I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 78

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 78

Selena POV:

No one says a word and waits for me to continue. “When I woke up in the village, Jessie and Zoey had gone after the rogues who fled from the village when we came. I went after them and found them right in the forest with some houses that appears to belong to the rogues. There where a fight and I manages to rescue several who were kidnapped when more rogues came with kidnapped women. At that time I had used up too much of my energy and it came down to giving my people a chance to escape or surrender!” I didn’t get to explain more when I hear an angry growl and snap my head to look at Kian.

“Next time just send for us instead! Don’t go after them alone” he says and I see him struggle to calm down. Giving him a nod before continuing.

“that’s the way the Alpha found us! The bald man who held the women is the one who hurt Emma and he is the one in charge of the men who came there. You know the rest of what happened with the rogues and the Alpha. I have everyone captive in my pack!” I say and sit back in my seat and look at them all.

“What more?” Kian says and he already has guessed there is more to the story.

“When I had teleported everyone except me and Jessie she was searching in the houses if there was something important and what we came to find was a whole room with notes and maps all over the walls and table in a large room!11

“What was on them?” his father says and I look at him.

“Notes of kidnapped people, where they have taken pack members from, maps over every area, where the kingdom is best to hit. Details of how they are going to hit the kingdom to be able to win! everything you can think of where there!” I say and see them look at each other.

“We have to go there and hope some of the things are still there! We need those papers” his father says with eagerness in his voice.

“The papers aren’t there!” I say and they all snap their heads to look at me.

“We were hurrying to get everything down when another group of rogues came to the place. I had got a warning from Emma to leave all the papers and get out of there. I didn’t want to leave them when I felt this energy reaching out to mine and I didn’t like what I felt. A man came up to the room we were inside of. Everything went so fast when Jessie took him out and I opened a portal to get us out of there. I had to snatch all the papers I could off the wall when we dragged the man with us and had to flee through the portal!” I say and drag a hand through my hair before pointing to the bag on the floor. I see them all look down at it before looking back at me.

“I almost managed to get them all with us, just a few were left!” I say when his father walks over to where I am fast and drag me up on my feet and wraps me up in his arms.

“I’m not okay with you putting yourself at such a risk but you are one hell of a woman!” he says when I hear Kian walk over to us.

“Now let my woman go!” he says and his father lets me go and Kian grabs my arm and pulls me hard against his chest.

“I won’t say anything about it but just don’t do it again!” he says and sniffing on my shoulder before he kisses my cheek.

“Come here and look at this!” I hear his father say when Kian lets me go and places his arm around my waist. Walking over to the other side of the table where his father has started to take out the first paper.

“Let me help you get them out in the order they were placed in the room!” I say and take the bag from him. They all start to clear the table of the papers laying there when I start to take them out and place them in separate piles on the table.

“These were all on the walls, each pile on a separate wall, and these in the middle were all on the table. This last pile is from the wall where I didn’t manage to get everything down from” I say and take a step to the side.

I see them all start to go through the piles on the table and their expression says it all when they see what I have already seen.

“That’s why I wanted you to know it all before you head over to the rogues! They might have useful information even if I don’t think you will be able and get anything out of the bald man! He is nothing but evil” I say and look at Cannon. He turns his head and looks at me with a smirk on his lips. “Trust me I have been able to break the worse kinds of men before! Just get me there!” he says and starts to walk over to the door.

“I’m going to put some clothes in a bag then I’m ready,” he says before walking out of the room. Looking at the closed door when I feel Kian behind me. He wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me tight against him.

“Stay! I can send several of my warriors over to help protect your borders with Cannon. I want to have some time alone with you.” he says and I guess he understands what I’m thinking about.

“We have a lot of papers to go through and it would be good to have you here and help us go over them! Let Kian send some men with Cannon ” I hear his father say and turn to look at him when the door is shoved open again and Cannon comes bursting inside with a bag in his hand and still as bloody. Raising an eyebrow at him.

“Don’t see the point in washing it off! I will only get more on me in a bit!” he says and crosses his arms over his chest like that’s the end of the discussion. “I have to get home and take a shower and get dressed. Haven’t eaten in a long time!” I say and try to get out of his hold on me.

“I have both a shower and a bathtub here. Your bag with clothes is still here and I have a kitchen with food. Just tell me what you want! Next excuse?” I hear him say next to my ear and hold me hard. I have run out of reasons to not stay here and it would probably be for the best. If Emma sees me she will know something is up right away.

“I will send some men with Cannon and we can be over there in an instant if anything happens!” he continues to try and persuade me when I haven’t answered him.

“Alright! But we can’t send more than what Cannon wants to have with him to the rogues or Emma will know something is up!” I say and look at Cannon. I see his eyes glance over quickly.

“They are on their way over!” he says and in only a short moment two men come walking inside and stand beside him. I can understand why he wants to bring them! They have the same appearance as him. Bloody and the same expression on their faces.

Shaking my head at them all.

“Alright! Let me know how it goes and if there are any problems!” I say and open a portal at the side. No one of them hesitates to go through and I close it once they are through. Mind linking Jacob they are right outside the prison and what they are there for before ending the link.

“I’m glad you decided to stay!” he says and turns me around in his arms.

“We need to get the rest in here to help with all this and I will go and get some food for us!” I hear his father say before walking out of the room and closing the door after him. Leaving us alone in there!

Kian hooks a finger under my jaw and tilts my head up to look at him.

“How about we take a hot bath together!” he says and captures my lips with his and my c*ore instantly start to throb at the thought of his n@ked body close to mine in the water.

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