Mission To Remarry Chapter 199

Mission To Remarry

Chapter 199

Aubree, Gina, and Samuel discussed for a long time before coming to a consensus to have Sonya resolve the matter.

After all, Sonya was the most supportive of Aubree marrying into the Farwell family, and Lucian would still obey her to a certain degree.

“You’re here as well, Aubree? What would you like to eat? It’s my treat today.” Sonya didn’t notice anything amiss, taking her seat across from them with a smile.

Aubree’s smile was a tad f0rced. “Thank you, Mrs. Farwell, but I don’t have much appet*ite today.”

After saying that, she despondently lowered her head and placed both hands on her knees, twining her fingers together.

Seeing that, Sonya queried in concern, “Are you not in a good mood? What happened?”

However, Aubree merely pursed her lips and shook her head.

At that, Sonya looked at Gina in bafflement.

Gina’s smile was likewise f0rced. She took out her phone and logged on to Twitter. This time, she didn’t even have to search before she spotted the news report on the trending list. She tapped on it right away and handed the phone to Sonya. “Look at this headline.”

Sonya’s heart clenched at both their expressions, but still, she reached out and took it.

A smile bloomed on her face when she saw the contents of the news report. “I just knew that they make the perfect couple. Lucian will definitely treat Aubree all the better after getting married.”

She vaguely found it strange when she again glimpsed the expressions of the two women across from her, but she couldn’t fathom the reason.

Sure enough, she didn’t even realize that the woman in the photo wasn’t Aubree.

Suppressing the chagrin within her, Gina glanced at her daughter beside her before commenting with a conflicted expression, “But… Aubree wasn’t sick at all last night. She was at home the whole night.”

The moment Sonya heard that, the smile on her face gradually faded.

Aubree was at home last night. In other words, the woman in the photo wasn’t her. Then, who else could it be?

She stared at the photo on the screen intently, a vague conjecture surfacing within her.

It was uncertain whether her presumption helped things along, but as she looked at the woman in the photo, the more she felt that it was Roxanne,

Forcing a smile, Gina put on an understanding expression and ventured, “I was afraid that there’s a mis understanding, so I’d like to ask whether Lucian has a cousin or something. Otherwise, this is really quite unacceptable.”

At that, Aubree finally lifted her head and waited for Sonya’s answer with an aggrieved yet hopeful expression.

At the sight of her prospective daughter-in-law suffering such a grievance, a wealth of guilt swamped Sonya when she glanced at the photo of her son carrying another woman once more. She couldn’t bring herself to tell Aubree about the ident*ity of the woman in the photo.

A long while later, she enunciated, “No matter what, news of the wedding has been circulated. Now that such a scandal has broken out, our family is indeed

at fault. Don’t worry, Aubree. I’ll definitely talk to Lucian. Such a thing will never happen again in the future!”

Aubree’s gaze darkened slightly, but she nodded docilely.

Sonya hadn’t the temerity to tarry there, so she got up and left with huge strides after taking her leave from them both. In the blink of an eye, Aubree’s expression darkened entirely.

After returning to the Pearson residence, she couldn’t help looking at that news report again, especially the comments.

One read: Wow, Mr. Farwell’s bridal carry is perfect! His fiancee is so lucky!

Another read: While the resolution of the photo is horrible, I can still see that his fiancee’s aura and figure are incredible! As expected of Mr. Farwell’s woman!

And so it went.

Without exception, they were all lauding Lucian’s attentiveness toward the woman in the photo and how they make a perfect match.

Seeing the comments increasingly steadily, Aubree pressed the lock screen hard. The screen went black at once.

A moment later, a muffled thud rang out in the room. The phone that was initially in Aubree’s hand lay on the floor, the screen cracked.

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