Mission To Remarry Chapter 212

Mission To Remarry

Chapter 212

Meanwhile in the VIP room upstairs, Lucian watched the middle-aged men with pot bellies toasting each other with a blank expression.

When he picked Estella up that afternoon, he noticed that she was in low spirits. Further to that. Estella had just thrown a tantrum at him upon reaching home.

I guess Essie‘s in a bad mood because she hasn‘t seen Roranne in a while. Perhaps she treated Essie aloofly? Regardless of the reason, I‘m still the one to blame. She‘s keeping a distance from Essie on purpose because of me.

Because of that matter, Lucian was feeling cranky the whole night.

He got even more irritated for not obtaining any satisfactory proposal from those men, albeit having a lo ng day of discussion.

“Excuse me. I’m heading out for some fresh air.” With that said, Lucian stood up directly.

The men dared not utter a word and watched him stride out of the room.

Lucian’s private room was facing the dance floor downstairs. As he walked out, his gaze fell to the dance floor, and he saw a glimpse of a familiar figure.

Immediately, Lucian paused in his tracks.

The light flickered uncontrollably on the dance floor, and it caused Lucian to doubt his eyesight. As he attempted to look again, that familiar figure was already out of his sight.

He stood still, staring straight at the dance floor, hoping that he could locate that figure again. Nevertheless, he found nothing. Lucian retracted his gaze and started to scoff at himself inwardly.

I wonder what kind of magic power Roxanne has? I was merely checking the place out. Why would I ha ve a figment of my imagination?

Just when he was about to turn around and return, he heard a loud noise coming from one of the tables downstairs.

That sound instantly attracted everyone’s attention. With that, almost everyone in the bar shifted their attention to the table, including Lucian.

Lucian’s eyes darkened at once when he saw the person from that table.

It wasn‘t an illusion! That familiar figure was indeed Roxanne! She must have returned back to her table after getting tired of dancing on the dance floor.

Lucian fixed his eyes on her and was quick

enough to notice that she was getting surrounded by men. Apart from that, he also saw her grinning fro m ear to ear with one of them.

From the look of it, they broke into an uproar because of what Roranne did with that man. They look intimate together.

Meanwhile, Roxanne downed her drinks in one go after clinking glasses with Hugo.

Witnessing that, everyone cheered excitedly for them.

Roxanne put her glassdown and sensed that something was amiss. She could feel someone looking in her direction from a distance when she drank the wine just now.

She lifted her head to glance up instinctively, but it was dark.

Strange enough, she had a hunch that it was Lucian.

With that thought in her mind, Roxanne suddenly lost her mood to continue drinking anymore. “I’m tired. I think I’ll make a move first.” Roxanne smiled apologetically to everyone before approaching Madilyn and suggested, “It’s getting late. Let’s go back.”

Madilyn had been drinking for quite

a while and was feeling quite tipsy. Hearing Roxanne’s words, she nodded in a daze and murmured, “O kay. Have fun, guys. We’ll leave first.”

With that said, she stretched out her hand toward Roxanne.

Roxanne strenuously helped her up while politely bidding goodbye to everyone.

“Let me help you girls.” Hugo stood up and continued, “You seem to be struggling. Let me help you get her into the car.”

Roxanne hesitated for a few seconds. Looking at the tipsy Madilyn, she agreed eventually, “Thank you f or your help!”

After interacting with Hugo that night, she had a pretty good impression of him. Besides, Roxanne could not support Madilyn alone after having a few glasses of wine.

Seeing that she had agreed, Hugo went up to them and was about to lend Roxanne a hand. It was at that moment he heard a deep voice coming from behind. The tone of the man sounded displeased.

“I appreciate your kindness, but I’ll send the girls back. Thank you, Mr. Reynolds.”

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