Mission To Remarry Chapter 133

Mission To Remarry

Chapter 133 Mother Of Estella

That night, after Roxanne asked Archie and Benny to head to bed, she went back to the room to take care of Estella.

Once Catalina learned that Estella had recovered, she stuck to the girl’s side like glue. In fact, the two women even showered Estella together.

Catalina’s heart ached when she saw the bruise on Estella’s bottom. Instantly, she could not help but complain, “Who did this? Ms. Estella has always been in poor health, and Mr. Farwell can’t even bring himself to be stern with her…”

Hearing that, Estella blinked at Catalina. Nevertheless, when she thought about Aubree’s warning, she clamped her mouth shut.

All of a sudden, Roxanne recalled what Lucian had said back at the haunted house. The mystery of Estella’s mother’s ident*ity kept swirling in her head.

Upon thinking about how Catalina had been working in the Farwell residence for all those years and about how she might know something, Roxanne asked in a nonchalant tone, “Catalina, why didn’t Essie’s mother come and visit her despite how bad her episode was? Did some other emergency happen?”

Hearing that, Catalina visibly stiffened before looking at Roxanne in shock.

She thought Roxanne had known that Estella was her child all along. After all, she gave birth to Estella.

That was why the question startled her that much.

Ms. Jarvis is subtly asking me who’s Essie’s biological mother? How am I supposed to answer that?

A moment of hesitation later, Catalina asked, “Did. Mr. Farwell not talk to you about this before?”

Roxanne thought that her response was strange, but she could not fathom why. Hence, she replied, “He only told me that Essie’s biological mother isn’t Aubree.”

So Mr. Farwell knows about this as well, but he didn’t tell Ms. Jarvis about it. Catalina came to a conclusion at that. She then smiled at Roxanne and said, “Did you think that it was Ms. Pearson all along? Ms. Estella looks nothing like her. I’m not sure why you thought that.”

Roxanne chuckled. “Then can you tell me who’s Essie’s biological mother?” Catalina shook her head. “This is Mr. Farwell’s personal matter. I wouldn’t dare to tell anyone about it. It’s best for you to wait until Mr. Farwell tells you about it himself.”

With that said, Catalina threw herself back into her work. She dared not continue the topic any longer, for she was afraid that she might let something slip.

When Roxanne noticed how Catalina was avoiding the topic, she stopped prodding for more information.

Still, a trace of suspicion lingered in her mind.

After all, she had seen for herself how obsessed Lucian was with Aubree all those years ago.

In fact, the man had even declared that Aubree was the only one worthy of being his wife.

How did he end up having a child with another woman then? What kind of feelings does he have toward Aubree? Could it be that their feelings for each other are fading after six years?

Roxanne simply could not seem to find an answer no matter how hard she tried. Instead, she only made herself frustrated.

After bathing Estella, Roxanne brought the girl to bed. Even then, she continued to wonder about the subject.

It seemed like Estella could see that Roxanne had something on her mind, for the girl buried herself into Roxanne’s arms slowly before looking at the woman with big, concerned eyes.

As Roxanne looked at the girl’s clear eyes, she recollected herself and hugged her. Her heart melted when her arms wrapped around the small and soft body. At the same time, she found herself letting go of the niggling question.

The ident*ity of Estella’s biological mother and the current relationship between Lucian and Aubree had nothing to do with her at all.

She and Lucian should have been strangers. They were only interacting because of Estella. That was all.

Overthinking things would only make her feel even more frustrated.

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