Mission To Remarry Chapter 169

Mission To Remarry

Chapter 169

Seeing those bodyguards grasping onto the boxes lightly without any expression, Roxanne was overwhelmed with puzzlement. “This is…”

Lucian responded, “Lego. I heard the kids saying they wanted to play with it yesterday, so I got my a*s*sistant to buy some for them in the middle of the night. There are also some challenging puzzles inside. I think they will like it.”

Roxanne was promptly at a loss.

She then shifted her gaze back to those cold-looking, muscular bodyguards. Somehow, she thought the vibe they gave off did not match what they were holding in their hands. “Let them send the boxes in first.” Lucian gestured for the bodyguards to head inside the house.

Roxanne hesitated for a few seconds before she moved aside for those men to put the boxes down.

Concurrently, when the three children in the dining area heard the noises, they immediately ran out. Archie and Benny’s eyes lit up as they stood next to the boxes, staring at them intently.

On the other hand, Estella twirled around Lucian once before she went up to her brothers and followed what they were doing.

Wonderstruck by what was before him, Benny pestered Roxanne to open the boxes for them.

He had never expected that there would be Lego right in the house that morning when he had only asked for it the night before.

Moreover, there were also limited-edition puzzles that he had wanted but dared not ask Roxanne to buy as they were too expensive. And to his surprise, they were inside those boxes too!

Even Archie could no longer contain his excitement.

“Are these for us?” Benny looked at the man at the door, his eyes gleaming with joy.

Lucian nodded quietly in response.

As soon as Benny received the man’s atlirmation, he cheered in a sweet voice and smiled brightly. “Thank you, Mr. Farwell!”

Archie, in contrast, was slightly more reserved. He curled the comers of his lips upward as he thanked the man.

“I’m happy to know that you guys love it,” Lucian said with a nod.

Their interaction caused Roxanne’s forehead to crease as worry began to surge inside her.

Lucian thought she did not like him giving presents to the kids without informing her beforehand, so he casually mentioned, “Estella loves these toys too. The three of you can play together.”

In other words, he was implying that those gifts were for her daughter, and Archie and Benny were merely basking in her glory.

Hearing him say that, Roxanne had no choice but to acquiesce to leaving those toys behind.

Having completed his mission, Lucian did not stay for longer and hurried to the office.

Roxanne briefly put away the boxes and headed for the research inst*itute after leaving the kids in Pippa’s care at the school.

As soon as she entered the office, her phone rang.

When Roxanne saw the caller ID on the screen, her eyes lit up, and she immediately answered the call with a smile.

On the other end of the call, Harvey’s casual voice sounded. “Are you busy?”

Roxanne shook her head. “No. I just arrived at work. Is anything the matter? It’s been a long time since you called me.”

Since her return to the country, the two had barely contacted each other. Most of the time, Roxanne would be the one calling him to report to him on the progress at the research inst*itute. And because Harvey was usually busy with research, his replies were normally curt.

This was the first time Harvey actually called her.

“Indeed, there’s something I need your help with.” Harvey went straight to the point. “There’s a project that I need you to follow up with its research and development. I’ll forward you the details in a while. Take a look at it.”

Having learned that it was about work matters, Roxanne agreed readily.

The two had a brief chat about that project before she concernedly tried to find out about Harvey’s return. “When are you coming back? Let me pick you up.”

Harvey looked at his schedule and replied, “Probably not that soon. I’ll let you know before I return.

Roxanne acknowledged with a curt reply.

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