I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 95

I Will Never Be Yours By Melan pamp

Chapter 95

Selena POV:

Feeling a hand petting my head I try to open my eyes, my body feels numb and hot!

“You’re waking up! I was afraid it would take a lot longer.” I hear his voice beside me and snap my eyes open to stare right at the ceiling.

Feel his presence beside me on the bed and turn my head to look at him, he is laying there with a smile on his lips and just the sight of him sends a chill down my spine.

I try to move my hands and my body but I feel numb and my body is so heavy.

“I drank a bit too much of your blood! Couldn’t stop in time and had to give you some of mine to keep your heart beating, we will have to work on it once we are mated! I don’t want to s*ck you dry because you taste so good” he says and leans closer to my face, I try to turn my head away from him when he takes his hand behind my head and holds a hard grip before he captures my lips with his.

Holding my lips tight shut I try to move from my place when he lets go of my lips and head, his hand starts to travel down my body when he begins to peel the blanket off me.

“Stop!” I say to him when he climbs over me and takes his hand to my sweatshirt.

“I’m going to help you get out of this warm sweatshirt!” he says when I hear fabric tears and a burning feeling on my skin. Trying to move or do something but I’m nothing more than dead weight this way!

“So beautiful!” he says when he tosses my ripped shirt to the floor and his hand starts to travel down my body and over my bra.

“Elijah please stop! Why are you doing this? We don’t belong together” I try to plead with him when his hand comes up and cups my bre@st through the bra.

“We belong together! We always have!” he says and gets off me before he tosses the blanket off me and his hand comes down my pants. I already know what he plans to do before he starts to rip them to pieces, tears pr***ck behind my eyelids from being this weak and defenseless, I can’t reach my wolf or my gifts.

I’m all cut off from everything and completely vulnerable for whatever he plans to do with me.

“Elijah you can’t do this! I have a mate and I am already marked!” I say to him and hope to get through to him somehow.

He starts to laugh an evil laugh and I get goosebumps just by hearing him.

“that’s easy to fix and I have already started to give you what you need for the mark to be erased, It’s going to hurt a bit but once it’s over and I have marked you it will all be fine!” he says and tosses my ripped pants on the floor before he walks over to a table in the room.

Seeing him pick up something on a tray my mind gets blank when I see what it is, he is holding a bottle and a syringe in his hand before he places the bottle down.

He is serious about taking my marking away!

I try to move, try to find any strength in my body but all is gone! I can’t let him do this and take away the bond, if he succeeds I know it will probably K*ll Kian since he has marked me and I’m his second-chance mate. He won’t survive this!

Just the thought of losing Kian has my heart breaking into pieces, there is no one else I want than him! He is my destined mate and here Elijah is going to take him away from me and I can’t do anything about it! Tears start to stream down my cheeks, he will d*ie because of me!

“Now you don’t have to cry I promise the pain won’t last forever and once it’s gone and we are mated you will think of no one else than me!” I hear him say before I see him walk closer to the bed I lay on completely numb and can’t do anything to fight him off.

“Elijah! Don’t do this! You have a mate out there somewhere who is the right one for you! It’s not me” I say and look at him when he starts to laugh out loud with a wicked laugh when he walks closer to the bed.

“My mate!” he says and takes a seat at the edge of the bed while looking all over my body.

“Let me tell you she couldn’t compare with you even the slightest bit,” he says and start to trace his hand up my thigh.

“You have met her?” I ask him in shock.

“Yeah! I have!” he says and I don’t like the tone of his voice when he says it. I see him take his other hand with the syringe in and start to move it closer to my thigh, I can’t let him do this! I have to think of something fast

“Wait, Elijah! Tell me where is she? Why aren’t you with her instead?” I say and try to have him stop what he is about to do, I’m certain whatever is in that syringe will break the bond somehow.

“Oh, you want to know about my mate do you!” he says and leans down with his face to my thigh before I feel his teeth puncture my skin and he s*cks for a quick moment, I can only lay there and hope he will stop before I faint again!

He lets go and punctures his finger so it comes some droplets of blood on it when he takes it to my thigh and smears it over the holes.

“Let me tell you I loved to hear her scream in pain when I slowly ended her life in the most painful way I could think of!” he says and I look at his evil smile, right now there is no kindness left in him, he is pure evil, and nothing like the Elijah I thought I knew for all these years!

Kian POV:

She holds my hands in hers for a moment before she lets go and takes a step back, looking down at my hand I don’t hesitate and take both lids off and swallow both potions in one go. They taste awful and I almost have them come up again.

Handling her them back again I turn around and start to walk out of there with everyone else.

“Cannon, I need to talk with you before you leave!” Emma says and Cannon stops and turn back to her while the rest of us give them some time to themselves.

Outside the house, we stop and wait for him on the lawn.

“I have mind linked Jacob what’s going on and he will handle everything here, you have two of your men here, shall they come with us?” Jessie asks and remembering who Cannon brought here I mind link them and ordering for them to head back with us.

They are two of the best warriors to bring with us on this trip, they never hesitate to go into any fight!

“Yes, they are coming!” I tell her when Cannon comes walking out of the house with dark eyes and clenched jaws, he looks furious!

“What’s wrong!” Declan says when he walks past us and heads for the borders without looking our way.

“Nothing!” he barks out before he shifts and shredded his clothes in the air, he stops to pick up a small bag in his mouth before he starts to run from here without saying anything else.

“I don’t like the sound of that!” Declan says when he walks up beside me and I see my other two warriors come running over to where we stand, they have already shifted to their wolves and we all take off our clothes before shifting and start to run after Cannon.

Running after Cannon and trying to catch up with him but he is too fast at the moment and whatever she told him to get him this furious isn’t a good sign!

The run back to the castle goes fast and when I reach the front door Cannon is already back at the door and dressed. I have never seen him run that fast before and it has me alert.

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