Mission To Remarry Chapter 122

Mission To Remarry

Chapter 122 She Finally Recovered

For the entire day, Roxanne was there with Estella. Despite that, Estella never responded. As darkness fell, Roxanne had to leave, albeit unwillingly.

“I will visit you again tomorrow. You have to get better, okay?” Roxanne hugged Estella tight.

Archie and Benny too, embraced her.

When the three of them were about to leave, Roxanne felt a f0rce pulling the corner of her skirt.

Stunned, she turned around. Estella’s gaze was still fixated somewhere else, without any emotion, but her hand remained gripped on Roxanne’s skirt tightly. At the door, Lucian and James exchanged glances, shocked.

They thought that Estella completely shut herself off and would not respond to any external stimuli.

Much to their surprise, Estella could feel Roxanne’s presence. On top of that, she didn’t want Roxanne to leave.

Roxanne almost lost her breath. She stood there for a few seconds before gradually walking back to Estella. She squatted down and looked her in the eyes warmly. “Essie, you know I’m here, right?”

Estella’s eyes still looked blank, but her hands remained gripped on Roxanne’s skirt. Archie and Benny quickly asked, “Mommy, can we bring Essie back with us?” Bring Essie back with us!

Roxanne was tempted slightly, and she apprehensively looked toward the duo standing at the door.

If Estella was willing to tag along, Roxanne had no hesitation in taking Estella under her wing.

However, Roxanne feared that Estella was not willing to leave her father. James’ expression stiffened. “I think that’s fine. It’s a huge improvement to even see Essie respond to something. Perhaps her chances of recovery will be significantly higher if she stays with you for a while.”

Finishing his sentence, James turned toward Lucian.

Lucian stared at Estella’s hands, and his heart felt like it was run over by a huge truck. A numbing pain soon consumed him.

Shortly after, he snapped back into his senses and said in a deep voice, “I’ll send you back. But give me a second, I’ll get Catalina to pack some of Essie’s daily essentials.” Roxanne, Archie, and Benny were shocked and pleased at the same time.

Archie and Benny rushed toward Estella, their faces filled with joy, and hugged her. “We will take really good care of you!”

Later that day, Lucian sent the four of them back.

Estella curled up in Roxanne’s arms like a doll. Even when they got in the car, she clung closely to Roxanne, and her hands subconsciously clutched Roxanne’s skirt. Archie obed*iently sat in the passenger seat.

Throughout the journey, Lucian explained in detail the things to pay attention to when taking care of Estella.

Although Catalina was there, Lucian was the one who took care of Estella personally. Hence, he was well aware of her quirks and needs.

Lucian remembered everything, including how Estella always woke up at midnight, that she needed to drink milk before sleeping, and that she was picky when it came to food. Lucian then stared at the rearview mirror and said to Roxanne, “I’ll leave Essie with you for the next few days. Thank you for helping her.”

Roxanne replied calmly, “I’ve said this, and I will say it again. The child is innocent, and I will take good care of her.”

Lucian did not overstay his welcome. Seeing that they had set up Estella’s room, he bid goodbye and left after that.

Roxanne felt strange.

Lucian confidently left Estella with me, just like that?

However, her attention was subsequently directed back to Estella, and her lingering thoughts immediately vanished.

Outside Roxanne’s house, Lucian’s expression darkened almost immediately. He then took out his phone and rang Aubree.

“Lucian, is there anything wrong?” Aubree’s said coyly.

Most of the time, it was Aubree who took the initiative to call Lucian. Hence, she was surprised to see Lucian calling her back, thinking that he had finally realized the good in her.

Lucian’s voice was cold and distant. “Meet me half an hour at Lake Frosa.” Then, he put down the phone.

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