Mission To Remarry Chapter 203

Mission To Remarry

Chapter 203

Hearing Sonya’s words, Lucian pursed his lips mockingly. “If I don’t intend on doing so, then how do you plan on settling Aubree?”

A glint of shock flashed across Sonya’s eyes before it soon turned into rage. “What are you saying? Ho w many years has Aubree waited for you? How much has she

sacrificed for you? Now you’re telling me that you don’t have

such intentions? The marriage contract between our two families has been circulating for so many years. Have you ever thought of how others would view us if we call it off?” 

Lucian coldly questioned her back, “Why do you think I haven’t provided any response to this throughout the six years? I already told you that I don’t need you to interfere in this. I will settle it myself!”

In other words, he was certain that he never intended on fulfilling the marriage contract with Aubree. Having understood his intentions, Sonya’s expression changed slightly.

She had heard the Pearson family mention this before that Lucian personally told Aubree about his decision.

Back then, she was full of doubts and thought that with Lucian’s personality, he wouldn’t let the marriage contract exist for so long if he didn’t have the intentions of marrying Aubree.

But now, she was personally hearing those words from Lucian.

Sonya clenched the armrest of the couch tightly, her face turned dark. “If you don’t plan on fulfilling the marriage contract with Aubree, then what are you planning to do? Are you going to marry Roxanne into our family again? I think you must have forgotten what she did back then!”

At the mention of Roxanne, Lucian knitted his brows again but didn’t respond.

“Back then, you would have been with Aubree long ago if it weren’t for her! Our family wouldn’t have been treated as such a joke as well! She left without saying goodbye, but leaving behind a divorce agreement, and even abandoned Estella, causing such a young child

to be sent back to the country. She even turned our family upside down. I will never allow a woman like her to ever step foot into our family again!”

At the thought of Roxanne, Sonya felt her blood boil. She slammed the armrest on the couch f0rcefully. “I don’t care about what you think now. If you want to marry Aubree, fine. If you don’t, then so be it! Anyway, I’ve already spread the news of your marriage with Aubree. The Farwell family will never go back on our word. Your marriage with Aubree is set!”

With that, she didn’t give Lucian the opportunity to refute and glanced at Estella’s room upstairs, continuing in a softer tone, “After Aubree hit Essie last time, she hadn’t had the chance to properly apologize to Essie. I’ll arrange for them to spend more time with each other during this period

to improve their relationship. Essie has to accept Aubree as her mother eventually.”

Seeing how obstinate his mother was, Lucian furrowed his brows.

After all, it was his marriage, but they had already reached the stage of discussing the engagement ceremony before he could even give his opinions.

Sonya was even willing to forgive Aubree after her beloved granddaughter was hit.

He didn’t know how much Aubree was involved in the whole fiesta.

Seeing that he remained silent, Sonya took it that he was agreeing to it, and her anger dissipated. “Also , the woman in the picture on the news today is Roxanne, right?”

Lucian remained silent.

“I’ll just take it that the news today was an accident. The news of your marriage with Aubree has already spread. I don’t care what you think, but you’d better keep a distance from Roxanne. Be more mindful of how your actions can impact the two families.”

Seeming to remember something, Sonya frowned, adding, “And get that woman to keep to herself. I don’t wish for there to be a repeat of the news today! The woman in the picture can only be Aubree!”

Before Lucian had the chance to reply, Sonya got up and strode off.

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