Mission To Remarry Chapter 163

Mission To Remarry

Chapter 163

In an instant, the atmosphere between the four stillenied as the eyes of the entire crowd fell on her.

Roxanne frowned with discomfort. She did not want to interact with Lucian more than was necessary. Instead, she turned to Jonathan. “What brings you here, Mr. Queen?”

Jonathan chuckled after a startled pause. “It doesn’t seem very polite to have invited you and then not pay attention to you, so I thought I’d come and have a chat.”

In the ensuing silence of his proclamation, he shot Lucian a meaningful look.

The latter appeared indifferent. It was evident that he had no intention of clarifying the matter.

Jonathan had no choice but to take the blame.

Roxanne smiled faintly. “I don’t mind. In fact, I happened to have run into Larry here. As we rarely see each other, we have our own catching up to do. Though I appreciate your kindness, there’s no need for you to entertain me.”

Jonathan ch*oked at her subtle dismissal. He was trying to find another excuse to stay for a chat when the sound of a pair of approaching heels drew his attention to it.

“There you are, Lucian.” Aubree’s voice rang out. “Your mother has been looking for you. You should go see what she wants.”

Jonathan had no choice but to hold back the excuse he had conceived.

Lucian frowned but did not leave immediately. The woman behind him had already arrived by his side, staring daggers at Roxanne as she approached.

Roxanne felt nauseated at the sight of the couple standing together. “It appears that you have something to do. Don’t let me bother you.”

With that, she whispered something to Larry, and the pair of them turned to leave

Standing beside Lucian, Aubree constantly reminded him that Sonya wanted him, preventing him from dissuading Roxanne from leaving.

“Mrs. Farwell seems to be in a hurry. I’d better come with you.” Aubree felt her heart turning cold upon noticing his gaze lingering on the woman in the distance. In a panic, her reminders increased both in urgency and in pitch.

Already irritable, Lucian turned to give her such a cold glare that Aubree’s voice sputtered to a halt.

The next second, the man stalked past her indifferently without even designing to give her another glance.

Aubree was stunned for a few seconds before she regained her composure and marched quickly in his wake with gritted teeth.

Meanwhile, Roxanne and Larry found a quiet corner to sit at.

Larry could not stop himself from asking, “What’s going on between you and Mr. Farwell, Roxanne?”

Roxanne smiled. “There’s nothing going on. We met by chance.”

However, Larry’s gaze appeared doubtful. “Really? I thought you two were planning to get back together.”

The hostility emanating from Lucian earlier was fresh in his mind.

Roxanne did not expect him to have such a misleading sense of intuition. “How could that be?” she exclaimed sarcastically. “Weren’t you paying attention? His fiancée was next to him.”

Larry was about to ask another question, but Roxanne made her refusal to discuss the subject plain by changing it bluntly. “Let’s talk about something else. Where were we?”

She was referring to their topic of conversation before Jonathan’s arrival.

Obliging her wishes, Larry did not ask any further. He resumed their conversation about medicine from where they left off.

As both were leaders in the field, they soon left private matters behind and were engaged in an exciting discourse.

Roxanne was initially resigned to a dreary evening spent at the birthday banquet, but Larry’s appearance made her attendance worthwhile after all.

However, she was beginning to grow anxious when the banquet did not show any signs of ending despite it being already ten at night.

The three children at home, especially Essie, were waiting up for her. The little girl had only been able to fall asleep for the past few nights under coaxing. She might have difficulty falling asleep if Roxanne was not there with her.

Al that alarming thought, Roxanne hurriedly ended the conversation with Larry before rising to say goodbye to Alfred.

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