Mission To Remarry Chapter 119

Mission To Remarry

Chapter 119

What Will You Do To Mommy Lucian’s expression darkened, and he stared attentively at Roxanne. However, he couldn’t identify any trace of disingenuousness.

Lucian looked away eventually, his heart throttled, and he was swarmed by a wave of confusion.

All this while, Roxanne thought that Estella was Aubree’s child! He was under the impression that Estella was abandoned by Roxanne. When Roxanne acted aloof toward Estella when she returned to the country, Lucian thought that Roxanne was a cold-hearted woman.

However, from the way she spoke earlier, she seemed to not know that Estella was her child.

What is going on?

Or is she such a great actor that she’s managed to deceive me? Lucian was perplexed and d*um*bfounded.

It was only after a long time that Lucian managed to recollect his thoughts. He held on to her slender wrist, lowered his voice, and uttered word-by-word in precise clarity, “Since when did I say that Estella is Aubree’s child?”

Roxanne’s wrist started to hurt, but she was distracted by his mind-blowing statement. Shock and suspicion filled her heart.

Estella is not Aubree’s child!

No wonder Aubree was not there that day when Estella was sick.

However, from what she knew, no one else got together with Lucian besides Aubree. Who can it be? Who’s Estella’s mother?

The thoughts started to overwhelm Roxanne, and she struggled to resist popping the question.

“Mommy!” two familiar voices called out to Roxanne. “We finally found you! Are you okay?”

The children ran frantically toward Roxanne, whose wrist was clutched tightly by Lucian. Archie and Benny exchanged glances before scrambling toward Roxanne. “Mommy, don’t be worried. We will protect you!” Benny extended his arm and stood in front of Roxanne. He looked up, and he finally saw Lucian’s face clearly. Archie, too, walked to Roxanne’s side and held on to her arm. With a deadly stare, he looked Lucian ferociously in the eye.

Realizing that it was Lucian, Archie’s face tensed as he pursed his lips. He then stormed furiously toward Lucian, mustered all his strength, and pushed Lucian away f0rcefully. “Let go of my Mommy! What do you want to do to her?”

Lucian frowned before releasing his grip. He quickly explained, “I’m just asking your Mommy for help. I’m not going to harm her.”

Archie nonetheless continued to stare at him warily.

Benny turned backward and held on to Roxanne’s hand. He shook her hand gently and said, “Mommy, are you okay? Did he b*ull*y you? Archie and I will protect you!” Roxanne, however, had yet to recover from her discovery about Estella’s background. In response, she shook her head mindlessly. “Don’t worry.”

Looking at her troubled expression, Benny became even more worried. Enraged, he glared in response at Lucian.

Stupid Daddy! It’s one thing to b*ull*y us, but now he’s b*ull*ying Mommy when we’re not around!

When I grow up, I will teach him a lesson!

All of a sudden, the atmosphere became tangibly stiff.

While Madilyn was displeased with Lucian, she managed to keep her cool.

Understanding that it was not an appropriate place for a conversation, Madilyn walked up and pulled them over. “Maybe you should take this conversation outside.” After that, she tapped lightly on Roxanne’s shoulder. “If you’re afraid, then we should p@sson the haunted house. Let’s head out.”

Roxanne finally came back to her senses. She nodded and followed Madilyn out, ignoring Lucian in the process.

Benny gripped Roxanne’s hand tightly, worried that she would be frightened. Like a knight in shining armor, he protected Roxanne while she walked.

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