eyes dilate and he says, “Mate,” and look at her.

“Hell to the NO! I ain’t doing this” she says and points with her whole hand at him and turns around. There is no time to stay here and discuss it, we need to head over to Zoey.

I get a mind link from her to come over to where she is right away. Turning my head to look at Kian and his men, they have to stay right here!

“You stay inside here and keep your men at bay!” I say to him and point to my warriors to guard dem before I quickly take off my clothes and shift.

Jessie does the same and we start to run over to find Zoey, leaving them behind.

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