I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 86

I will never be yours By Melan pamp

Chapter 86

Selena POV:

Closing the door to my office I head over to my room and start to prepare for his punishment when I mind link, Zoey.

“I need your help!” I say when she opened the link

“Always!” she says and I let her know my plans. She starts to laugh loud and I can’t help but smile at my idea.

“I’m all in! I will fix my part” she says and I cut the link and get everything set up when I walk down into the kitchen to find Emma. She is fixing some herbs beside Sari in the kitchen.

“Emma, can you help me with something?” I say and walk up to the counter when she places the herbs down and turns to look at me.

“Of course!” she says and I knew she wouldn’t hesitate.

“Everyone is outside the barrier and I need someone to pick up the rapport from the doctor. I have too much on my plate at the moment!” I say and sound convincing.

“I’ll get right on it!” she says and takes off her apron and places it on the counter “thank you!” I say to her when she starts to walk out of the kitchen.

“I’ll be right back!” she says and turns around the corner and towards the front door. I have a big smile on my lips for how well this went.

Turning my head back I come face to face with Sari’s intimidating gaze on me.

“What!” I say and hold my hands up in surrender.

“What are you up too!” she says and points with her spoon at me. I can’t help but chuckle at her.

“Only helping our Emma to get her mate!” I say and take a step back. When Sari keeps pointing at me with the spoon.

“You better not get her into trouble!” she says and I laugh at her.

“Not all trouble is bad!” I say and wiggle my eyebrows at her before turning around and walking out of the kitchen. Leaving her standing there when Jessie mind links they are on their way back. Heading out of the pack house and over to the barrier I see their clothes laying on a bench.

Walking over and picking them up I wait until I see them coming running over to where I stand and Cannon’s big wolf is easy to see from afar.

They walk up to where I stand and before they reach me I mind linking him.

“I’m here to give you the punishment for beating me up in the prison! You will stay in wolf form” I tell him when he stops right in his track.

“I won’t put up any resistance and you can beat me up how much you want! I deserve it!” he mind links me and sits down on his b*tt in surrender. I smile at him when Jessie shifts behind me and put on her clothes.

“I’m not going to beat you up! I have a more fitting punishment and if you are good I can promise you will get rewarded in the best way from your mate!” I mind link him when Jessie is done and walks up beside me.

She has a big smile on her face when Zoey mind links she is on her way.

“Follow me!” I mind link him and start to walk back to the pack house with Jessie beside me and Cannon in his wolf behind. We don’t run into anyone and reaching the pack house I show him up to my room and close the door after us. He stops right on the floor and turns to look at me when Jessie stands by the door.

There is a soft knock on the door and I know Zoey is outside.

“I’m going to bring Ella in here and that’s why I have you to stay in your wolf! She is traumatized from everything she has been going through and she doesn’t trust men. Behave and let her bond to your wolf then I hope she will be easier to let you in her life. Don’t mess this up and I know you will have your mate!” I mind link Cannon and see him turn his head and look at the door when I walk over and open it.

Zoey stands there with Ella. Giving Zoey a nod as thank you before taking Ellas’ hand and pulling her inside before closing the door. Zoey knows what she is going to do until we are done here.

Taking a few steps inside with Ella I see Cannons big wolf start to crawl on the floor with his head down and ears back while he is wagging his tale. He is friendly and

tries to show her he is nice. He reaches over to where she stands when he starts to lick on her hand and Ella starts to laugh.

It almost has me brought to tears how well he is handling this. He licks her on her face and she laughs out loud while she tries to push him away. I chuckle at the sight.

Who could have known the big bad wolf had this soft spot?

“Alright! Let’s get started” I say and point to the rug in the room.

“What are we going to do?” Ella ask me when I take out a box and placed it on the floor. When I point to Cannon to get on the rug. He does it without complaining.

“You know Ella this wolf loves nail polish and hair clips. Even tie some rosettes in his furr and you are the best we have to fix it!” I say and have a hard time containing my laughter.

“Can I do whatever nail polish I want on the claws?” Ella says with eagerness in her voice.

“Anything you want!” I say and place the box in front of her. Seeing her looking at him for a moment.

“But he is a boy, they don’t like pink nails!” she says and I shake my head.

“This boy will love whatever you put on!” I say and take out her favorite color. She has just turned seven and loves everything with makeup and nail polish and at the moment pink is her favorite color on nail polish.

She takes the bottle and walks over to Cannon where he lays with his head between his front paws. He knows what to do.

She starts to paint his claws while I get on with some rosettes in his furr. Whenever Cannon get the chance to give her a lick on her face to show how friendly he is she burst out in a giggle.

Both me and Jessie have big smiles on our lips.

It takes a long moment before Ella is done with the nail polish and he is pimped with rosettes and a nice red rosette around his neck. Looking at him he is a sight for the eyes and no one could ever believe he is a furious G*mma to the king.

Jessie takes out her phone to take a picture of him while Cannon sits up on his b*tt like he is proud of Ellas doing.

“This was supposed to be your punishment but by the look of it you seem to enjoy it!” I mind link Cannon and chuckle at him.

“Yes, I think I look pretty good this way! It’s a masterpiece!” he mind links back and I laugh out loud. He is just the perfect mate to Emma and stepfather to Ella.

“Here Ella! Hold this ribbon around his neck and bring him down to your mother as a gift! She is in the kitchen and she is going to love what you have done!” I say and open the door for her.

She doesn’t hesitate and walks out with him. Cannon is huge against her but keeps his head low and follow behind her like a good dog. Jessie chuckle when we walk behind them down to the kitchen. Seeing Jessie pick up her phone to record this I only smile at her.

Walking closer to the kitchen when Ella stops right inside and Cannon sits down on his b*tt. Walking past them and stopping inside the kitchen I hear Emma in the other room.

“Emma! Can you get out here? Ella has a surprise for you” I shout to her when I hear her walk out of the room and inside the kitchen. She stops in her track and looks over at Ella and Cannon before she starts to laugh and has to support herself at the counter for a moment.

“This is by far the best surprise you could give me!” she says and walks over to Ella and hugs her.

“How nice you have done the nail polish on his claws and all these rosettes in his furr. He looks beautiful Ella!” Emma says and looks at Cannon.

“I think we should keep him!” Ella says and Emma snaps her head and looks at her.

“You know this is a shifter and a man?” Emma says to Ella in shock.

“Yes, I know but he is nice and I can paint his claws every day!” she says when Cannon lifts his head like he is proud and I have to contain my laughter.

“Alright, Ella it’s time for your dancing lessons!” Zoey says when Ella turns and gives Cannon a hug before leaving the kitchen with Zoey.

We stand there in silence before Jessie starts to laugh out loud and I can’t keep mine inside any longer. Laughing until I have to wipe away some tears and see Emma do the same.

“Are we okay now!” I say and look at Emma when she turns around and comes over and gives me a hug.

“Thank you!” she says before letting me go and turning around to Cannon again.

“I think I’m going to help this little pup get cleaned up!” she says and starts to walk over to him when she takes the collar in her hand. Cannon turns his head and look at me like he is waiting for my permission.

Giving him a wink before he gets up and follows after Emma.

“Take your time! We will look after Ella!” I shout to their back and start to chuckle with Jessie. When we are alone in the kitchen and have stopped laughing Zoey comes walking inside.

“That was hilarious!” she says and comes to stand by the counter.

“Yes, and I think it helped Emma!” I say and wipe the corners of my eyes.

“Can you look after Ella for however long it’s going to take for them? I’m heading over to work and pick up some papers and need to talk with Kian after!” I say and push off the counter.

“Yes of course! But I don’t think you should go by yourself!” Jessie says when I open a portal behind me.

“I can come with you! I don’t like you going alone!” Zoey says when I’m about to turn around and get inside.

“Don’t worry I’ll be right back!” I say and step inside the portal and close it after me.

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