I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 55

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 55

Selena POV:

Kian just stands there n@ked and looks at me, I let my eyes travel over his perfectly sculpted body. I stop my traveling eyes when I hear him clear his throat and I avert my eyes when I have reached his abs.

“You can use the shower if you want!” I say and walk past him over to my closet. Coming inside I hear him walk over to the bathroom and I take a deep breath. His presence affects me and I almost lost my mind there for a moment, we can’t have a repeat of the moment in the shower again.

Pulling out new underwear and clothes I start to get dressed. When I’m done I hear a knock on my bedroom door and head over to open it up. Declan stands there with Kian’s clothes in his hands and gives them to me without saying anything.

Taking them from him I give him a nod before closing the door and turning around.

Hearing the bathroom door opens up and his scent hits my nose like a slap in my face and I can’t move! Have to lean my body against the wall to prevent my legs from going out under me.

Kian comes walking out with a low-hanging towel and water playing on his skin. My eyes roam over his body and the urge to let my hands travel over his chest becomes strong. Biting my bottom lip hard to prevent myself from giving in to these desires.

I don’t manage to move just standing there looking at him when he starts to take long strides over to where I stand.

His scent is all around me and I can’t help but take a large inhale when he stops right in front of me and I close my eyes for a second before tilting my head up to look at him.

Meeting his gorgeous amber eyes that are looking all over my face before his hand comes up and cups my cheek.

Sparks shoot out from under his hand and course right through my body, I have to bite myself harder on my lip and draw blood to prevent myself from M0@ning out from the feeling.

His eyes move to my lips when I feel his thumb pull my bottom lip out of my mouth and he caresses over it.

I see him taking his thumb up to his mouth and licking some blood off it before his eyes become pitch black and I hear a low growl that makes my c*ore throb. I can’t help the bond running havoc in my body when he swallows loudly and leans forward. He places a hand beside my head on the wall before his face comes down to my shoulder and I hear him take a large inhale. I shiver in anticipation when his hot breath touches my shoulder. I phant out and want to feel his hands on my body!

But he doesn’t touch me, standing there for a moment before he pushes off the wall.

I turn my head up to look at him when he takes his clothes out of my hands and holds my eyes captivated for a moment. I even forgot I was holding them when he steps away and walks back inside the bathroom. The muscle on his back plays for every step he takes and a big part of me wants to follow after him, have his body close to mine. Shaking my head I know it’s just the bond messing with my mind and I need to get a grip on this situation before it gets out of hand completely.

I sigh and push off the wall to get out of the room and his intoxic scent. Opening the door I stop and call out to him.

“Going down to the kitchen!” I say and step outside. Don’t wait for him to answer when I leave and head down to the kitchen.

Coming inside I find Emma and Sari making dinner and my stomach start to rumble, I have forgotten to eat, and right now I’m starving.

Emma turns her head and looks at me.

“Hi, Selena! Food is ready in just a moment” she says and I walk over to where they are standing. Need to have a talk with her before anyone else comes inside the kitchen.

“I need some help!” I say and she takes my arm and drags me over to their herb room. She closes the door after her and looks at me.

“What’s the problem?” She says and I sigh.

“I need something more to help push the bond away, I’m too affected by his presence. It’s getting to my mind!” I say and drag a hand down my face when she starts to chuckle.

“No, I won’t help you! ” she says and cross her arms over her chest. I look at her with a frown on my face.

“Why not?” I ask her and look sternly at her.

“Oh you can try and be angry at me but I won’t help you anyway! I’m giving you the option to prevent you from going into heat since the choice of being marked was taken from you. But I won’t help you fight the bond! You will have to handle it like the rest of us” she says and I’m about to burst when she takes a step closer and place her hand on my shoulder.

“He is not as terrible as you think Selena! You just had a bad start” she says and anger rises in my body from her words I thought she was on my side!

“So now you are defending him! You think it’s right what he has done!” I bark out and I guess whoever is in the kitchen would have heard it. She takes a step back from me.

“Calm down Selena! And no I don’t, but I believe he has changed and wants to do what’s right for you! I’ m not saying you should forgive him for

everything, just give him a chance to prove himself to you! Look outside your hurt and see there is a bigger problem out there to solve and you can’t do this on your own and fight off the rogues” she barks back at me and I’m surprised she has this strong opinion. Looking at her I scan her face and it suddenly dawns on me, she has seen a vision.

The door behind her opens and I see Kian and Cannon coming inside behind her.

“What have you seen?” I ask her and need to know, don’t care if they will hear it too. I see Emma take a big inhale before she raises her eyes from the floor and looks right at me.

“All I have seen is that you will lay dead on the forest floor with me, Zoey and Jessie by your side with a large number of rogues around us if you don1 t have Kian by your side! Because every one of us will stand by your side even to death!” She says with pain in her voice and I see her eyes tear up before she turns on her heel and rushes out of the room.

Looking at the door I see Cannon follow after her, leaving only me and Kian in the room. Turning my head I look right at him but no one says a word.

My eyes are locked on his while I try to take in what Emma just told me.

I know her visions can change through time and what she sees now won’t have to be what’s going to happen in the future.

The closer in time we come to her visions the more accurate they will be and I can’t see a time when Emma would ever be outside in a fight with us, she could never fight with us but the thought of my sisters dying beside me on the forest floor have tears to well up in my eyes and run down my cheeks.

Wiping tears from my cheeks I start to walk over to the door when Kian grabs my arm in a firm grip, stopping me from walking out.

“I won’t let you d*ie!” Comes his voice.

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