Mission To Remarry Chapter 42

Mission To Remarry

Chapter 42

Jonathan’s intentions couldn’t be more obvious.

Even though she didn’t bring up the matter of medicine supply, he was cognizant of her agenda. In fact, he was also interested in exploring the matter with her. However, Roxanne hesitated at being rewarded for a task she had yet to complete. After all, the Queen family had initially declared that they would only supply medicine at half price to whoever that cured Alfred.

When she didn’t say a word, Jonathan simply stared at her with a grin.

Roxanne smiled back. “To be honest, I did come here to treat Old Mr. Queen after a friend told me that your family was willing to sell medicine at half price to whoever cured him. But now that he has only just awakened and his condition hasn’t stabilized, I don’t think it’s appropriate to talk about the reward. At the very least, we can wait till his situation makes a turn for the better.”

Jonathan’s smile broadened upon hearing Roxanne’s answer. He then replied with even greater sincerity, “Dr. Jarvis, the fact that Grandpa is awake is already a miracle to us. As for his follow-up treatment, we have the utmost confidence in you. Consequently, you have earned the right for us to discuss your reward.”

Surprised at how much faith he had in her, Roxanne was briefly stunned. When she finally regained her senses, she took a seat on the couch. “You were recommended by Dr. Galloway. When he came to see Grandpa back then, he did bring up the situation at the research inst*itute. However, since he was unable to help Grandpa, the matter ended up in limbo.”

Jonathan explained further, “Now that he has sent you here, I’m sure it has something to do with the research inst*itute. Is my guess spot on?”

Roxanne nodded slightly before relating the research inst*itute’s situation to him.

“The research inst*itute is currently working on a few projects. Unfortunately, progress is being held back by the lack of medicines. As a result, we’ve been searching for a medicine supplier whom we can work with. Unfortunately, we ended up being rejected by everyone in Horington. With no other choice, Colby thought of the Queen family and figured that I should give it a try.”

Looking at Jonathan, Roxanne explained earnestly, “Of course, even without the reward, I would still do my best to treat Old Mr. Queen. The reward is nothing more than a bonus to me.”

When Roxanne’s serious expression earned Jonathan’s further respect, he repeated, “I would like to apologize again for the doubt I’ve shown you earlier. You truly are an exceptional doctor.”

Acknowledging his praise, Roxanne stared intently at Jonathan while waiting for him to discuss the medicine supply.

With no time to waste, Jonathan jumped right into it after gaining an understanding of the situation,

“Now that Grandpa has awoken after receiving your treatment, we hope that you will continue taking good care of him. As for the reward promised by our family, I have the authority to make a decision. As a start, I will provide the research inst*itute with its first batch of medicine free of charge as a sign of our grat*itude. Subsequently, our family will sign a long-term contract with the inst*itute to supply medicine at half price.”

Roxanne gradually understood the situation.

After watching Alfred regain consciousness from her treatment, Jonathan was thoroughly convinced that she could cure him.

As for the first batch of free medicine, it was both a gift and also an effort to rea*s*sure her.

After all, that batch would solve the urgent shortage at the research inst*itute, allowing her to concentrate on curing Alfred without any distractions.

Needless to say, Jonathan’s proposal was extremely tempting. “All right. Please rest a*s*sured that I will do my best to cure Old Mr. Queen.”

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