Mission To Remarry Chapter 197

Mission To Remarry

Chapter 197

That afternoon, Aubree found her employees looking strangely at her when she was doing the rounds a t the office.

One of the female employees who are closer to her came over and teased, “Ms. Pearson. Mr. Farwell is so nice to you that we‘re all green with envy!”

Aubree was inexorably stunned to hear that. In the next instant, she f0rced a casual smile and inquired airily, “Really? How could you tell?”

Following that, the smile on the female employee’s face grew all the more ingratiating. “Everyone knows that Mr. Farwell took care of you at the hospital for the entire night. Yet, you still came to work on time today. Verily, you’re our role model!”

Aubree’s expression stiffened slightly. “What are you talking about?”

Lucian took

care of me at the hospital for the entire night? I’ve been perfectly fine these two days, so I hadn’t been to the hospital.

The female employee presumed that she was embarra*s*sed, so she took out her phone straight away and showed her a news report. “Don’t be shy. It’s already in the news, so the entire world knows about it now.’

after saying that did she belatedly remember to show some concern for her employer’s health. She sheepishly asked, “Oh yes, what happened to you last night? Weren’t you just fine in the afternoon? Why did you suddenly go to the hospital at night?”

Aubree merely cast a swift glance at the content on the phone screen. When she glimpsed the headline that read: Mr. Farwell accompanied his fiancée to the hospital in the

middle of the night and took care of her for the entire night, the puzzlement within her grew. At the employee’s question, she fibbed, “Oh, perhaps I ate something bad last night. I’m fine now. Go back to work.

The female employee uttered a few more plat*itudes in feigned concern before going back to her workstation.

Aubree returned to her office with a grim expression on her face. She immediately logged on to Twitter and searched for news related to Lucian.

As soon as she entered his name, a news report popped out. It read: Mr. Farwell accompanies his fiancée to the hospital, proving their relationship intimate.

The other headlines that popped out underneath were pretty much similar.

She proceeded to click on the first link, and the comments had already exceeded a million.

The most popular one among the news report was one posted by a renowned entertainment page in th e industry.

The news report read: Last night, Mr. Farwell personally drove his fiancée to the hospital and carried he r in a bridal carry the entire way. What an attentive boyfriend! At eight o’clock in the morning today, the two of them got into Mr. Farwell’s car, accompanied by Mr. Farwell’s daughter. His fiancee has a close relationship with the little girl, so it seems that wedding bells are near.

Two photos were attached beneath it.

The first photo had a night backdrop, and it was of Lucian carrying a woman in, striding toward the hospital entrance.

Meanwhile, the second photo was taken at the hospital entrance, with Lucian standing in front of the car while the woman climbed into the car with a child in her arms.

Judging from the clothes and figure, the woman in the two photos was obviously the same person.

Merely looking at those two photos alone indeed gave off the impression that the people in the photo w ere very close. In fact, the second photo seemed like a family of three.

However, as the fiancée in question, Aubree had no knowledge of the entire matter.

Not only had Lucian been avoiding her because of the news report previously, but the woman in the photos was also someone else entirely.

She zoomed in on the photos and scrutinized them multiple times before a familiar figure slowly emerge d in her mind.

Argh! It’s that b*tch, Roxanne, again!

After all, both the woman’s profile and figure in the photos were a complete match with Roxanne.

At that realization, Aubree’s expression abruptly darkened.

The so-called attentiveness shown by Lucian toward his fiancée was a misunderstanding from the beginning to the end! It wasn’t me whom he took care of the entire night, but that batch, Roxanne!

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