I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 66

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 66

Kian POV:

Looking at the map I know who’s the closest pack and need to get ahold of the Alpha right away.

“Get Cannon back here now!” I bark out before walking over to my desk and looking through my phone for the number to the pack.

“I’m on it!” Declan says when my father comes walking over to me. I know he will have him back in a short moment if he tells him what we have found out.

“what’s the problem?” my father asks and I have my hands full with trying to find the number. Finding it I look over at him before dialing it.

“Selena has a witch in her pack who talked about her sister’s village yesterday, they have had people missing from it and she would call today. I’m certain they have gone over there and that’s why none of them can be reached!” I see him think about it for a moment.

“They wouldn’t go searching for the missing people themselves or would they!” he says with a concerned look on his face, I guess he sees the worry now.

“that’s exactly what they would do!” I say and dial the number to the pack closest to the village. I have to get ahold of them right away!

It takes several phone calls before a pack member picks up the phone and lets me know the Alpa is not available at the moment. They have been away for a couple of hours and the one answering the phone has no idea where they are. He will try to get ahold of the Alpha as fast as he can.

Ending the call I drop the phone on my desk and hit the desk with my hand.

“f*uc*k!” I burst out and drag my hand through my hair.

“Calm down son! Isn’t there any other pack close who can get there fast?” my dad says and there isn’ t anyone close to the village. Getting up on my feet I walk over to the map and take a pin and place over the area the pack I just called and then pin the other once closest. Taking a step back and letting the others look at the map.

“Here! See for yourselves, there isn’t anyone who can be there for at least several hours. The area where they have their village is surrounded by other small villages of witches and humans.!” I tell them and point at the map. Everyone is silent and takes the whole situation in when the door bursts open and a n@ked Cannon comes bolting inside and breathing heavily. I can only imagine how fast he has been running to get here this quickly.

“You can’t put on any clothes?” I hear my fathers beta say when Cannon walks over to where we stand

“Have no time for it! If you don’t want to see my n@ked b*tt then take a leave!” he snaps in response and it hardly ever happens that Cannon loses his temper. I bet he is just as worried as me at the moment.

“Alright!” he answers but stays in his seat.

“What have you found?” Cannon asks and I understand Declan only mind linked him to get here asap.

“Remember when Sari told her sister had missing people in her village and she would call today?” I say to him and doesn’t have to say anything more before he starts to curse loudly.

“For f*uc*k sake! All of us shouldn’t have left them” he barks out and I get his anger since Emma has nothing to put up against any wolf.

“Why would she bring Emma with her over to search in her sister’s village? She isn’t a wolf and can’t help with the search!” I ask the question I have been thinking about for some time now. It doesn’t add up and from what I have understood Selena never brings her on any dangerous trip.

“She wouldn’t risk her getting hurt if they are out and looking for the missing persons!” I say before anyone else got the time to say anything.

“Where are the village?” Cannon asks and Declan walks over and points at the map where it is located and where the closest pack is when my phone starts to ring and I head over quickly to my desk and pick it up.

Looking at the number I see it’s from the pack I just called.

“I didn’t get ahold of the Alpha but I got informed they are out and searching for some missing girls who were reported missing this morning!” he says on the other line. Dragging my hand through my hair in frustration. Then it means the Alpha and his men have their hands full already and will probably not be back in time to help.

“Alright! Thank you for letting me know” I say and hang up on the call. Turning my head and looking at them everyone has their attention on me.

“That was from the pack and the Alpha and his men won’t be of any help since they are out looking for some missing girls!” I say when there is a loud bang where Cannon has punched the table.

“When I get my hands on her she will be tied up to my side forever!” he says and starts to head over to the door with determined steps.

“Where are you going?” I ask him. He stops before he reaches the door and turns around to look at me.

“We need to head over to their pack and find someone who can tell us the truth and how we can reach them. They have to have a number to call to her sister!” he says when Declan comes and walks up beside him.

“I’m going with Cannon,” he says and starts to take off his clothes. Well, they are not going without me.

Pulling my shirt over my head I hear my father walk over to where I stand.

“What do you want us to do in the meantime?” he says when I have gotten undressed and stands there in only my boxers.

“Go through her notes and get a hold of every pack that’s left! I will let you know what’s happening!” I say and head over to the others before they turn around and head out of the office. This run will go fast and hopefully, Jacob will let us know what we need to know!

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