Mission To Remarry Chapter 104

Mission To Remarry

Chapter 104 Aubree Takes Estella To School

Lucian remained silent until the couple had finished speaking before stating calmly, “You’re overthinking things. I’ve no plans to let Roxanne come back.” At least not now.

While his parents were speaking earlier, he kept thinking about his interactions with Roxanne during this period and concluded that most of them were because of Estella. As that thought occurred to him, Lucian strangely felt a little ironic. Judging from Roxanne’s att*itude when we first met, she would’ve probably avoided me if it wasn’t for Essie’s presence, and the matter that my parents are worried about now is even less likely to happen.

Sonya’s expression lightened up a little when she heard her son’s words. “I’m glad to hear that. In terms of Aubree, when do you plan to settle down with her? The sooner you do that, Estella will have someone to take care of her.”

Lucian frowned as he turned her down, “Compared to Roxanne, I’m more worried about leaving Essie to Aubree. Essie has always distanced herself from her, so I still need to consider carefully about marriage.”

However, Sonya made nothing out of it. “Isn’t Essie distancing herself from Aubree because you’ve been unwilling to accept her? If you had married her earlier and let her spend more time with Essie, they would ultimately develop a good relationship. Besides, we can tell that Aubree had always been devoted to caring for Essie all these years.” Hearing this, Lucian knitted his brows a little impatiently. “Let’s talk about this later. I’m tired.”

Over the years, although Aubree had always acted innocent and harmless before them and treated Estella well, he did not think that the little girl would avoid her for no reason, aside from not having any feelings for Aubree.

Now that his mother kept mentioning her, it only annoyed him further.

Sonya sighed as her remaining words were cut off by him. “We won’t f0rce you either. In any case, you should think about it carefully. Before that, let us take care of Essie first.” After speaking, she raised her voice to instruct Catalina to bring Estella down from upstairs and extended her hand toward the little girl with a smile.

Unaware of the confrontation between the adults, Estella obed*iently buried herself in her grandmother’s embrace.

“Be good, Essie, and come over to our house to play for two days, okay?” Sonya affectionately pinched Estella’s chubby cheek.

The little girl blinked blankly and instinctively looked at her father.

Lucian’s expression tensed. “Essie’s living well at home, Mom. I can also take good care of her.”

Sonya was displeased. “You know very well why I want to take Essie away. Besides, your father and I miss her. So what if we want her to go over and accompany us for two days?”

Elias said in a deep voice to defuse the tense situation, “I heard that Essie has just recovered from being sick, and you have been very busy these days, so let us take care of her first.”

Hearing his father’s words, Lucian could not help but feel troubled.

He naturally knew that his mother intended not to let Estella have any interactions with Roxanne, but he also could not refute what his father said.

While he remained silent, Sonya got up and left with Estella in her arms.

Lucian did not say anything in the end, thinking that he would just head over and pick up the little girl in two days.

Estella was very well-behaved with her grandparents and fell asleep obed*iently after dinner.

Meanwhile, Sonya called Aubree, telling her to come over in the morning to send Estella to kindergarten, as she always felt that the little girl did not like Aubree because they spent too little time together.

The following morning, Aubree arrived early, and after greeting the elders, she reached out to take Estella’s hand.

Estella had just eaten breakfast, and her face fell when she saw Aubree coming over. Upon seeing the latter’s outstretched hand, she shrank back further, expressing great resistance.

“Be good, Essie. Ms. Pearson is sending you to kindergarten. If you don’t leave now, you’ll be late,” Sonya patiently persuaded for a long time.

Hearing this, Estella hesitated for a while. However, at the thought that she would be able to see the two little boys when she arrived at the kindergarten, she dragged herself into the car.

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