Mission To Remarry Chapter 154

Mission To Remarry

Chapter 154 Give Up On Him

It was the afternoon.

Aubree and Frieda sat opposite each other in Thousand Degrees Cafe, drinking coffee and chatting.

They suddenly talked about Alfred’s seventieth birthday banquet. “Aubree, will you be attending my grandpa’s seventieth birthday banquet?” Frieda asked cryptically.

Aubree had heard about the birthday banquet. Since the Queen family was closely acquainted with the Farwell family, Aubree believed she would have to attend. Thus, she nodded and said, “I’m going. Why?”

Frieda asked, “Erm… Would Lucian be attending with you? Everyone knows you are a couple!”

Aubree hesitated upon hearing this.

She knew Lucian would attend. However, she did not expect him to ask her to go with him.

Although Lucian did not cancel their engagement all these years, he behaved indifferently toward her.

However, Frieda was unaware of Aubree’s concerns and continued, “Both of you must attend together. Then, you can show that woman who you are!”

Frieda hated Roxanne for her cold att*itude toward her. That was why Frieda invited Aubree to meet and discuss the birthday banquet.

Roxanne is nothing without Lucian’s protection. I want to show her who Lucian truly loves!

Aubree naturally knew who Frieda meant.

Her heart sank as she remembered how Lucian treated Roxanne, prompting her to reply immediately, “Of course. Lucian and I are in a relationship. We will attend the birthday banquet together.”

Frieda was delighted to hear that. “That’s wonderful! You have no idea how arrogant that woman was lately. She doesn’t know her place, so I can’t wait to see her face when you show up at the birthday banquet with Lucian!”

Aubree was looking forward to it too.

Things had not been going well for Aubree ever since Roxanne returned to the country. Good. I can use this chance to make her give up on Lucian completely!

Then, Aubree and Frieda finished their coffee and went shopping before they parted ways.

Aubree became anxious about the coming birthday banquet once she returned home. Although she promised Frieda to attend the birthday banquet with Lucian, she did not know how she could convince Lucian to do that.

After considering for some time, Aubree decided to summon the courage and called Sonya on the phone.

“What is the matter?” Sonya’s voice sounded the second the call connected.

Aubree calmed her emotions and said apologetically, “Mrs. Farwell, I heard Old Mr. Queen is having a birthday banquet soon. Will Lucian be attending?” “He will,” Sonya replied matter-of-factly.

After saying that, Sonya remembered Aubree and Lucian had quarreled about Estella. Thus, she persuaded Aubree. “When the time comes, you should apologize to him. I will put in a good word for you. Both of you shouldn’t continue to quarrel like this.” Aubree agreed, “I think so too. However… Lucian keeps avoiding me. I fear he would not want to meet me during the birthday banquet. ”

She made herself sound aggrieved.

Sonya had not thought about this. Hearing Aubree, she considered for a few seconds before replying, “That won’t happen. You only have to get ready. I will tell Lucian to pick you up for the birthday banquet and attend it with you.”

Aubree was delighted to hear this, but she pretended to sound nervous, “Sure, I will get ready.”

After that, Sonya reminded Aubree about a few other matters before hanging up. Aubree could not conceal her glee.

She did not expect such an easy solution to her worries.

I want to see Roxanne’s face when I show up at the birthday banquet with Lucian!

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