Mission To Remarry Chapter 159

Mission To Remarry

Chapter 159

Jonathan glanced at Roxanne again when he heard Henrietta mentioning Lucian and Aubree’s marriage.

At that moment, Roxanne’s eyes were slightly lowered while wearing a faint smile. Hence, he had no idea what was going through Roxanne’s mind. was

Throughout the whole time, Frieda’s attention was entirely on Roxanne. Needless to say, she noticed the slight change of expression on Roxanne’s face when Henrietta mentioned the marriage.

Frieda’s excitement grew when she noticed that. “Indeed! Lucian and Aubree are like a match made in heaven. Although they aren’t married yet, I bet everyone has long regarded you guys as a family,” she chimed in.

With that, she threw a hubristic glance at Roxanne.

Since Sonya had been planning for it as well, she smiled and said, “We’ve undoubtedly been delaying it for way too long. Recently, both sides of the family have been planning to hasten their engagement. We’ll surely be having a discussion soon.”

Frieda wanted to fan the flames, but Lucian suddenly said, “Old Mr. Queen, since it’s your birthday banquet, perhaps we shouldn’t talk about my affairs.”

Upon hearing that, Alfred was stunned momentarily before glancing at Lucian and Aubree. These two must be embarra*s*sed. He then nodded with a smile and changed the topic.

After that, the others dared not to mention the matter anymore.

Right then, Roxanne’s anxiousness lessened, and she breathed a sigh of relief inwardly.

However, she was starting to feel out of place when the topics that followed had nothing to do with her.

She was getting annoyed after listening to their conversation for a while more. Hence, she wanted to find a place to hide and relax.

In between the conversation, Roxanne uttered softly, “Old Mr. Queen, I’m drained. If there’s nothing else, I would like to get some rest.”

Upon hearing that, Alfred turned toward her worriedly. “What’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell?”

Roxanne smiled shyly and answered, “Oh, no. It’s just that I’ve been standing in my pair of heels for a while now. I would like to sit down for a bit.”

Since she wasn’t feeling unwell, Alfred allowed her to leave by nodding at her. Roxanne politely excused herself from the crowd and turned around to walk toward the corner.

When she was turning away, she could still feel the man’s gaze fixated on her.       

Subconsciously, she picked up the pace.

“Old Mr. Queen, please excuse me.” Lucian’s gaze darkened when he saw how many pairs of eyes lingered on Roxanne when she was walking toward a couch to take a seat.

Alfred was puzzled. “Where are you going?”

Considering the Farwell family’s status in society, it was safe to a*s*sume that the prominent figures at the birthday banquet would approach Lucian to greet him, instead of the other way around.

Hence, Lucian was supposed to wait for the others to take the initiative and greet him. However, Lucian frowned and struggled to find an excuse for himself.

Sonya read his mind and knew he was eager to look for Roxanne. Displeased, she grabbed his arm and smiled at him. “There are a few elders over there who are collaborating with our family. Logically speaking, since you’re here, you should go and greet them.”

Lucian followed her line of sight and saw a few elders who were indeed the Farwell family’s acquaintances. After some hesitation, he agreed to her request. Sonya then shot Aubree a glance.

Seeing that, Aubree uttered, “Since I know those elders as well, I was just thinking about greeting them!”

With that, she followed Lucian from behind with a smile.

Lucian furrowed his brows. Without a reason to chase her away, he had no choice but to let her follow him.

In the eyes of the public, they looked a lot like a perfect couple.

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