I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 68

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 68

Kian POV:

Dragging my hand through my hair I hear a chair being dragged out beside me and turn my head to see Cannon up on his feet.

“Where are you going?” I ask him when he takes a step to the side.

“I don’t care about her approval! I’m going to interrogate the prisoners and no one is going to stop me! Our mates are in danger and there is no way I will sit here and wait like a good dog! If they have touched a single hair on her head, I’m going to rip every f*uc*ker to tiny pieces and glue them back together just to rip them apart again!” he barks out and no one says a word against him.

“Alright! let me know what you find out,” I say to him when one of the other guards gets up and walks with him out of the room.

“How much glue do you think he is going to need?” Declan says with a serious tone in his voice. If this situation hadn’t been this serious, I would have laughed at the whole thing. Cannon is a man by his word and if he says he is going to glue them back together he will do just that.

“I guess I have to place an order and have it delivered. No way they have that much in a store!” he continues and now I can’t help but chuckle at the thought. Several around the table join for a short moment before everyone falls silent.

“I need the phone number you have!” I say to Jacob and he gives me a nod and gets up from his seat and walks over to another room. It takes a moment before he comes back with a piece of paper in his hand and hands it over to me.

“This is all I have!” he says and walks back to his seat.

Looking at the number I look back at him.

“How long since you tried calling it?” I ask him when I see him turn his head and look over at the clock on the wall.

“Thirty minutes!” he says and turns his head back and looks at me. A thought hits my mind. Emma had a vision of the girls lying dead in a forest with several rogues around them. Could this be it?

My stomach turns at the thought of it and I’m not there to protect them. This can’t be it!

“Why would she bring Emma with her? What I have understood is she never brings her with them on any dangerous mission!” I ask him and look his way. He thinks for a moment before he answers.

“That is something I have been thinking about! She never lets her come with them if they are going on anything dangerous. She would rather lock her inside her room and face her wrath after than let her come. The only conclusion I have come to is that she has to have got inside with Sari without Selena noticing it ” he says and my suspicions only get confirmed by his statement.

“Can you try the number again? I have to get ahold of my father!” I say and he gives me a nod.

“Take the phone in her office! I will go and try calling them again!” he says and gets up on his feet and walk out of the room. Pushing back my chair I hear Declan get up beside me before I walk out of the room and head up the stairs to her office.

“What are you thinking?” Declan asks behind me while we climb the stairs.

“We have to get a truck over here to get the rogues. I ‘m not comfortable by leaving them here without a proper prison. Even if Cannon has torn them to pieces there are others here. If they want to interrogate them later, they can come over to our prison and do it!” I answer before reaching the top of the stairs and heading over to her office.

Pushing the door open her scent lingers in the room and I have to take a deep breath. I can’t stand it if anything has happened to her! have to get her back in my arms.

Walking over to her office desk I take the phone and call my father. He answers almost immediately.

“You have to send a truck over here and some guards, they have to pick up some rogues and take them back to our prison!” I tell him right away.

“I will send one over! Is everything alright with Selena?” he says and I sigh

“No, it is just like I feared! They are at her sister’s village and no one has been able to reach them for several hours. I got a phone number to Sari’s sister but that’s all!” I tell him what I know.

“I will try and get ahold of the pack again. Maybe the Alpha is back!” he says before I hang up and turn to Declan. O “the truck will be here in about one hour. We better go down and see if Cannon knows anything more!” I tell him before we quickly head down to find where he is. Jacob is standing by the stairs when we come down.

“Anything?” I ask him but he only shakes his head no. This isn’t a good sign. Why does she have to be so hellbent on taking care of everything by herself?

“Where is Cannon?” I ask him. He starts to head over to the door and get out. We follow him over to an empty house closer to the barrier. Reaching I hear Cannon’s voice boom out from a bit away and we should be grateful if anyone of the rogues still breathes.

Jacob opens the door and the moment he does the smell of blood reaches my nose and I already know what we are going to find once we get inside the house. Taking a step through the doorway I stop right inside and look around at his mess. The sight in front of me has me rolling my eyes.

“Can you let anyone of them stay alive? We can’t get any information out of them this way!” I say and point to the pile of bod*ies on the floor.

When Cannon turns around, he is bloodying all over him. He looks around and heads over to one of the bod*ies.

“This one isn’t dead!” he says and grabs the head and lifts him up. The rogue is badly beaten up and I’ m not sure he will survive the next hour.

“And that one isn’t dead. That one might be hard to get anything more out from!” he says and points at them while he walks around in the room.

“Just say you managed to get any useful information out of them before you ended their life! ” I say and drag a hand down my face while waiting for him to answer.

He turns around and walks closer to where we stand. “I got a little bit of both!” he says and wipes some blood away from his face with the back of his hand. It didn’t do anything better, he only manages to smear the blood around his face.

“What do you mean?” Declan says and I hear a bit of frustration in his voice.

“I mean I got both good and bad news! What do you want to hear first!” he says and crosses his arms over his chest.

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