I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 74

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 74

Selena POV:

She is quiet for a moment before she turns her head and looks at me.

“I want to hear you say it! Promise me!” she says and holds my eyes with hers. I have to swallow a few times to not f0rce it out of her with my Alpha command. I couldn’t do it to her even if I want it right now.

“Yes, I promise!” I say and sigh. Giving in to her demands just to have her tell us what this is all about.

“I want to hear all of you promise me!” she says and turns her face away from me and looks at everyone else around us.

They all promise her one by one.

“Now tell me what we have promised!” I say and wait for her to turn her head back and look at me “did you see any man over there who was bald and had a big scar over his face, from one side to the other?” she says and I hear pain in her voice.

I get a feeling we shouldn’t tell her the man is here in our prison. Looking at Jessie I shake my head no at her and she gets my point right away

“Yes, we saw him!” I say and Emma snaps her head to look at me with dilated eyes. Fear is placed on her face and now I start to put the pieces together.

“You told me everyone was dead! That we had managed to hunt them down and K*ll every one of them!” I say and look sternly at her. She has all kinds of emotions on her face when she looks at me.

“I just told you all that to have you stop! All that hunting every day and night for them got you all obsessed. You were all about to lose your good damn minds and I couldn’t let you go on with it because of me!” she screams when more tears run down her cheeks.

“And who the f*uc*k is the scarred man to you? What has he done!” I say and try to contain my anger down. Have to hold my hands in fists and feel when my nails dig into my palms.

“Just one of them!” she says and averts her eyes from mine when the rogue start to move his arms. Jessie gets over to him and I guess she has this built -up anger just like I have because she kicks him in his head and with that kick he won’t wake up for a long time.

“What did he do!” I say in an angry voice and this time I won’t hesitate to use all needs to get the information out of her.

She doesn’t say anything and wipes off her tears when new ones just keep coming down.

“Either you tell me or I will f0rce it out of you!” I say when she snaps her head in my direction.

“You wouldn’t do it!” she says and now I’m about to lose my temper.

“Yes, I f*uc*king would! you lied to me and everyone else! We have lived in this belief they were all dead, and by the look on your face, this man is one of the worse! “I bark out harder than I attended. She takes a small step back when she realizes I’m serious about it.

Her facial expression changes to anger before she takes a step closer.

“It’s the rogue who gave me and Ella this scar!” she screams out and points to her face when I hear Jessie shift right beside me. Anger radiates out of her and my feelings get the best of me. A purple light starts to glow around me!

“I’m going to K*ll that f*uc*ker!” I shout and start to head over to the prison whit Jessie right beside me. She gives out a furious roar and I know she feels the same way as I do. This man will not live to see another day for what he has done! My energy buzz in my body and I have to take deep breaths to try and calm down, I have a hard time controlling it when I’m this angry.

I see Zoey comes running over to where we are with a puzzled expression on her face.

“You can’t K*ll him! Because that was your promise! ” Emma screams at me and I stop in my track. I would never have made that promise if I knew what it was.

Turning around to look at her I take a step closer. “I would never have promised you if I had known what it was! And this promise I’m going to break!” I say with venom in my voice for knowing we have that man down in our prison.

“If you do, I will leave this place with Ella and never to come back! Our friendship is over the moment you end his life!” she says and looks at me. Seeing her this angry I know she means what she says!

Taking a step closer I’m about to lose my temper and it will not come anything good out of it.

“You’re telling me you think he deserves to keep breathing after everything he has done to you and Ella? All the nightmares and sh*t both of you have to live through. And we are just supposed to let him live!” I shout at her. At this moment I don’t get her. “No! I don’t think he deserves it but I f*uc*king

deserve to have friends and a pack who still can feel love and happiness! Not someone who will live in death and darkness because of me! All those K*llings brought darkness and nothing but blood on all of your hands. Days and nights it was all you ever cared about when you all were obsessed with finding everyone who had hurt us! It brought you down and I had to save you all from yourself! You were turning into them with all your K*lling and t*ortur*e. I deserve more than that and you do too. So no! You will not K*ll him or I’m out of here!” she roars and look between us all before she turns on her heels and walk over to the pack house.

I follow her with my eyes while I think about what she said.

I know she is right about us getting obsessed with finding every man that had hurt her and Ella!

And at one point we were about to lose ourselves when we couldn’t think about anything else than finding and K*lling them in the worse way we could think of.

Turning my head and looking at everyone else Sari gives me a nod before she follows after Emma. Looking between the others everyone is silent and looks at the other. We are all in the same dilemma and none of us is ready to lose Emma or Ella.

“This is messed up! What are you going to do?” I hear Zoey’s voice and turn to look at her and over to the unconscious rogue. They have dropped him to the ground and Jessie has shifted back. She is standing whit her hands on her hip. Looking at her for a long moment she turns her head to me and once her eyes meet mine they are pitch black.

“Jessie stand down!” I tell her and see her nostrils dilate in anger. She could easily get down and t*ortur*e him to death and I know she would do it in a heartbeat.

“We can’t lose her!” I say when she throws her hands up in the air in surrender.

“You can’t be serious about us letting them live!” she says and I take a deep breath and try to calm down

“No, I’m not! I know the perfect man for the job and I know he will feel great satisfaction taking care of them!” I say and see her get a smile on her lips before she starts to chuckle.

“We only promised her none of us is going to K*ll them. I didn’t promise they would be kept alive!” I say and I know they will receive the best treatment from him.

“Jacob and Zoey! Take the rogue down and make sure they are guarded! No one is allowed in until I say so. No one!” I order them and head over to pick up the bag when Jessie has put on a shirt.

“I’m coming with you!” she says and walks over to where I stand with the bag.

“Where are you going?” Zoey asks when I open a portal behind us.

“I need to visit the castle!” I say when I take a step over to the portal. Hearing Jacob shouts after me. “There are some things you need to know!” he says and I wave at him in response

“We can talk about it when I get back!” I say and don ‘t wait to hear his answer before going through the portal and closing it after me.

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