Mission To Remarry Chapter 145

Mission To Remarry

Chapter 145 I Dislike Him For Leaving Us

Feeling famished, Benny recovered his gaze from the decorations the moment he heard Lucian mention food. He counted with his fingers. “I would like pork ribs, fried fish, drumsticks… All these are our favorite food!”

Lucian subsequently turned his attention toward Archie, who wasn’t keen on answering initially.

However, since Benny had replied on his behalf, Archie had no choice but to quietly nod.

After ordering the food based on the children’s taste, Lucian didn’t know what to talk to them about, causing an awkward silence to fall upon the table.

Once the dishes arrived, Lucian instructed the waiter to place them in front of the boys. It was only then that Archie uttered in a cordial yet distant tone, “Thank you, Mr. Farwell.” “Don’t mention it.” Lucian nodded in acknowledgment. His tone sounded awkward as he had seldom spent time interacting with them.

During dinner, he would serve them food even though he didn’t feed them as Roxanne did.

Nonetheless, the children wolfed down their food.

“Is the food right to your taste?” Finally, Lucian thought of what to ask after struggling to find a topic.

Raising his head, Benny rubbed his stomach before giving the question some thought. In the end, he responded in an earnest tone, “It’s delicious but not as good as Mommy’s cooking.”

Lucian c*oc*ked his brow in surprise. “Does your mommy cook often?”

Without thinking twice, Benny replied candidly, “Mmm-hmm. She’ll cook for us when she’s not busy. But when she’s overwhelmed by work, she won’t even have time to eat.” At that moment, a concerned expression emerged on his face, for he was sure that she had yet to eat.

Meanwhile, Estella’s eyes lit up in envy. She, too, wanted to have Roxanne’s cooking every day.

Oblivious to what was going through their minds, Lucian remained curious about Archie and Benny’s daily lives. “In that case, how do you cope when your mommy is busy?” The moment the words left his mouth, Lucian regretted it at once.

If Roxanne is busy, their father would naturally be the one to take care of them. There’s no way the three of them lived overseas alone.

With that thought in mind, Lucian couldn’t help but think about Roxanne. Compared to six years ago, she looked sterner now. He figured that her losing weight might be one of the reasons behind it.

Unaware of what was going through Lucian’s mind, Benny answered naively, “When Mommy is busy, her professor or a*s*sistant will help to babysit us. Sometimes, she’ll even bring us to the research inst*itute, where her colleagues adore us.”

Rattled back to his senses, Lucian was baffled and a little displeased. “What about your daddy? Why doesn’t he take care of you?”

His words stunned the brothers.

Daddy? Our daddy is sitting right in front of us. He just doesn’t know it.

Putting his cutlery down, Archie furrowed his brows and stopped Benny from speaking. He stared at Lucian and demanded, “What do you want to know?”

Lucian was slightly shocked. A brief moment later, he pursed his lips as if nothing had happened and replied, “Nothing, I was just showing some concern.”

After staring at Lucian for quite a while, Archie recovered his exasperated gaze before a*s*serting in a firm tone, “Ever since we were born, we have not seen our daddy. He’s a villain for abandoning Mommy and us. Therefore, I don’t like him!” When he finished, Archie raised his head to give Lucian another glance before going back to his food.

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