I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 79

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 79

Selena POV:

He lets go of my lips and starts to sniff in the air before he looks at me with pitch-black eyes and I know his wolf is present. My cheeks start to heat up when I know I’ve been caught. He holds my jaw in a firm grip before his face comes to my side.

“Whatever naughty thought you are thinking I volunteer to make them come through!” he says and a low growl is heard from his chest making me weak in my knees and my c*ore throb harder. O

“Watch it or I’m picking you up and throwing you on my shoulder before taking you upstairs right now!” he says when there is a knock on the door and Kian’s eyes glance over.

“My father’s Beta and Gamma are here! Are you going to behave!” he says and he shouldn’t have said so. The challenge is accepted!

Now I have to mess with him. His thumb traces my bottom lip while he is following it with his eyes. Opening my mouth I take his thumb inside and start to s*ck it before I let go with a pop while keeping my eyes on his face. Placing his hand on my bre*st before I let his hand go.

I hear him inhale big before his eyes slowly raise and look right into mine. I see in them how turned on he is right now before I look down on the big tent in his pants.

Raising an eyebrow at him when I look up at him. He is about to say something when the door is opened and several feet are walking inside the room.

“And I will get back at you for this” he says behind my ear when I feel his hard one poke in my back and I can’t help but chuckle with the others in the room.

Seeing his father amongst them and who I guess is his old Beta and Gamma. One of them takes a step closer and I guess it’s to greet me.

“No, you don’t come closer. It’s fine for you to stay away, I can introduce you all to her over there!” he says and they start to laugh at him.

“Possessive much!” I hear one of them say and they all laugh for a short moment.

“Yeah yeah! Just stay in your place and we won’t have any problem!” Kian says and starts to pull me with him over to the table when he takes a seat and pulls me down in his lap.

“You do know we all have our mates and only want to greet our new Queen and luna!” one of them says to him.

“You can do that from over there! That’s my father’ s old beta and the Gamma!” Kian says and points to them booth. I give them a nod and a smile before trying to reach my hand over to shake it when Kian takes my arms and pulls them back to my lap.

“Not happening!” he only says and I roll my eyes at him.

“Maybe you two should hurry up and complete the mating before our king loses it!” his father says and wiggle his eyebrows at us. My cheeks instantly heat up at the uncomfortable subject. I have to avert my eyes when I hear them chuckle. This is not a subject I want to talk with his father about!

The door is opened and saves the situation. Some food is being bought in and the smell makes my stomach rumble loudly.

“Take a plate over here, right away!” Kian ordered out and a maid walks over with it and place it in front of us. He pushes it closer to me and gives me the fork.

“Eat!” he says and points to the plate. He doesn’t have to tell me twice. I wolf down the food fast when I hear him chuckle beside me.

“Want some more?” he says when I grab the gla*s and empty it quickly before placing it down on the table again.

“No, I’m good!” I say and raise my eyes to look at the others, everyone sits around the table with an amused look on their faces.

“Long since you ate?” his father asks

“It feels like ages!” I say before trying to get up and take my plate away, but he holds a firm grip on my waist.

“Stay!” he says when the door is opened and a maid comes back inside and takes my plate before she places a cup of coffee in front of me.

I’m not used to being served his way.

“Thank you!” I say to her before she takes my gla*s and plate away.

“Anything else you need my Queen?” she says and I almost swallow my saliva wrong from hearing her words.

Shaking my head, no at her while taking my cup from the table and she walks out of the room.

“I’m not going to get used to being called Queen! It’ s not who I am!” I say and take a sip of my coffee when I feel Kian’s nose on my neck.

“That’s exactly what you are and I might as well start calling you by the title. My Queen!” he says with a seductive tone in his voice and I turn my head to look at him. Hi sits back in the seat with a smirk on his lips. E*

Shaking my head at him I hear his father chuckle. “Well, my Queen we have a lot to go over here!” his father says and now I know they will all be calling me this.

“Can you stop and say my name instead!” I try to plead with them but no one says a thing and I stop discussing this with them for the rest of the time.

We sit in his office for I guess a couple of hours and try to go over as much material as we manage when I start to yawn.

“Why don’t you head up and take a hot bath before dinner!” Kian says and walks over to where I sit.

Looking at the watch it’s seven pm and this has been one long day.

“Alright!” I say and get up on my feet when he pulls me close and pecks my lips.

“You find everything you need in my room I’ll be up in a bit,” he says and lets me go. I walk by him and head over to the door. Leaving them in here to keep working.

Coming out in the hallway I know where his chamber is and take the stairs to the second floor. Pushing his door open and walk inside before closing it after me.

His scent hits my nose and it is strong in here! Take a large inhale and close my eyes while I enjoy his smell.

Opening my eyes and looking around the room my eyes fall on my bag that’s standing behind his bed. Walking over I take it from the floor and place it on the bed before opening it. I see all my clothes are still in the same place I take out a tight long dress with some underwear before closing it and placing it back on the floor.

Taking off the clothes I have on me and placing them beside my bag I head over to the bathroom and push the door open.

A large bathtub is standing inside the room and it wins over a shower today!

Walking over to it I start to pour water inside of it and adjust the temperature before looking around in the cabinets for something to pour into it.

Finding a bottle I walk over and pour some in the bathtub, it smells good and I see bubbles on the water. I will enjoy my time in here.

When it’s enough water I take a bottle of shampoo and get over to the tube.

Slowly sinking my body into the hot water I love the feeling when my body is completely covered. Starting to wash my hair and body before I rinse my hair and sit back in the tube to relax.

His scent swirls around in the bathroom and starts to affect me. I have to sit further up in the bathtub when my n*pples get above the water and instantly get hard when the cold air hits the skin.

My c*ore starts to throb and I want nothing more than to feel his hands on my body.

Trying to lean back when my c*ore starts to throb harder at the thought of his heated lips on my skin and his fingers down my w*t f0lds.

I have to bite myself on the lip to prevent myself from M0@ning out when his scent fills up in my lungs and he isn’t even here inside the room.

Tracing my hand down my bre*st I feel my hard n*pple under my palm and I got this urge for him. Tracing my other hand down my body to my cl*t I’ m so close to begging him to come up here right now!

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