Mission To Remarry Chapter 181

Mission To Remarry

Chapter 181

As the newscaster’s sound could be heard faintly, Lucian knew Roxanne should’ve heard about his engagement. He stud*ied her carefully but realized she seemed calm. Shortly after, he broke the silence. “I’m here to pay Essie a visit. How is she doing?” Roxanne stepped aside to allow him entry. “She’s upstairs. I need to talk to you about her.”

They entered the living room one after another. Roxanne gestured for him to take a seat on the couch while she occupied a single couch aside.

Catalina served them coffee and left after realizing they had something to discuss.

“What is it?” Lucian’s heart sank when he noticed her expression.

Roxanne revealed calmly, “I agreed to let Essie stay here temporarily because of her condition. She is doing better these few days. She is also starting to talk. Compared to her past self, she has improved a lot. There is no need for her to remain here.” She was telling him to bring Estella back home.

Lucian’s expression turned grim. “Since she’s improving a lot here, she might recover completely if she stays here. If it doesn’t trouble you—”

Roxanne interjected swiftly, “I’m sorry. Essie’s your daughter, so I believe she’ll recover faster if she stays with you. I’m just a stranger to her, after all.”

Lucian’s brows puckered when he realized she was determined. “Why the sudden decision? I thought you were taking care of her well?”

Roxanne met his gaze and flashed a sarcastic grin. “I’m not obliged to take care of someone else’s daughter. Previously, I agreed to take care of her as she was sick. I’ve done what I could. Mr. Farwell, you should know when to stop. We’re not even related, so you shouldn’t f0rce me to take care of your daughter.”

Glancing at the TV, which was still playing the news, she added icily. “Besides, I don’t want to get involved with a married man and risk getting accused of being a homewrecker one day.”

Lucian gazed at the TV silently. He couldn’t utter a single word in reb*ttal. Since he did not deny it, Roxanne a*s*sumed she was right. Her voice grew frosty. “I’ve been busy with work recently, and taking care of your daughter will merely add to my burden. I don’t want to f0rce myself, so please don’t make things difficult for me and bring her back as soon as possible.”

Roxanne’s face was devoid of expression as she said that out loud. Averting her gaze, she said nothing else as her nails dug into her palms

She only made up her mind hastily after Lucian arrived.

Lucian is about to marry Aubree. If Essie remains here, he’ll often show up. That is not right. It’s best to keep a distance from him rather than cause a misunderstanding in the future.

Sensing her intention, Lucian frowned. “Didn’t you say that the kids are innocent?”         

Without flinching, Roxanne replied, “I won’t stop Archie and Benny from being friends with Essie. Essie is welcome to play with them anytime.”

Still, I’ll do my best to avoid Lucian.

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