I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 64

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 64

Kian POV:

I was prepaid for it to take some time, reaching back to the castle it is a bit over two hours and hopefully, they have managed to get in touch with some of the other alphas In my absence. Reaching the castle doors I push them open and walk inside.

Making my way over to my office I hear several voices talking loudly and one of them is Cannon. He is frustrated and I don’t like the sound of it.

Walking into my office I see them all standing over the table and looking at her notes.

“What is the matter?” I ask them and all heads look up from the table and over to me. Declan takes a seat by the table.

“We have all got information from the Alphas we got a hold of, and we have compared their missing of pack members and her notes. We found a connection to their activity at the cave when members have disappeared!” he says and that information doesn’t sound good.

“We need the rest of her notes!” my dad says and I try to mind link her again but still nothing. Now I’m starting to get worried. Looking between Cannon and Declan.

“She doesn’t pick up the mind kink can you try to contact your mates? She will have to explain herself if she went against her promise!” I say to them and Cannon is fast on his way over to the door with Declan close after him. I guess they are as worried as me right now. Could she have gone against her promise?

I sigh at the thought! She is more stubborn than anyone else I have ever met and it wouldn’t surprise me.

“I bet she is fine, just occupied with something!” my dad says. Turning my head to look at him.

“I have never met anyone as stubborn as her and hellbent on taking care of everything herself. She makes me furious sometimes!” I say and pinch the bridge of my nose when I hear them laugh.

“Oh! I know one just like her” my dad says and look at me.

“You have always been like her and especially when you were about to take over the pack. You were hellbent on doing everything by yourself. It took some time for you to accept everyone needs allies and help once in a while. She is a new alpha with no one who has been there to guide her. You were born into this and have had years of practice. You can’t f0rce her to do it your way! Take a step back and guide her instead! Be the mate and rock for her to lean against and I can guarantee you will have her by your side eventually” my dad says

Taking a step back and lean against my office desk while I let his words sink in. I know he is right!

Just can’t have her running around outside her borders with all the rogues there, while I’m not there and can keep her protected!

“Did you get in contact with everyone and when will the meeting take place?” I ask instead of commenting on his speech.

“There are two packs we haven’t reached yet! The others could be here in a couple of days!” his Beta says and it sounds good to me.

“Do you have a number of missing pack members?” I ask them while pushing off the desk and walking over to where they stand and look at her notes.

“Here! We wrote down the dates and numbers of those packs that had their registration close. The others would fix it and bring it with them when they arrive here!” my dad hands me their notes and I know this will take a while to have sorted.

“How many of her notes matches missing pack members?” I ask and take a notebook.

“We have been able to match half of the latest missing people with her notes. We were about to go through the rest when you came walking in.” his gamma says and I take a seat by the table and take a note and start to go through her book again.

We manage to find some more dates before Declan and Cannon come walking inside my office with a troubled expressions on their face. They come walking over to the table and Declan takes a seat while Cannon starts pacing back and forth.

Sitting back in my seat and crossing my arms over my chest.

“You didn’t get a hold of them?” I ask and cannon turns to me.

“No! Just manage to reach Jacob and he told me they were over at their new hospital and couldn’t talk right now!” he says. I see in his expression he doesn’t believe they are there.

“None of you believe him?” I ask and look between them both. Seeing them look at each other.

“No! Cannon wants to run over there and make sure they are fine, I think we should wait a bit” Declan says.

“They are definitely up to something!” Cannon says and I know he would easily take his time to run over there and check their borders just to be sure. “I agree with you!” since Selena won’t pick up my mind link I can guess she doesn’t want to be disturbed or something has happened to them.

“I agree with Declan! Wait a bit. If there were in trouble, don’t you think people would have told you!” my dad says. If they were in grave danger, I believe they would let us know. The only problem is it might be too late!

” We wait a bit longer and if none of us can get a hold of them I will run over there with you Cannon. I’m the only one who has marked their mate and I will sense if she is there” I tell them and see cannon is about to burst in frustration, his mate has nothing to defend herself against a wolf and I can’t see a time where she would be outside the borders with the others unless she has seen a vision again. I understand if he is more worried about his mate being outside.

“They have managed to survive and keep their pack safe for all those years without anyone of us. Have a little fate in them! I’m not going to run over there and ruin anything with my mate!” Declan says and I can’t believe how calm he sounds. We have seen them fight and I know how good they are. But not against an army of rogues!

“I’ll give them two more hours then I’m going over there!” I tell them. That’s how long I’m going to be patient and try not to worry.

“Then give me something to do, I need a distraction! ” Cannon says.

“Try and get a hold of the two last Alphas!” I say and write down the two names we are missing. One of them live close to our pack and it was between our both packs we found the fresh trace of rogues. He takes the note and looks at it before giving it back and heading towards the door.

“And you are going where?” I ask before he reaches the door.

“I’m running over to the pack next to us! Be back in less than two hours” he says and gets out of the door. I believe him when he shut the door close after him.

Sitting back in my seat a thought crosses my mind. “What?” Declan asks when I drag my hand down my face.

“Do you remember when Sari told her there were people missing in her sister’s village, and she would call the next day when she reached over there? That would be today!” I say to him and see him sit right up in his seat.

“No! You don’t think they would be going there without letting us know!” he says and now even he is worried

“That’s exactly what I think!” I say and get over to the map. Trying to remember where she showed me the village was located when I feel Declan by my side. Finding the location, I place a pin on the map and take a step back.

“If they are there and in trouble we are too far away!” he says and I have come to the same conclusion.

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