Mission To Remarry Chapter 45

Mission To Remarry

Chapter 45

Cognizant that Madilyn had helped her pick up the boys two days in a row, Roxanne planned to pick them up herself that day. Thus, she headed to the Queen residence in the afternoon after finishing her work in the morning.

After she arrived, she examined Alfred to make sure there weren’t any complications before continuing his treatment by inserting needles.

While waiting for the time to remove the needles, Jonathan approached with a document in hand. “Dr. Jarvis, here’s the contract I’ve prepared. If you’re fine with the terms, you can just sign on it.”

Roxanne wasn’t surprised, as that was what they discussed the night before. After going through the document in detail, she placed her signature at the bottom. With the contract signed, Jonathan’s att*itude toward her grew warmer. “From now on, we have become partners. Nevertheless, we’ll still need your help with regards to Grandpa’s condition.”

Roxanne nodded in acknowledgment. “That’s the least I can do.”

After a brief chat, Roxanne looked at the time and extracted the needles from Alfred’s body.

Even though she had tried her best to rush, school had already ended for the boys by the time she finished packing.

Taking her leave quickly, Roxanne drove to pick them up.

Along the way, she wondered if they would be worried since she didn’t inform them that she would be late.

By the time she arrived, all the students were gone, leaving behind an empty kindergarten.

Upon scanning the surroundings, Roxanne saw the two boys sitting on a small bench in the field, but there was no sign of any teachers at all.

As a result, she hurried up to them anxiously.

“Mommy!” the boys ran in her direction the instant they saw her,

Hugging them, she knelt down to stroke their faces. “I’m sorry. I was busy and lost track of time.”

Archie gave her an understanding shake of his head. “It’s all right. We’re safe in the kindergarten. Plus, there’s a teacher here with us. There’s no need for you to be worried.”

Benny, too, gave a corresponding nod.

Roxanne gave them a confused look. “A teacher?”

Archie pointed at the corner of the field.

Trailing the trajectory of his finger, Roxanne saw a teacher by the slide. With a warm smile on her

face, she was kneeling on the ground while speaking to a little girl.

Looking adorable in her kindergarten uniform, the girl had her hands tensely placed on her knees while sitting in an upright position. At the same time, she was staring intently in their direction.

The moment she recognized the girl, Roxanne was stunned.           

If memory serves me right, that’s clearly Lucian’s daughter. Is she studying here too? Initially, Estella was just watching Archie and Benny. However, the moment she saw Roxanne, her eyes lit up.

Realizing that Roxanne was looking at her, her lips curled up in delight as she attempted to greet the former.

But the very next second, Roxanne looked away, causing Estella’s smile to fade as she gave them a dejected stare.

She obviously recognizes me but chooses to ignore me.

“Mommy, what’s wrong? Are you tired from work?”

Archie shook Roxanne’s hand when he noticed her looking distracted.

Regaining her senses, Roxanne replied with a grin, “Not at all.”

With that, Benny happily grabbed her hands and exclaimed, “In that case, let’s go home!”

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