Mission To Remarry Chapter 136

Mission To Remarry

Chapter 136 Give Up

Roxanne watched her sit down on the couch before she turned to close the door. After taking a seat on the armchair, she looked the older woman in the eyes and said, “Mrs. Farwell, may I know what’s the reason for your early visit?”

Sonya did not beat about the bush at all. “I’ve come to tell you to stay away from Lucian. Also, don’t you try winning over Essie. She has nothing to do with you. You were the one who chose to get a divorce and leave without telling anyone, so you don’t have the right to come back now.”

Hearing that, Roxanne nearly scoffed. She flatly replied, “Don’t worry. I never thought of coming back when I chose to leave back then.”

“Is that so?” Sonya sneered. “Then explain why you met Lucian. Also, why is Essie here with you?”

Sonya then stared at Roxanne contemptuously.

She said she’s not coming back, but everything she’s doing is to curry favor with them. What a liar!

Roxanne’s brows drew together as she changed into a more aggressive demeanor. “I think you’ve misunderstood something. It’s but a coincidence that I met Lucian. Lucian had gone to meet Old Mr. Queen when I was treating him. Also, Essie is going to the same kindergarten as my children. They’re friends, so she often comes to play with them.”

Roxanne did not tell her about how Estella had been clingy to her when she was sick. With how hostile Sonya was to her, Roxanne was sure that she would a*s*sume that Roxanne was deluding herself.

Yet, unexpectedly, despite Roxanne clarifying everything and doing her best to draw the line between her and Lucian and his daughter, Sonya still refused to let her go. “How can something so coincidental happen? It shouldn’t be tricky for you to check the kindergarten with the status you now have. Why did you end up picking the one the Farwell family is investing in?” Sonya questioned.

For a moment, Roxanne did not know how to explain it to Sonya.

Madilyn was the one who had recommended the kindergarten to her. Naturally, she would not think about looking into the kindergarten.

If she had done an investigation, she would not have sent her two sons there in the first place.

When Sonya heard nothing from Roxanne, she a*s*sumed that Roxanne was feeling too guilty to answer her. Thus, she scoffed and said, “Regardless of what kind of plan you have, I’m not going to let you join the family again. Give up!”

Roxanne nodded. “Don’t worry. I’ve never thought of going back there.” “I hope you’ll remember what you’ve said,” Sonya warned.

Just then, the three children were done with their breakfast. When they came out, they saw Sonya. Archie and Benny were confused, but they could sense the hostile att*itude that Sonya had toward their mother. Thus, they ran over to Roxanne, wanting to protect her.

On the other hand, Estella recognized her grandmother and ran toward Sonya. She then looked at her grandmother with wide eyes, perplexed.

Sonya ruffled her granddaughter’s hair when she saw Estella. “Essie, be good and come home with Grandma, okay?”

Hearing that, Estella shook her head without hesitation. She then turned around, ready to return to Roxanne’s side.

Sonya could see what she wanted to do, so she instantly shot out her hand to grab Estella’s arm.

Estella thrashed, but she could not struggle out of her grandmother’s grip. Within seconds, her face was red with anxiety.

“Be good and come home with me!” Sonya’s tone was getting sterner and sterner by the second, and subconsciously, she gripped the girl tighter.

Estella could feel the pain, but she did not want to leave Roxanne. The corners of her lips turned downward, and she began crying silently on the spot.

It was only then Sonya realized that she seemed to have responded too harshly. Frowning, she let go of the girl, but Estella never stopped crying.

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