Mission To Remarry Chapter 108

Mission To Remarry

Chapter 108 What Exactly Does Lucian Mean

That night, Roxanne rushed over after work, barely in time to pick Archie and Benny up from school.

Only the two of them were left at the kindergarten gates and their teacher was taking care of them.

“I’m so sorry for coming so late,” Roxanne said with an apologetic smile, reaching out to hold her children’s hands.

Unexpectedly, Pippa moved to stand slightly in front of them and smiled uncomfortably at her. “I’ll help you look after them for just a little while more. The head of kindergarten has something to talk to you about. He’s in his office right now.”

Roxanne didn’t really know what was going on, but she still went upstairs and knocked on his door.

The head of kindergarten’s expression also seemed strangely suspicious. “Pippa told me you wanted to talk to me about something. What’s wrong?” Roxanne asked.

The head of kindergarten smiled in an extremely business-like way as he said slowly, “This is the problem. I’ve been observing your children for the last two days, and I feel like they are simply not suitable for our kindergarten. Maybe you should consider giving them a change of environment.”

So he just wants to expel Archie and Benny!

Roxanne frowned but remained polite. “Did they do something wrong today at school? If that’s the case, I will definitely tell them off at home. Please don’t worry. I can promise that they won’t do it—”

She wasn’t done with her promises when the head of kindergarten cut her off abruptly, “The two of them have done fine. However, I wouldn’t like them to stay in this kindergarten any longer. Of course, I will do my best to return all of the school fees you have paid.”

Roxanne began to feel like something was up. “It’s not the money I have a problem with. Since my children are doing great, then why are you expelling them? You have to give me a reason that I can at least tell my kids.”

The head of kindergarten frowned. “There’s no other reason.”

He couldn’t help but feel guilty as he said it.

Those two kids had, in fact, been doing extremely well in school. Compared to other kids their age, they acted like two small adults who never let their teacher worry and actually helped her take care of the other kids.

The kindergarten didn’t actually have any reason to expel them.

Since it was a command coming from a benefactor, though, he couldn’t back out of it. He couldn’t even look her in the eye after speaking.

Roxanne did her best to control her anger and remain calm as she attempted to reason with him. “I sent my kids to your kindergarten because I trusted you, but you’re seriously disappointing me right now. How could you expel my kids for no reason? I can report this to the ministry of education.”

He was beginning to feel the guilt eating away at him but still answered, “Then go ahead and report me. I won’t be changing my mind.”

With the Pearson family and the Farwell family backing the kindergarten, the ministry of education probably couldn’t do anything to him.

After scrutinizing the head of kindergarten, Roxanne calmed down, and her tone turned chilly. “If this gets out and the other parents hear about you expelling two children for no reason, don’t you think they’ll become suspicious? Even if you don’t get punished by the ministry of education, the other parents might not trust you anymore and change schools. That would be a problem for this kindergarten now, wouldn’t it?” The head of kindergarten visibly panicked at that and looked at her helplessly. “Ms. Jarvis, it’s not difficult for you to find another kindergarten with your abilities. Why are you trying to make my life harder?”

Roxanne was getting more suspicious by the minute.

From the looks of it, someone was definitely controlling him from behind the scenes. It seemed like that person was quite an important figure too.

Roxanne relaxed slightly with that thought in mind. “Okay, I’ll stop doing that, but you have to tell me who told you to do this.”

The head of kindergarten fell silent at the thought of Aubree’s parting words. “Is it Farwell Group?” Roxanne could only think of one possibility.

The head of kindergarten hesitated before nodding slowly.

Aubree was soon going to be Mrs. Farwell anyway. It wasn’t exactly a lie to say it was the Farwell family, and since she kept bringing Lucian up, the head of kindergarten a*s*sumed that he was also on the same page.

Roxanne’s expression darkened when he nodded.

What does Lucian mean by all this?

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