Mission To Remarry Chapter 179

Mission To Remarry

Chapter 179

A long while later, he took out his phone to call his father. The call connected quickly.

“What is it, Lucian?” Elias didn’t head to work today and was currently enjoying breakfast. After answering his son’s call, he cast Sonya, who was sitting across from him, a look.

Sonya knew why her son had called. She took the phone from Elias. Elias allowed her to take his phone from him without complaining.

Not knowing anything, Lucian asked sternly, “Were you the one who released the news about the engagement?”

Cayden had investigated the matter, but Lucian still wanted to hear Elias admit to it in person.

To his surprise, his mother’s voice sounded on the other end of the line instead. “It was my idea. What’s wrong about it?” Sonya responded nonchalantly. CTT

Lucian stiffened as his brows snapped together. “Why didn’t you ask for my opinion? This is my business. Besides, I’ve told you not to interfere. I have my own plans.” Recalling what the Pearsons told her last night, Sonya scowled unhappily. “What other plans can you have? Are you going to ignore Aubree forever? Aubree has been the talk of the town no thanks to what you did. Did you handle the matter? Is that part of your plan?”

Lucian felt an incoming headache. “How can you be sure that I didn’t take action?” He had learned of the rumors that spread like wildfire after leaving with Roxanne under the crowd’s watchful eyes.

Even though he disliked Aubree, he owed her grandfather a favor. Thus, he wasn’t about to ignore the matter.

Before he could take action, things took a twist. He was dragged into the mess, too. Lucian was caught off guard.

“That doesn’t matter. This is the only way we can quell the rumors!” Sonya declared, her tone allowing no room for negotiation. “You’re the reason the rumors started, so you’ll be the one to end them. Aubree has been with you for years, so you should bear responsibility by making her your wife. I announced your engagement on behalf of you. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

Ma*s*saging his temples, Lucian tried hard to tamp down his irritation. “You know I have no intention of marrying her! I’m pretty sure you know Essie’s condition well. She never liked Aubree. A few days later, Aubree even struck Essie. You’re now asking Essie to accept the fact that Aubree’s going to be her mother. Have you ever considered Essie’s feelings?”

Sonya was unfazed. “Essie didn’t like Aubree as they didn’t get to spend time together.

Anyway, Aubree knew she was too harsh in punishing Essie. She knows her mistake now. You’re going to get married soon, so Essie will need to accept Aubree no matter what. They get to spend more time together if she accepts Aubree earlier.” She didn’t wait for Lucian to respond and added, “If you’re not planning on marrying Aubree, are you going to marry Roxanne instead? No matter what, I won’t agree to let her enter our family yet again! I wouldn’t have allowed Essie to stay with her for the time being if you hadn’t told me that she could help Essie’s condition. That was my biggest compromise!”

Lucian said naught a word. “Essie should’ve recovered by now. You should bring her back so she can spend more time with Aubree,” Sonya ordered. “Also, remind Roxanne to not harbor any notions. I will never allow her to marry into the Farwell family for the second time!” With that said, she ended the call.

Lucian’s expression scrunched up at once.

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