Mission To Remarry Chapter 28

Mission To Remarry

Chapter 28

Roxanne couldn’t help but feel irritated. Ultimately, she was being sabotaged and the projects in the research inst*itute could not proceed because of this. She never expected that Aubree’s vengeance toward her persisted even after 6 years. Even worse. Aubree resorted to such atrocious tactics to get back at her! However, it was not the time for her to be bothered by emotions. Roxanne clenched her fists in an attempt to calm herself down. She then looked toward Colby and said, “It’s okay. If Horington is not the solution to our problem, then we can try other cities. Surely, someone must be willing to collaborate with us.” Be that as it may, it also meant that the costs and time needed to achieve it would be higher.

While Roxanne did not mention it, she was very much aware of the consequences. She too hoped to find a suitable partner in Horington. However, the prospect of doing so seemed quite bleak.

“No, there’s no need to head to other cities,” Colby uttered.

He appeared to have thought of something, and his tone relaxed.

Roxanne arched a brow. “Are you saying that there’s someone in Horington that is willing to collaborate with us? The small suppliers are definitely out of the picture, and we need someone with larger operations…”

Colby nodded. “I know. However, this might require you to personally attend to it.” Roxanne was perplexed.

Colby then said, “I heard it from you actually. But first things first, have you heard of the Queen family?”

Colby continued, “The Queen family supplies medicine and built an empire out of it. The Queen family is a prominent family in Horington, and Old Mr. Queen has a good reputation in the community. However, his health has been deteriorating lately. Because of this, the Queen family has been looking for doctors to cure him, but to no avail. They invited me to try out, but I couldn’t do much. However, you might stand a chance in this.”

“Is that so?” Roxanne replied.

She understood what he meant but was nevertheless hesitant. “The Queen family are in the big leagues. When it comes to the pricing, it will not necessarily be lower than what we are being offered right now.”

Colby replied, “Before this, the Oueen family offered expensive medicines as a reward for whoever can cure Old Mr. Queen of his condition. In the future, they can also come up with an arrangement to supply medicine at half the price!”

Roxanne’s eve’s glistened with hope and she felt the boulder being lifted off her shoulders. “Why didn’t you say this earlier? That’s a great thing!”

Colby beamed. “I thought about it, but admittedly I’m not good enough. Besides, you were not bere back then. Hence, I gave up and never thought about it until now. Perhaps you can give it a try. What do you think?”

“Of course! Not a problem at all!”

Roxanne confidently stood up to urge him. “Please help me contact the Queen family and help me make an appointment with them.”

Looking at Roxanne’s passion for matters that concerned the research inst*itute, Colby’s heart surged with a sense of relief. He smiled and said, “I’ll do that now. Wait for me here.”

Then, he exited the office and pulled out his phone.

Meanwhile, Roxanne sat quietly in the office and waited.

Irrespective of how complex the treatment would be, Roxanne was determined to cure old Mr. Queen.

Soon after, Colby returned.

“How did it go?” Roxanne eagerly asked.

Colby nodded. “We still have a chance. the Queen family has yet to find a doctor that can cure Old Mr. Queen’s condition. Knowing that I have someone to recommend, they agreed to let you visit without any hesitation.”

“When are we heading there?” Roxanne continued asking.

“Tonight,” replied Colby.

Roxanne agreed immediately.

The timing was perfect, as she too wanted to go there as soon as possible. “I need your help. Please let me know all the symptoms that Old Mr. Queen has. I will need to make the necessary preparations.” Roxanne became serious the moment she spoke about medicine.

Colby obliged.

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