Mission To Remarry Chapter 178

Mission To Remarry

Chapter 178

Inside the private room, Aubree raised her head slowly. There were no signs of tears on her face.

“Just you wait!” Gina announced smugly.

Besides calling off the engagement, the only other way to quell the rumors was to arrange for the wedding!

She was confident that Sonya shared her sentiments.

The next morning, Lucian arrived at his office and noticed Cayden was acting strangely.

“What’s wrong?” Lucian was baffled.

Cayden hesitated for a moment before blurting out, “Mr. Farwell, you and Ms. Pearson…”

“What about me and her?” Lucian s brows furrowed.

Sensing his confusion, Cayden added carefully, “Are you really going to get engaged to her?”

After saying that, Cayden lowered his gaze hastily.

Early this morning, he heard about the rumors saying his employer was finally going to get engaged with Aubree.

The public was kept out of the loop, but Cayden had been working for Lucian for some time. He saw firsthand how close Lucian and Roxanne were. He also knew that Lucian didn’t harbor any feelings for Aubree. Even to an outsider like him, it was obvious that Aubree’s feelings were one-sided.

For the past six years, Lucian refused to get engaged to Aubree but suddenly agreed to it without warning.

Naturally, that struck Cayden as strange.

Lucian’s expression turned dark instantly. “Where did you hear it from?”

Hearing his employer’s fury, Cayden promptly knew what was going on. He replied solemnly, “Everyone’s talking about it. It was also published in a few morning papers.”

He pulled his phone out and showed Lucian the news that was published online.

Farwell Group and Pearson Group: A Marriage of Convenience! The Farwells and Pearsons’ Marriage Alliance Finally Coming Through Six Years Later!

Lucian’s gaze swept over the various news captions online. There were also comments praising that he and Aubree were the perfect couple.

At once, the surrounding temperature dropped. “Find out who was the one who released the news!”

The discussion went wild just after one night.

I must find out who the h*ll dares to make an issue over my matter!

Clearly, the culprit didn’t bother concealing his or her ident*ity. Less than an hour later, Cayden went to Lucian’s office to report his findings. Lucian’s heart sank when he noticed Cayden’s expression.

“Mr. Farwell, it was the chairman who gave the orders,” Cayden reported cautiously.

He was shocked to learn that it was Lucian’s father behind the matter. In fact, it was the chairman’s a*s*sistant who contacted various media outlets and ordered them to release the news by dawn.

Hence, a few media outlets had to hold back the news that was supposed to be published today so they could report about the marriage of convenience.

It only took one morning for the news to be splashed all over the headlines.

Almost everyone in Horington was gossiping about the matter.

Lucian stiffened momentarily before regaining his composure to nod. His face was devoid of expression as he said, “Got it. You may leave now.”

Cayden nodded. Realizing that Lucian was in a foul mood, he walked out of the office and shut the door quietly.

Inside his office, Lucian strode over to the window and stared out, feeling conflicted.

For the past six years, his parents kept reminding him to get married to Aubree, but he would always brush them off.

Thus, he a*s*sumed they understood his intentions.

Alas, they ended up going against his wishes and announced the engagement to the outside world after urging him for six whole years.

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