I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 92

I will never be yours By Melan pamp

Chapter 92

Kian POV:

Jessie pushes by me and walks over to where Cannon is standing.

“This is Elijah’s office!” she says and I can’t help but growl out loud.

“You’re telling me Elijah is behind all this?” I say through gritted teeth and have to clench my hands into fists. When I get a hold of him he won’t take another breath.

“Yes, it is! But why would he be involved in this? He’s just a human!” Jessie says when I see Cannon walk inside the office and we all walk closer to see him sniff around at everything before he comes to stand right in front of us in the doorway. “He’s a vampire! Who can mask his scent, something strange is going on here!” Cannon says when I try to remember if I noticed anything when I met him that day in the meeting room.

“I didn’t pick up anything strange about him when we met at the meeting!” I say in anger and look at Cannon. How is it possible for us all to miss it? He has been right under our nose and none of us was alarmed about him!

“You ain’t the only one! And we have been working with him for a very long time and none of us has noticed anything unusual” Zoey says and start to walk back and forth in the hallway.

“I know where his apartment is! But it’s highly unlikely he has taken her there!” Jessie says and turns around in the hallway and starts to walk towards the elevator.

“Where are you going?” Zoey asks when we all start to walk after her.

“I’m going over there right now to look for any trace of where he has taken her and when I get a hold of that piece of sh*t he won’t take another breath!” she says in anger and pushes the b*tton repeatedly to the elevator.

“It doesn’t help if you break the b*tton!” Zoey says to her.

“I shouldn’t have let her go alone when we knew she was under a threat! And how the f**k can we have missed what he is for all this f**king time we have been working here! We are supposed to protect her and keep her safe and what a f**king good job we have done!” Jessie burst out and curse a long sentence after.

“You are not alone in missing it! We all have missed it. But right now we have to focus and find all traces we can to save her! So, pull your sh*t together Jessie!” Zoey barks out when the elevator arrives and the doors open.

She pushes by her and gets inside before we walk after her.

Seeing Declan pull her inside before the doors close and Zoey presses the b*tton to the entrance floor.

“If it helps you to feel better about all this Selena has missed it too,” Zoey says when the elevator starts to go down. Hearing Jessie curse again out loud.

“No, it doesn’t! We shouldn’t have let her go by herself since we heard what the rogue said!” Jessie says and it has me thinking.

“What if this isn’t connected with the rogues!” I mind link Cannon and Declan “or what if it is just that! Why would the vampires get together with the rogues?” Declan mind link back

“I thought they learned the last time they tried to invade our country. And the agreement they signed I have a hard time believing they would risk it all!” I mind link them when we have reached the entrance floor and the doors are opened. We make our way out of the building and head to the parking lot. Jessie turns to look at us when we are outside the building and have reached the cars.

“Whatever you are not telling us we need to know!” she says and stands in front of the cars with her arms crossed over her chest.

“Declan can fill you in on everything later! Can we check out his apartment first?” I order out, have no time to waste standing here and discussing this. I’m waiting for her response when Declan walks over and places his arm around her shoulders before he turns her around and heads for the cars.

She surrenders and opens the doors before we all get inside. It doesn’t take long before we have reached over to his apartment building and we park the cars outside.

Cannon start to sniff around the area before he comes back after a little while. His apartment is located close to the forest. I can clearly see why he would choose such a place since he is a vampire and still needs blood. I bet if we start to search the forest we will find some dead bod*ies of his victims there!

He has chosen a perfect city to stay under the radar at. No close pack and no other vampires for several miles, he can easily have lived here without anyone ever finding out!

“I don’t pick up anything!” Cannon says when he comes to stand in front of us. I drag a hand through my hair in frustration! Somehow he has managed to mask his scent completely and he has to know a witch or have very good knowledge of herbs to make potions. That is something only witches have knowledge of and they p@ss it down over generations. For him to know it is strange!

“Let’s get inside!” Zoey says and starts to head over to the entrance. We all are right behind her when she opened the doors and we get inside.

Finding his apartment is easy! When we stand outside the apartment we can all smell his vampire scent.

“If we only had visited him once we would have known right away!” Zoey declares while Jessie tries to open the door.

It only takes Jessie one hard kick on the door before it flies open and the door hits the wall with a bang.

If anyone is inside the apartment they are alarmed we are here! Listening for any sound or movement from the apartment before we all go in.

Getting inside his hallway we all start to look around for any trace of them!

There isn’t anyone here and inside his apartment, there is no question he is a vampire. His scent is strong in every room.

Looking around I get a feeling he was in a hurry away from here! There is no sight of him or Selena when we walk around.

Clothes are laying thrown on the floor and papers are sc**ttered all over his table in the kitchen. I find a blood bag in the kitchen that’s empty but that’s all the food there is. Opening his kitchen cabinets I find several cans of herbs.

I get a feeling they could be important for Emma to look at and we need to bring them to her!

Starting to take them out and place them on the sink when Cannon shouts from the living room.

“Kian you better come out here and take a look at this!” he says and I drop everything I’m holding and quickly walk out of the kitchen and head for the living room.

Hope whatever they have found it’s something useful!

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