I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 75

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 75

Selena POV:

Stopping on the other side I portaled us in front of the castle and Jessie is waiting for me.

Walking over to her and hold the bag in my hand and look around us. There is no one else outside and I hope we can find him inside the castle! Or else I will have to mind link Kian and I want to have a talk with Cannon first of all. That’s what we came here for.

“Where do you think he is!” Jessie says when we hear some heavy footsteps coming from behind. Turning around to where the sound is coming from we see Kian and Declan come walking up from the prison. When their eyes spot us they stop in their tracks and their eyes become black for a moment.

If smoke could come out of their noses it would!

Both of them are furious and I feel Jessie’s hand on my arm when they start to walk over to where we are in fast and determined steps.

“I don’t want to handle that right now! Can you send me back!” she says before she lets go and takes a step back.

“it’s too late for that now!” I say and keep my eyes on Kian. He is furious and I guess this is what Jacob wanted to tell me. Remembering he tried to mind link me before, I guess he has figured it out we have been away and he is furious about it.

And he probably felt the pain when I got hurt. That won’t make it any better.

Well, he can be how angry he wants, I’m here because of the rogues and the rest can wait!

Declan is the first to reach us and walks over to Jessie and picks her up and tosses her over his shoulder before he walks to the castle. Seeing him walk away and Jessie who tries to protest when I feel his angry presence beside me.

I take a moment and brace myself for what’s to come before turning my head and looking at him.

He is angry and stays quiet and looks at me before he grabs my arm and starts to pull me with him.

“We are going to have a chat you and me!” he says and I let him pull me with him. It’s best to get this over with and I can talk to the man I’m here for!

He drags me over to the castle and inside the hallway. I have nothing to say and when we come to his office, he opens the door and pushes me inside before closing the doors shut behind him. Looking around the room I see my notebooks laying on a large table in the room and a map is placed on the wall. Placing the bag down on the floor I stand beside his office desk and wait for him to begin. Turning around when he doesn’t say anything I see him stand by the door with his arms crossed over his chest while he looks me all over before his eyes meet mine.

I see him breathing heavily and I already know how angry he is!

“That was stupid of you! All of you could have gotten K*lled!” he booms out and stalks closer to me. I stand in my place and look at him.

“I know it all Selena! What the hell were you thinking?!” he barks at me before I even got the chance to say anything.

“Can you calm down? Nothing happened!” I say and it only gets him angrier.

“Nothing happened! What do you think I am? Stupid? I felt it when you got hurt” he says and walks right in front of me. I have to tilt my head up to look at him.

“We had it under control!” I say in my defense even if I know that’s not all true

“Cut the crap, Selena! I have talked to the Alpha and he told me how you were found. Is that what you call having things under control?!” he keeps arguing and I know he is right about some things. I’ m not surprised he has talked to the Alpha either.

“Then what did you want me to do? Open a portal right in front of you when we arrived at her village. You wouldn’t even go through it if I hadn’t told you first! And there was no time to contact anyone!” I spit back at him.

“Don’t throw accusations at me when you have no idea what I would do! If there would be and portal right in front of me, I wouldn’t hesitate to go

through it in that instance!” he barks at me and I feel his anger radiate out of him. This argument is about to get out of hand when I feel my anger flare to life again.

“To do what! Come there and f0rce me back so you can lock me up in your basement again and this time throw away the key! Don’t come here and pretend as if you care about me or my pack! I have friends and a pack to protect that I care about and nothing is going to keep me from it!” I say and throw my hands up in the air before turning around and taking some steps away from him. I need to put a bit of a distance between us before this gets out of hand.

“I care about you and don’t want anything to happen to you!” he says and I hear him walk up behind me. His words only enrage me more.

Turning around to look at him I feel how my energy starts to sizzle under my skin. Meeting his amber eyes his anger matches mine and right now I don’t know who of us is going to burst first. O

“You have a funny way to show someone you care about them. You could have fooled me! From throwing me away and forcing me out of your kingdom, to refusing and helping me with your blood when I almost d*ied. I heard you!” I have to take a deep breath before I continue and try to calm my body down when I see the purple light surrounding me from my anger.

“you kidnapped me and placed me down in your basement, and later on you took my will from me when you marked me! Only because Emma f0rced you to do it! All you have done is think of yourself and try to f0rce me to submit to your rules!” I spit at him before taking a step closer. He doesn’t say anything just keeps his gaze on me.

Poking a finger in his chest while I feel my energy swirl around in my body.

“You are only thinking of yourself and what would happen to you if I got hurt or d*ied since I bare your mark! Don’t come here and pretend as if you care about me! I have heard enough from you!” I say and take a step back and hold his gaze with mine for a moment before I take a step around him and pick up my bag. Heading over to the door, I want nothing else than to get out of there! I have to put a large bit of distance between us before my anger gets out of hand and I can’t control it!

“Your wrong!” I hear him say when I have reached the door. I take a moment before placing my hand on the handle I take a large breath and focus on trying to calm down. I don’t see anywhere I haven’t said anything else than the truth.

“No, I’m not!” I say and open the door up to walk out of there and leave him behind!

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