Mission To Remarry Chapter 151

Mission To Remarry

Chapter 151 Who Dares To Ignore Him

Roxanne guessed what Lucian was planning and could not help but anticipate what Estella would say.

Although she was disappointed to see Estella taking a pencil and paper from her bag, she did not show it in her expression. “Don’t worry. Estella has just started to improve and still needs time to stabilize. She probably only speaks when she is excited about something. So, let’s be patient.”

Lucian nodded quietly.

He found himself agreeing with Roxanne. The fact that Estella said something was already a good development. Thus, he should not demand too much but let her improve naturally.

Estella wrote for a while and took some time to think. Then, she finally answered all their questions.

Lucian and Benny listened to her attentively and gave encouraging responses. The beluga whale performance came to an end, but the three children were still reluctant to leave.

Roxanne saw that there was still time and continued to let them play in the marine park.

Lucian was not sure why he came here today. Thus, he followed behind them and accompanied Roxanne and the children as they tour around the marine park.

During this time, the three children kept pulling Roxanne with them as they ran around. They seemed to have forgotten about Lucian.

Lucian looked at how happy they were and had an inexplicable sense that they had forgotten him.

It was bad enough that Roxanne, Archie, and Benny ignored him. Even Estella had forgotten about him.

Meanwhile, Cayden had received instructions not to disturb them. Therefore, he followed behind Lucian quietly from a distance.

He had witnessed Lucian being left out by his family a few times. Yet, Lucian would always follow them quietly. Thus, Cayden could not help but pity him.

Mr. Farwell had never suffered such indignity. Everyone in Horington knew the Farwell Group. Who would dare to ignore him? Perhaps only these four people before him. Lucian could vaguely sense that it was Archie and Benny who excluded him. Ultimately, they were still unhappy over the conversation during dinner that night.

Lucian did not expect them to still hold a grudge over the matter.

After figuring out the reason, Lucian did not say anything but followed Roxanne and the children quietly.

They remained in the marine park until evening, nearing its closing time. By then, the children were tired and had played at every available attraction in the marine park. Roxanne had not expected to spend so much time in the marine park and was      exhausted. She was relieved that the children were finally tired and decided to send them home.

However, Lucian continued to follow them.

Roxanne did not mind. She thought he only wanted to spend some time with Estella and would leave soon.

Then, she noticed he still followed them even when they reached the underground parking. Roxanne felt frustrated and said, “Mr. Farwell, are there other matters? I’m bringing them home if there is nothing else.”

Hearing her, the three children all turned to look at Lucian curiously.

Lucian nodded. “Please wait for a moment. I have something for Estella in the car.” After saying that, he headed to his car to get something.

Roxanne was puzzled.

Estella had been staying at her place for nearly a week. She did not think Estella lacked anything.

Soon, Lucian and Cayden came over, holding a large box each. “What are these?” Roxanne frowned slightly.

One of the boxes contained a few limited-edition robot figurines, while the other box had high-tech small cars and robot models. Everything looked expensive.

Roxanne knew about them because Archie and Benny liked these things. Thus, she instantly recognized what Lucian had brought.

She grew suspicious. None of these looks like something Estella would be interested in. Instead, they are the things Archie and Benny like.

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